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My visit to Lady Linda by one of my trusted visitors

This was send to me by one of my trusted visitors, I do hope you find it interesting.

Lady Linda

I have visited Lady Linda many times over the years, both at her “old chambers” and lately at her new place, which is a great set up, and most enjoyable to session in.

This time Lady Linda offered me the opportunity to experience a domestic setting for my session, and she made it very clear that this was only offered to her “trusted visitors” which I am very honoured to be classed as one, I thank her very much for this honour.

So this time I am the naughty nephew that has been sent to Auntie Linda for a break by my Mother.

I did not know at the time my Mother had sent a letter on ahead to Auntie Linda.

When I arrived Auntie Linda was very upset about what she had read in the letter and how disappointed she was with me, and how my Mother had been in tears because of the things I had been caught doing.

Auntie Linda made me stand in the hallway, and laid “down the law” about how I was to behave whilst in her care, and what would happen if I misbehaved, this was when I noticed she had a Tawse in her hand.

She said she was going to deliver the punishment I deserved for causing my Mother to be in tears, and that I would soon see what would happen if I misbehaved in her house.

I protested, and told it was not fair, for that Auntie Linda slapped my face hard, and told me to shut up, and that has earned me double what she had planned for me.

Auntie Linda them grappled me by the ear and dragged me into her room, and sat down and pulled me over her knee, and I received a sound hand spanking, Auntie can certainly give a hard spanking, at this point I still had my trousers and pants in place.

O dear Auntie then reached for her slippers, and gave me a good hard slippering, whilst she told me what she thought of my behaviour, that was a very sore experience, it caused me to start to move around on Aunties knees which she was not happy about, and she told me she had only just got started.

She then told me to get up, and take both my trousers and pants down, I protested that I was embarrassed, she told me to shut up and slapped me again, and told me not to answer back again.

Auntie told me to bend over the arm of the sofa, by this time my trousers and pants were round my ankles.

Auntie told me not to move from there, and if I did she would start all over again, well she now started to use the Tawse on my backside, and she said it was going to be 20, but that has now doubled to 40, and they would be hard.

Well they were hard strokes, but I made the mistake of telling her she had no right to punish me, that was a bad mistake.

Auntie told me to stay in that position and she left the room, and when she returned, she had two canes with her.

She said that for my cheek I would be getting 20 strokes with each one, and she did not want to hear a word from me, apart from counting each stroke, and again they would be delivered with full force.

Well I was slow in counting the strokes so at number 6 Auntie said that just confirmed what my Mother had said about not doing I as I was told, so she would start again from the beginning, and I would learn my lesson in the most painful way.

So the first lot of twenty was started again, and they were certainly delivered with full force, and Auntie told me to get up and go and stand in the corner, with my pants and trousers around my ankles, with my hands on my head and not to move, she said that she was going to phone my mother to let her know I had arrived safely.

Well, I was so embarrassed with the thought of this, I shouted out NO, well that was a big mistake, Auntie picked up her Tawse and came over and thrashed my backside as I stood there, she told me to shut up and not to move again, and never to tell her what to do.

She then called my Mother, and told her, I was safe and well, and starting to learn how to behave, and that I would be returning home as a different boy.

Once Auntie came off the phone, she told me to stay where I was, hands on head, trousers and pants at my ankles, whilst she made a cup of coffee.

Well I must have been stood for what seemed ages, and then Auntie said have you now learned to behave, I said yes Auntie.

Auntie said you are still going to get the final 20 with the cane, so get back over the arm of the sofa, and start counting, and you know what will happen if you say anything or move again.

Well the twenty strokes were the hardest I have felt, and I did not make any more mistakes.

Once finished Auntie told me to get up, turn around and tidy myself up, she them told me, that if she heard again about my bad behaviour, that the next time, the punishment would be doubled.

I was sent home with a very sore bottom after thanking Auntie Linda.

Naughty Douglas

Best Ever Whipping

I thought I would share this testimonial from a loyal slave of mine, I do hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the session.

