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“Sounds good to me”

This is a testimonial from one of my very loyal slaves.

There I was, naked, arms stretched above my head and my legs held wide apart unable to do anything beyond stare at my reflection in Mistress Linda’s mirrored ceiling. Perhaps foolishly I had asked Mistress Linda to be gentle with me as I feared the outcome if she unleashed the full creative range of her imaginative ways of making one experience delicious torments.
In return she had promised that I would experience something entirely new, something that would demonstrate totally her absolute control over the centre of my male identity without having to harm me in any way.
“Today we are going to play with sounds, do you trust me?”
“Yes mistress”
“Good, not that it matters with you tied like this”
With a wicked smile she showed me the first sound, over 9 inches of glistening stainless steel, polished smooth and with a gentle curve towards one end, to me it looked to be incredibly thick and I couldn’t imagine it would ever go were she intended to insert it.
“This is the smallest one, I like to start with this and work up to the larger ones once you start to stretch, and wait for the bend, it has an interesting effect”
With this she proceeded to ensure that everything was scrupulously clean and sterile, you must acknowledge her skills, even though she is truly talented at wringing torment from one’s body when she wishes, she is equally skilled at safely managing the experience.
She slowly coated the steel with lube in front of my eyes taking her time as she described what she was going to do.
“This will slide right inside you under its own weight, I don’t have to do anything, your body and gravity will do everything for me and you can’t do ANYTHING to resist, no muscles to clench, no barriers at all until it’s all inside you”
Despite all my fears I was still standing to attention as the tip of the sound slipped inside the eye of my member, she supported the steel instrument with her hand and it slowly began to descend inside my flesh, the sensation as it entered me and began to slowly descend was intense, similar to the physical sensations experienced with ejaculation but unaccompanied by all the other feelings experienced during orgasm leaving me free to experience everything in exquisite detail as it glided deeper and deeper within me, opening me in a way unlike anything I had ever felt before. Just before it had reached its full depth the descent paused for a split second then the whole sound rotated within me, this was completely unexpected and the sensation as it stimulated the entire length of my urethra sent an electric shock up and down my body.
“And there’s the bend, surprising isn’t it” Mistress Linda whispered into my ear.
With this she began to gently stroke me with her fingertips, her gloved hands slick with the lube she has used, the sensations were intense, almost beyond description as not only could I feel her gentle featherlight touch on the exterior of my member, but I could also feel my flesh being squeezed against the length of steel within me.
“Of course, the more erect and stiff you become the tighter you will grip the sound, this will stimulate you even further and so of course you will become even more erect and so you become even more stimulated and so it goes on” she proceeded to demonstrate this by gently beginning to withdraw her tool and again it rotated sending yet another electric shock through my body and drawing an groan of pure pleasure from my lips.
Slowly, oh so slowly she withdrew most of its length before allowing it to again fill me completely.
“Very good, now let’s move up to the next size, shall we?” and with this she proceeded to demonstrate that what I had felt sure was the largest implement a body could contain was merely the beginning of my exquisite torment…..

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