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Headmistress – Lady Linda


I have disciplined many boys and girls over the years and I spend time with each pupil to assess what level they are at, before deciding the course of action required to improve their education, behaviour, and attitude.

I pride myself on my ability to deliver accurate CP on all levels – I tailor each sessions severity to the individual’s requirement. But be warned, l do not tolerate disrespectful behaviour and a judicial sentence will be passed if I decide it is required.

I am a firm believer in corporal punishment, and over the years have amassed a vast collection of correctional implements. My selection includes several Scottish tawse, a multitude of canes including Junior, Senior, School, & Singapore, various sizes of slippers, and, of course, my very hard hand!

There are a number of events throughout the school year including registration, end of term parties and public judicial caning.

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