I have, over the years enjoyed a great many sessions in the company of Mistress Linda and thought I would share just some of the highlights from my latest visit to the Chapel Chambers of Leeds.
Before the fun and games began Mistress Linda and I had a casual catch up chat and a brief exchange of ideas as to how we could occupy our time together. It was during this chat that I happened to mention a recent video clip I had seen in which Mistress Vanessa had performed a most expert whipping of a slave with some of the most vicious whips available, namely the dog and snake whips. With this in mind I asked Mistress Linda if she might be able to do something similar. The very short answer was yes and with that Mistress Linda disappeared, leaving me in her red room to contemplate my fate.
Contemplation over Mistress Linda returned, having now changed into what I shall describe as “full mistress gear”, which could only mean one thing, it was time for the fun to begin.
Wasting no time at all Mistress Linda soon had me nicely secured to her cross ready for a good whipping. To minimise any chance I may have had of movement I was secured by both wrists and nipples. With a couple of nasty nipple clamps applied and secured to the cross I only had two options, pull back and suffer some excruciating nipple torture or lay flat and take the whipping. I went for lay flat and take the whipping. Mistress Linda then casually worked through a variety of whips and floggers, stopping occasionally to increase the tension on the nipple clamps, so I never really had a choice at all on that, as even by staying absolutely still my nipples were not escaping any of the torment and neither was my back, which by now was quite well marked from the firm handed lashing it had already received. Pleased with how things were progressing Mistress Linda briefly disappeared, only to re-appear, delighted that she had found Mistress Vanessa’s snake whip. I couldn’t really change my mind now, not after Mistress Linda had taken the time to go and find the snake whip especially for me, so trying to relax as much as possible and keen to please the Mistress I braced myself for my final six lashes, which Mistress Linda duly delivered with un-wavering force and accuracy.
As I was released from the cross I couldn’t help but admire the red lines which were now neatly layered across my back, it really had been the best whipping I had ever received, not that I had too much time to recover as Mistress Linda was keen to move on to other areas. So it was then over to the bondage bed for some CBT and yet more nipple torture, only this time Mistress Linda was using her extensive collection of pegs, which while quite innocent in appearance, really can achieve even greater results than the nipple clamps.
Then to finish we moved on to one of my favourite activities, a good hard caning. We got to 80 before Mistress Linda paused and said, the last 20 would be really hard. At 95 she paused again and said the last three would just be given one after the other without any gap between strokes. It was at this point I made a slight error and asked if they would also be full force. Mistress Linda was not amused and after confirming they most certainly would be she also said that as a result of the flippant back chat she would be starting the final 10 all over again, so 5 penalty strokes. I didn’t say anything else but in many ways I saw the extra strokes as much more of a bonus than a penalty, as after all I do enjoy a good hard caning from Mistress Linda, so more strokes of the cane is always bonus for me.

Testimonial by Slave 56

I do hope you all enjoy this, it was written by one on my loyal slaves, and he wanted to share his experience with others.

