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The Dice Game

I’ve just had a fun session with a slave who I have named ‘Daft Phil’. Read on to find out why!

I’ve been sorting him out for a number of years now, and some of the things that we get up to really make me laugh, but there are times when he certainly isn’t laughing! We started with a dice game that he had devised, using 3 dice to decide his punishment, so I was pleased when he rolled 10 which meant that I could fasten him to my new spanking chair and give his nipples a good long tweaking, whilst he was helpless with his hands fastened behind his back. Next it was 11 blows with my penis whip, followed by 15 cracks on his back whilst he was hung against the wall. He had to count each blow and thank me properly to avoid any repetition.

We moved on then to my prickly gloves which really made him struggle and writhe.

After that, it was time for some bastinado, which I really enjoy, and then 6 strokes of the cane on his bare backside.

Our session came to an end all too soon. I might try my tens machine on him next time, or do something to really make him squirm. I’m looking forward to it already!

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