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Testimonial by Slave 56

I do hope you all enjoy this, it was written by one on my loyal slaves, and he wanted to share his experience with others.

Testimonial by Slave56

Part 1

Slave56 was summoned to attend the Chapel by Mistress Linda.
Dressed only in my underpants I kneeled on the floor of Red room waiting in trepidation for the entrance of Mistress Linda. My heart was racing as the door opened and Mistress entered wearing a black and pink PVC mini dress.
“It’s been a long time since you were last here slave56?” Mistress Linda questioned
“yes Mistress”
Mistress Linda then proceeded to search through her equipment to locate neck strap.
On approaching me Mistress observed a bulge in my underpants. She then places her hand under my chin forcing me to look into her eyes. Her high heeled shoe rubbed against my groin,
“Why are you like this?” she demanded
“I’m looking a pretty lady Mistress” I unconvincingly replied.
“Don’t you dare blame me you disgusting slave” Mistress Linda responded.
“I’m sorry Mistress I’ve no self control” I hesitantly replied.
“That’s why you’re here, you have no self control, so I’m going to beat you and then you’ll be my sissy slave”
Mistress Linda proceeded to attach a leather strap to my neck, I was informed I would be humiliated
“you are going to be my sissy slave”
“your job is to suck cock” she announced
“do you understand?”
“ yes Mistress “ I replied
“ and you’ll do a good job won’t you” she demanded.
“yes Mistress” I replied
“don’t let me down” she commanded
“ no Mistress”
“slave stand up and let me look you over” Mistress Linda demanded.
I did as Mistress commanded standing with my hands behind my back. I was moved into position as Mistress required she then unceremoniously put her fingers into the top of my underpants and lowered them to my knees. I was now standing naked before her with everything exposed including my recently waxed erect cock and balls.
“they’re smooth, you said you were going to wax”
Mistress Linda then proceeded to dig her long nails into my cock and run them along the length, before grabbing hold of my balls and giving them a serious squeeze.
Attention then shifted to my delicate nipples which were squeezed and rotated.
“stand on your toes” she demanded as she lifted me with my nipples.
“down slave” she pulled me back onto my feet.
“remove those pants they’re not hiding anything” Mistress demanded, and I suitably obliged.
Mistress Linda then proceeded to attach a long metal linked chain with a leather handle to the neck strap.
Mistress then took my balls into her hand and announced,
“I’m going to enjoy punishing you”
“I’m going to attach my ball strap very tight around those balls”
Mistress than moved me towards her cross and proceeded to put my back against it allowing my hands to be tied behind my back.
As Mistress completed the knot she announced:-
“now I have you under complete control”
“ spread your legs” she commanded
The ball strap was tightly fastened, with my balls being squeezed.
Mistress Linda then slapped the cock saying “that is disgusting”
Restrained at the cross Mistress proceeded to torture my nipples cock and balls, then headed to the medical room to collect the speculum.
Upon her return she demonstrated the stainless steel speculum, showing how she intended to stretch my arse.
Mistress Linda then released me from the cross and had me stand in the corner waiting for my next instructions. Mistress then looked at my cock again disappointed it was still semi erect.
“kneel on the spanking horse” she commanded.
As instructed, I positioned myself on the horse nervously awaiting my fate. Mistress then fastened me to the horse with a strap over my back and both legs held in position with rope and my arse and balls exposed. Mistress then squeezed my balls again as she checked my cock for any sign of the erection declining, alas I was still hard.
“you don’t like me punishing you, do you?” Mistress Linda suggested
“no Mistress” I replied
“well I’m going to enjoy punishing you!!” Mistress Linda announced with a menacing laugh.
Mistress Linda then proceeded to locate her favourite paddle.
“I’m going to give you 15 strokes of the paddle, thank me after each set of punishment and remember your manners.”
“yes Mistress” I replied
15 stokes were applied to my buttocks as Mistress Linda counted out each stroke.
Once the 15th was applied remembering my manners I replied
“thank you Mistress”
Mistress rubs her hand over my buttocks, then announced
“I’ll look for your next implement”
After dismissing one of her straps, she produced a riding crop
Laughing she informed me the crop had a black hand
“ twelve strokes with this one, are you ready?” she declared
“yes Mistress”
The strokes were applied quickly to alternate buttocks as she counted out loud,
As the last stroke was administered I remained polite and said:-
“thank you very much”
Mistress Linda then proceeded to check my cock again, and found it still to be hard, she then looked for the next implement of punishment.
“stop fidgeting slave56”
Mistress then produced a black 3 tailed tawse.
“because they are getting harder I’m going to give you 10 strokes”
The leather tawse was slid over my buttocks prior to starting the punishment.
“2, you’re doing very well”
“4”, Mistress then checked my cock again laughing
“it’s going down Mistress”
“not enough, I’m going to get my own way, you know erections aren’t allowed so why bother”
Stokes 5-10 were then applied,
“thank you Mistress” I said remembering to be courteous
Mistress then laid the tawse briefly on my back before returning to her vast collection of correction implements.
“I think 10 strokes of the cane should do the trick” Mistress announced
Mistress then selects 2 of her favourite canes from her collection, and announces I will receive 5 strokes from each!
Lying nervously on the spanking bench, I hear Mistress test her canes for flexibility, as I hear the several short sounds whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…. as the canes travel through the air. They are going to be painful!
Casting the more severe cane to one side Mistress takes up position to administer 5 strokes of the least severe cane.
I felt a few light taps on my bottom as Mistress identified the landing point of the cane,
With a whoosh the cane flew through the air before landing on my bottom, marking the area with a tell tail red stripe,
“1” announced Mistress Linda
Mistress then repeated the operation moving the target area
“thank you Mistress for the first 5 strokes”
Mistress Linda then switches to the stronger cane, and announces it will be more painful, then presents it to my face. Before moving to the caning position she again checks it’s flexibility with more short swishes of the cane.
I then feel the cane gently tap my buttocks as Lady Linda targets her first stroke of the cane.
Whoosh, crack “1” Mistress Linda announces
Whoosh, crack “2” Mistress Linda announces
Mistress aims for the third stroke and laughs “slave is flinching as I take aim”
Whoosh, crack “3” Mistress Linda announces
Whoosh, crack “4” Mistress Linda announces
Whoosh, crack “5” Mistress Linda announces
“thank you Mistress”
Mistress Linda then runs her hands over my red bottom admiring the stripes.
“you’re going to have some cats whiskers there”
“next slave56 I’m going to open you up” Mistress Linda announces as she puts on her rubber gloves……TO BE CONTINUED

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