Testimonial by Slave56

Part 1

Slave56 was summoned to attend the Chapel by Mistress Linda.
Dressed only in my underpants I kneeled on the floor of Red room waiting in trepidation for the entrance of Mistress Linda. My heart was racing as the door opened and Mistress entered wearing a black and pink PVC mini dress.
“It’s been a long time since you were last here slave56?” Mistress Linda questioned
“yes Mistress”
Mistress Linda then proceeded to search through her equipment to locate neck strap.
On approaching me Mistress observed a bulge in my underpants. She then places her hand under my chin forcing me to look into her eyes. Her high heeled shoe rubbed against my groin,
“Why are you like this?” she demanded
“I’m looking a pretty lady Mistress” I unconvincingly replied.
“Don’t you dare blame me you disgusting slave” Mistress Linda responded.
“I’m sorry Mistress I’ve no self control” I hesitantly replied.
“That’s why you’re here, you have no self control, so I’m going to beat you and then you’ll be my sissy slave”
Mistress Linda proceeded to attach a leather strap to my neck, I was informed I would be humiliated
“you are going to be my sissy slave”
“your job is to suck cock” she announced
“do you understand?”
“ yes Mistress “ I replied
“ and you’ll do a good job won’t you” she demanded.
“yes Mistress” I replied
“don’t let me down” she commanded
“ no Mistress”
“slave stand up and let me look you over” Mistress Linda demanded.
I did as Mistress commanded standing with my hands behind my back. I was moved into position as Mistress required she then unceremoniously put her fingers into the top of my underpants and lowered them to my knees. I was now standing naked before her with everything exposed including my recently waxed erect cock and balls.
“they’re smooth, you said you were going to wax”
Mistress Linda then proceeded to dig her long nails into my cock and run them along the length, before grabbing hold of my balls and giving them a serious squeeze.
Attention then shifted to my delicate nipples which were squeezed and rotated.
“stand on your toes” she demanded as she lifted me with my nipples.
“down slave” she pulled me back onto my feet.
“remove those pants they’re not hiding anything” Mistress demanded, and I suitably obliged.
Mistress Linda then proceeded to attach a long metal linked chain with a leather handle to the neck strap.
Mistress then took my balls into her hand and announced,
“I’m going to enjoy punishing you”
“I’m going to attach my ball strap very tight around those balls”
Mistress than moved me towards her cross and proceeded to put my back against it allowing my hands to be tied behind my back.
As Mistress completed the knot she announced:-
“now I have you under complete control”
“ spread your legs” she commanded
The ball strap was tightly fastened, with my balls being squeezed.
Mistress Linda then slapped the cock saying “that is disgusting”
Restrained at the cross Mistress proceeded to torture my nipples cock and balls, then headed to the medical room to collect the speculum.
Upon her return she demonstrated the stainless steel speculum, showing how she intended to stretch my arse.
Mistress Linda then released me from the cross and had me stand in the corner waiting for my next instructions. Mistress then looked at my cock again disappointed it was still semi erect.
“kneel on the spanking horse” she commanded.
As instructed, I positioned myself on the horse nervously awaiting my fate. Mistress then fastened me to the horse with a strap over my back and both legs held in position with rope and my arse and balls exposed. Mistress then squeezed my balls again as she checked my cock for any sign of the erection declining, alas I was still hard.
“you don’t like me punishing you, do you?” Mistress Linda suggested
“no Mistress” I replied
“well I’m going to enjoy punishing you!!” Mistress Linda announced with a menacing laugh.
Mistress Linda then proceeded to locate her favourite paddle.
“I’m going to give you 15 strokes of the paddle, thank me after each set of punishment and remember your manners.”
“yes Mistress” I replied
15 stokes were applied to my buttocks as Mistress Linda counted out each stroke.
Once the 15th was applied remembering my manners I replied
“thank you Mistress”
Mistress rubs her hand over my buttocks, then announced
“I’ll look for your next implement”
After dismissing one of her straps, she produced a riding crop
Laughing she informed me the crop had a black hand
“ twelve strokes with this one, are you ready?” she declared
“yes Mistress”
The strokes were applied quickly to alternate buttocks as she counted out loud,
As the last stroke was administered I remained polite and said:-
“thank you very much”
Mistress Linda then proceeded to check my cock again, and found it still to be hard, she then looked for the next implement of punishment.
“stop fidgeting slave56”
Mistress then produced a black 3 tailed tawse.
“because they are getting harder I’m going to give you 10 strokes”
The leather tawse was slid over my buttocks prior to starting the punishment.
“2, you’re doing very well”
“4”, Mistress then checked my cock again laughing
“it’s going down Mistress”
“not enough, I’m going to get my own way, you know erections aren’t allowed so why bother”
Stokes 5-10 were then applied,
“thank you Mistress” I said remembering to be courteous
Mistress then laid the tawse briefly on my back before returning to her vast collection of correction implements.
“I think 10 strokes of the cane should do the trick” Mistress announced
Mistress then selects 2 of her favourite canes from her collection, and announces I will receive 5 strokes from each!
Lying nervously on the spanking bench, I hear Mistress test her canes for flexibility, as I hear the several short sounds whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…. as the canes travel through the air. They are going to be painful!
Casting the more severe cane to one side Mistress takes up position to administer 5 strokes of the least severe cane.
I felt a few light taps on my bottom as Mistress identified the landing point of the cane,
With a whoosh the cane flew through the air before landing on my bottom, marking the area with a tell tail red stripe,
“1” announced Mistress Linda
Mistress then repeated the operation moving the target area
“thank you Mistress for the first 5 strokes”
Mistress Linda then switches to the stronger cane, and announces it will be more painful, then presents it to my face. Before moving to the caning position she again checks it’s flexibility with more short swishes of the cane.
I then feel the cane gently tap my buttocks as Lady Linda targets her first stroke of the cane.
Whoosh, crack “1” Mistress Linda announces
Whoosh, crack “2” Mistress Linda announces
Mistress aims for the third stroke and laughs “slave is flinching as I take aim”
Whoosh, crack “3” Mistress Linda announces
Whoosh, crack “4” Mistress Linda announces
Whoosh, crack “5” Mistress Linda announces
“thank you Mistress”
Mistress Linda then runs her hands over my red bottom admiring the stripes.
“you’re going to have some cats whiskers there”
“next slave56 I’m going to open you up” Mistress Linda announces as she puts on her rubber gloves……TO BE CONTINUED

Testimonial by Slave 00011

Below is a testimonial from one the “Slaves” that attended for a day of confinement in the “Belfry” , I know that I and the other Wardresses enjoyed the day, and I am planning for this to be repeated on a regular basis, so if you are interested you should get in touch.

Testimonial by Slave 00011

My Visit to the Belfry
I would like to thank the “Head Wardress” (Mistress Linda) for the great day I had at the Belfry.
To explain Mistress Linda has created a place where you can spend long periods of time in detention alongside other “detainees” without actually seeing them.
I arrived and was told to strip and given a “strip search”, I was then hooded, cuffed and lead upstairs to the Belfry, where I was placed and locked into a cage, I was told to remain quiet at all times and await to see what happens next.
After about 10 minutes I became aware of movement, another detainee being brought in I suspect, as again the only words said were “to remain quiet at all times”, this happened another 4 or was it 5 times over a period of time, I lost track of the time quite quickly.
What happened next I was pulled from the cage and bent over a “whipping bench”, this was by a different “Wardress” and caned, I should say that I had agreed that I would be punished along with being used and abused, of course the Head Wardress knows my “likes & dislikes” along with my limits, so I knew I would be in safe but “cruel hands” throughout my time in detention.
After a good sound caning I was taken into a different form of confinement, and left secured, as others were dealt with in a similar manner, it was quite erotic hearing others being dealt with.
Next I was taken out and strung up by both arms and then tortured (CBT/ Nipples/Electrics) during which the hood was removed I could see others in different forms of bondage and confinement but they could not see me because they were all blindfolded and it was not possible for me identify them, this was one of the things that was explained to me when I discussed the event with Mistress Linda, and she said that discretion would be maintained at all times, no one would be able to identify anyone else throughout the day.
Various other things happened to me during the time I was there, but I won’t detail them all here, I will leave that for you to find out for yourselves when you attend.
I should say that the Head Wardress was assisted during the day by other Wardress’s which again all added to the excellent experience I and I am sure the others had, I will be returning quite soon for the next “event”.

Detention Slave 00011

“Sounds good to me”

This is a testimonial from one of my very loyal slaves.

There I was, naked, arms stretched above my head and my legs held wide apart unable to do anything beyond stare at my reflection in Mistress Linda’s mirrored ceiling. Perhaps foolishly I had asked Mistress Linda to be gentle with me as I feared the outcome if she unleashed the full creative range of her imaginative ways of making one experience delicious torments.
In return she had promised that I would experience something entirely new, something that would demonstrate totally her absolute control over the centre of my male identity without having to harm me in any way.
“Today we are going to play with sounds, do you trust me?”
“Yes mistress”
“Good, not that it matters with you tied like this”
With a wicked smile she showed me the first sound, over 9 inches of glistening stainless steel, polished smooth and with a gentle curve towards one end, to me it looked to be incredibly thick and I couldn’t imagine it would ever go were she intended to insert it.
“This is the smallest one, I like to start with this and work up to the larger ones once you start to stretch, and wait for the bend, it has an interesting effect”
With this she proceeded to ensure that everything was scrupulously clean and sterile, you must acknowledge her skills, even though she is truly talented at wringing torment from one’s body when she wishes, she is equally skilled at safely managing the experience.
She slowly coated the steel with lube in front of my eyes taking her time as she described what she was going to do.
“This will slide right inside you under its own weight, I don’t have to do anything, your body and gravity will do everything for me and you can’t do ANYTHING to resist, no muscles to clench, no barriers at all until it’s all inside you”
Despite all my fears I was still standing to attention as the tip of the sound slipped inside the eye of my member, she supported the steel instrument with her hand and it slowly began to descend inside my flesh, the sensation as it entered me and began to slowly descend was intense, similar to the physical sensations experienced with ejaculation but unaccompanied by all the other feelings experienced during orgasm leaving me free to experience everything in exquisite detail as it glided deeper and deeper within me, opening me in a way unlike anything I had ever felt before. Just before it had reached its full depth the descent paused for a split second then the whole sound rotated within me, this was completely unexpected and the sensation as it stimulated the entire length of my urethra sent an electric shock up and down my body.
“And there’s the bend, surprising isn’t it” Mistress Linda whispered into my ear.
With this she began to gently stroke me with her fingertips, her gloved hands slick with the lube she has used, the sensations were intense, almost beyond description as not only could I feel her gentle featherlight touch on the exterior of my member, but I could also feel my flesh being squeezed against the length of steel within me.
“Of course, the more erect and stiff you become the tighter you will grip the sound, this will stimulate you even further and so of course you will become even more erect and so you become even more stimulated and so it goes on” she proceeded to demonstrate this by gently beginning to withdraw her tool and again it rotated sending yet another electric shock through my body and drawing an groan of pure pleasure from my lips.
Slowly, oh so slowly she withdrew most of its length before allowing it to again fill me completely.
“Very good, now let’s move up to the next size, shall we?” and with this she proceeded to demonstrate that what I had felt sure was the largest implement a body could contain was merely the beginning of my exquisite torment…..

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Caught On the Fiddle

I do hope you all enjoy the following which was written by one of our loyal slaves following a very enjoyable “Double Dom Session”, I have included some of the photos taken during the session which he was very happy for us to use.

Caught On the Fiddle
It may well have been bitterly cold outside but luckily for me, things in the Chapel Dungeon were about to get much warmer, for once again I found myself naked, exposed and awaiting the undivided attention of not one but two very imaginative Mistresses.
Yet another Mother and Daughter session had been a wish of mine, ever since I found out that Mistress Vanessa had relocated to the Chapel Dungeon, as it occurred to me that if the Mistress had relocated, she would certainly have brought all her clever little pain inflicting devices with her.
I wasn’t wrong Mistress Vanessa had brought all her devices with her and was very much in the mood to share, it really was spikes, studs and hint of electrics with everything.
I was by now getting excited at what may be in store and was rather obviously standing to attention, a somewhat irresistible target for Mistress Vanessa and her spiked cock sheath, so on it went, spikes on the inside, with both Mistresses taking turns to really give it a good squeeze, pleasure and pain all in one.
After sufficient enjoyment had been had by all we moved on to a wooden device Mistress Vanessa referred to as “the fiddle”. I think “the fiddle” could be described as a game of predicament bondage, best played as a team. Firstly it was over to Mistress Linda for the delicate insertion of an anal hook, then back to Mistress Vanessa for some leather bondage gloves, the type that whilst warm, make self satisfaction a non starter. Then it all fell into place the wooden part or “the fiddle” was locked around my neck with both hands locked in position level with my head. A little awkward perhaps but more was still to come, a rope was then tied between the anal hook and “the fiddle”, then again another piece between “the fiddle” and the nipple clamps. So moving this devious block of wood in either direction up or down would result in me pulling something. The only way to avoid pulling anything was to stay still but the Mistresses where never going to allow that.
So next I was over the whipping bench for a good paddling, with both Mistress taking turns and whilst paddling a slave with an anal hook inserted may sound cruel, in this case it was for my own good as I knew the warm up would serve me well for the double strength caning I would be receiving later.
So far the session had been all one sided, I had received all the attention, so before being released from “the fiddle”, I got down on my hands and knees and gave Mistress Linda’s feet some much needed attention.
Finally released from “the fiddle” I was allowed a little rest, encased in Mistress Vanessa’s bondage body bag, whilst various parts of my anatomy were gently caressed by her electrified leather glove, she has an ever so gentle touch but with a twist.
By now we were moving to yet another big finish and for me, a visit to the Chapel wouldn’t be complete without a brutally good caning and today was sure to be just that bit extra special, as with double domination comes a double caning. So after a not so gentle whipping we got down to the canes of which the Mistresses have a vast array, thin and stingy, or heavy and hard, my preference is for the traditional heavy hard canes, wielded with force and I can honestly say, I always get what I ask for and today was no exception. I lost count of just how many strokes each Mistress dished out but it must be good when you ask for more.
The perfect end to yet another fun afternoon and now that Mistress Vanessa is very much resident at the Chapel, an experience I can only hope to repeat.

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Beware The Borrowed Dog Whip

This is a testimonial from one of my loyal slaves, I do hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the session.

It had been a while but I thought it was about time I paid a visit to Mistress Linda at the Chapel Dungeon, after all, the marks from my last visit had long since faded.

So I made the appointment and then with eager anticipation counted the days until finally there I was knocking on the door of the Chapel Dungeon. Having visited Mistress Linda many times I was fairly confident that I knew what to expect, after all just how many different ways are there to tease, torment and generally surprise a slave.

Well it turns out that not all surprises in the dungeon are painful as on this occasion I was more than pleasantly surprised to bump into Mistress Vanessa, a Mistress who in the past has also had me dancing to her tune. However, today Mistress Vanessa was awaiting the arrival of her own slave, so for today at least I would be spared her painfully creative talents but not one of her painfully creative new whips.

Leaving Mistress Vanessa to attend to her own slave, Mistress Linda was certainly well on top of things in the Red Room and within no time at all she had me making all the right noises. Nipples clamped, balls stretched, cock whipped and high heels dug into all the places that matter, we really were getting through all “the old favourites” and we or rather I still had the very best to come.

The very best, is of course some full force corporal punishment, Mistress Linda really does excel in this area and it is certainly a particular favourite of mine. So we started, or rather Mistress Linda started with a selection of floggers, giving my back a good all over thrash. Then we moved onto the borrowed dog whip, apparently Mistress Vanessa acquired this hand crafted devilish whip form the Other World Kingdom and I have the marks to prove it really isn’t just for show. I think we got to 10 lashes of the dog, not sure when the marks will fade but it certainly does have a very distinctive feel, basically it stings like nothing else.

Then to finish we moved on to what Mistress Linda is famous for, a good hard caning. We got to 30 before Mistress Linda paused and said, “How many do I usually give you?” oh about 100 I replied, that was it, Mistress was now on a mission to deliver at least another 70, full whack no nonsense. At 100 she stopped, I was bruised but not quite beaten so asked for another 10 of her very best and that is certainly what she gave me, in total 110 very hard very precise strokes of just some of her finest canes.


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Oh Poor Prue

This is a testimonial from one of my loyal slaves that attended for a “Double Dom Session” with Myself and Mistress Vanessa, I have added some photos taken with the slaves permission for your further enjoyment. 

Oh Poor Prue

Behind the door of the Chapel Dungeon, there awaits a truly unique experience, guaranteed to tempt tease and torment any slave who considers himself bold and brave enough to submit to what can only be described as the ultimate in Female Domination.

As a slave who considers himself to be both bold and brave, I have been privileged to experience this rather unique experience of Mother and Daughter domination from Mistresses Linda and Vanessa on previous occasions and can confirm it becomes an experience you will yearn to repeat.

So once again there I stood, locked in the cell, awaiting the attention of the Mistresses. On a previous visit, Mistress Vanessa, had with twinkle in eye teased me with the threat of a sissy transformation, which I had never thought of as my kind of thing but being a slave who is ever eager to please, I had rather foolishly attended today’s session wearing a black lace thong, hoping this would be enough to please the Mistress, oh how wrong you can you be. As the Mistresses entered, I was met with a vision of elegance and beauty clad in figure hugging black PVC. Hiding any degree of excitement in flimsy lingerie is, I now know impossible. Mistress Vanessa was amused but not impressed by my dribbling cock and decided it was time for some impromptu slave humiliation and so quickly added to my ensemble a bra, blonde wig and instruction on walking like a lady. Just when I thought the situation could get no worse, Mistress Vanessa turned to Mistress Linda and said “oh what shall we caller her, she needs a name”. Names were quickly suggested and rejected before Mistress Vanessa declared, “I know, Prue, we shall call her Prue”. Both Mistresses were agreed, the Chapel’s new girl had been named. “What’s your name” asked Mistress Vanessa, “Prue Mistress” I replied, “that’s right” she said, “Prue, now Prue, come here and get over my knee”. As Prue lay over Mistress Vanessa Knee, receiving her much deserved spanking, she could only wonder how her training may progress in the future.

Humiliation over, for now and play reverted to the more familiar territory of pain and torment, a trip to the barn dungeon next door beckoned, where upon I was strapped to the cross and hoisted aloft, complete with firmly affixed nipple clamps and ball weights. Freely floating in mid-air, I was now very much at the mercy of the two Mistresses and they knew it, so followed a furious flogging to front and back, things, by now really were in full cry and in no time at all I found myself back in the red room, undergoing what can only be described as shocking electrical torment. Were my groans, that of slave in a state of torment? Or a slave in a state of ecstasy? In truth probably both, the Mistresses are truly gifted in the art of dispensing pain and pleasure, simultaneously and in equal measure.

After being unplugged from the National Grid, it transpired I was in the perfect place to receive some hefty corporal punishment. In short I was in for another damn good thrashing. Mistress Vanessa was quick to commence punishment proceedings, going in good and hard with what seemed like every strap available in the Chapel Dungeon. Strapping complete and for me some brief respite, as both Mistresses deliberated which canes to use on my bright red behind. Canes chosen and the Mistresses were quickly, well into their stride, taking it in turns to deliver successive batches of perfectly aimed and precisely delivered full force strokes from each and every cane, they had elected to use.

An end to yet another perfect session in the Chapel dungeon, in which this slave had amongst other things been humiliated, beaten, strung up, flogged, electrified and subjected to yet another merciless caning.

According to the internet other Mistresses are available, however I very much doubt any of them have the ingenuity of Mistress Vanessa or the skilled refinement of Mistress Linda.

I do hope you enjoyed this testimonial and look out for future posts.

Mistress Linda.

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The Spirit of Competition

Below is a review from one of my loyal slaves, I do hope you enjoy, along with some photos taken during the session, which have been included with the slaves permission.

As a loyal slave of Mistress Linda I have, over the years enjoyed a great variety of sessions, all of which have been beyond compare. Some time ago however, I dared myself to try a session of double domination with both Mistress Linda and Mistress Vanessa. This unique Mother and Daughter domination experience has been something which I have been very keen to repeat. What follows, is my account of yet another exciting afternoon in the Chapel.

So there I stood naked and alone in the Chapel’s Red Room dungeon. Well I say naked, I had elected to retain a modest under garment with comedy overtones. This was always going to be a risky way to start a 3 hour session but I thought my appearance would either appeal to the Mistress’s good humour and be rewarded with a sound thrashing later or be seen as rather a cavalier on my part and be severely punished with a sound thrashing later. Either way I couldn’t lose, a sound thrashing was assured.

As the dungeon door swung open I stood mesmerised by two glamorous dommes, elegantly attired from head to toe in shiny PVC. The effect was instant; my comedy under garment began to bulge, much to the amusement of the Mistresses, then as if from fresh air Mistress Vanessa produced a spiked sheath and in a flash, had it wrapped around the offending bulge, ensuring a close fit, with a firm squeeze.

After further rubbing and squeezing from both Mistresses, my now deflated member was released but only to allow a weighted spiked parachute to be firmly secured around my balls. Balls attended to, attention turned to my nipples and it was on with the clamps, then events took a whole new direction, as I was hooded and the chain from the nipple clamps attached to a hardback book, balanced on my head. All I had to do, was walk round the dungeon, ensuring the book didn’t drop. Obviously the Mistresses were on hand to offer assistance, one with a riding crop and the other with a cattle prod. As the crop and cattle prod were put to one side, I rather thought I had got away with it, the book was still very much in place. Victory for me I thought but no, as I stood wondering what might happen next, Mistress Vanessa wrapped her arms round my chest, my body quivered, the book fell ripping the clamps from my very tender nipples. Victory to the Mistresses!

Following my failure in the book balancing, I was lead next door, still wearing the weighted parachute and treated to an all over flogging, by both Mistresses, I really enjoy a firm handed flogging and it doesn’t get any better than Mistress’s Linda and Vanessa, going full tilt. No part of my body was left un-flogged.

It was now time for a change of direction, I had foolishly suggested I would like to find out which Mistress was best at her craft and I was prepared to offer myself as judge in any such competition. It’s fair to say the challenge was accepted with relish and after being strapped to the bed, I found myself looking at two Mistresses, each holding a violet wand. Mistress Linda had a shiny new one, while Mistress Vanessa had a fully restored vintage model. My role was to judge which wand was best, the old or the new. After a very thorough test, in which I was subjected to the full range of violet wand torment, I can confirm there was a clear winner but I have been strictly forbidden from declaring the result in this blog. Any slave wishing to know the answer, will need to find out first hand and undergo the same gruelling ordeal.

More electric torture was to follow but not before I had been strapped to the whipping bench for some bottom warming punishment, nothing too severe, after all there was still a severe caning to enjoy. Bottom warmed I was then flipped on my back for what can only be described as a damned good fucking. Mistress Vanessa took the lead on this and once the angle of attack was just right, she didn’t hold back, I was totally pounded, all this while Mistress Linda held me in place by the nipples.

Legs, now like jelly it was back to the bed, not for a rest but some more electric torture. Electric torture can vary wildly, it can either be mild and quite ineffective or a bit more intense and send you through the roof. Luckily for me, I got the full spectrum, a real “buzz” through the cock, balls and anus, always with a least one of the Mistress’s hands free to pull the chain on the nipple clamps.

So I had endured a lot and enjoyed it all but we still had one little thing left, a good thrashing with the canes. I love a good Mistress Linda caning but today I had an extra special reason. Keen readers of Mistress Linda’s blog will have noticed she has recently fallen victim to web based plagiarism. There is an image taken from a session in which Mistress Linda dispensed a good beating to a slave, being passed off as the work of another Mistress. Luckily Mistress Linda can recognise her own handiwork and I know what my own bottom looks like, yes I was that slave. So to set the record straight I volunteered myself for another damned good thrashing, the results of which will no doubt appear on the blog along with a picture of the cane which was broken in the process. Mistress Linda canes like no other and will always tailor the punishment to a slave’s individual level of endurance and while a thrashing isn’t compulsory, it’s certainly worth a go.

So which Mistress is the best at her craft, well I now know which Mistress has the best violet wand, which Mistress is best with the flogger, which Mistress can dish out the best and most severe punishment and which Mistress will send you through the roof with the electrics but as always reading a blog will never be enough, book a session and find out first hand.

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Going Up!

This is a review from one of my Longstanding Slave’s, I do hope you enjoy it!

Towards the end of last year I visited the Chapel and dared to try a double domination session with both Mistress Linda and Mistress Vanessa. I had thought this would be a uniquely one off experience, trouble was it was just such good fun, resisting the temptation to do it all over again was just impossible. So I once again found myself in the hands of two of the finest Mistresses in the land.

I stood all alone in the isolation cell, my naked body secured to the bars, awaiting the attention of the Mistresses. I didn’t have to wait long before the silence was broken by the unmistakeable sound of approaching high heels. I had been assured of an afternoon of torment and can only say I was looking forward to it immensely.

Once released from the cell I was told we or rather I would be starting with the electric chair, this is very much a Mistress Vanessa favourite because it involves a little electricity. I have learned Mistress Vanessa is very much all for anything that gives her salve a “buzz” and this game certainly does. I was securely fastened into the chair with my bottom placed over a sharp grid of metal contacts. Pulses of electric were then passed through the grid and up through my bottom, with the Mistresses taking turns to work out which setting gave the biggest “buzz”. All I can say to this is that a “buzz” to the behind is a small price to pay for the company of two elegant Mistresses.

Once the Mistresses were suitability satisfied that the maximum discomfort had been extracted from my situation I was released and quickly fitted with a ball crusher, yet another new experience. As the screws were tightened, Mistress Vanessa delighted in telling me that soon it would feel like my balls were in my stomach, I was a little concerned by this but consoled by Mistress Vanessa’s lovely smile and the fact that so far I have never come to any real harm while in the Chapel, so thought it best not to protest. From here it was into some predicament bondage, this has to be the best type. Word of advice to anyone else trying this, keep your legs as still as possible otherwise you may well trip over your own balls on the way out.

Already the session had been action packed and I was still to learn what Mistress Linda meant when she said I would be going up in the world. I needed to wonder no more as I was lead from the Red Room and into the warehouse dungeon or more precisely into the gib cage which was in the warehouse dungeon. Once in the cage, the Mistresses ensured my cock and balls were poking through the bars with my nipples clamped and hands secured to the bars. As the cage was lifted and I indeed “went up in the world” I did wonder what may come next. Again I was soon to find out as a relentless onslaught of cattle prodding and cock whipping followed. The best thing to do here is enjoy because running away is not an option. This is also where the benefit of two Mistresses can be felt because it’s never either or but both the cattle prod and the whip in equal measure.

As the time slipped away there was just a little time left for Mistress Linda to direct her ample strap on up my waiting rear end, before finally finishing with a little more of the electrics up the cock and balls.

Yet again another wonderful afternoon had drawn to a close. A truly unique experience, or at least it would have been were it not for the fact that this was my second experience of Mother and Daughter domination, not entirely convinced it will be my last.