• The wait is nearly over

    Hello all, its looking like your wait is nearly over, Lockdown will be ending soon, and I am looking forward to seeing all my visitors again. I am planning to hold a School Day in May all being well so those that have attended previous ones are very welcome to contact me and confirm their […]

  • My New Detention Centre (The Belfry)

    I am pleased to announce that my New Detention Centre is now open and accepting inmates, who will arrive, be stripped, searched and then incarcerated in the various different facilities that I have created within the Centre. You may share the experience with other detainees; of course discretion will be maintained for those that require […]


    Once again we had a really fantastic School Day, stupid boys and “girl” plus the Headmistress and Miss D Meaner. Of course there were lots of hand spankings, paddlings and strappings, all followed by the traditional caning of all those who deserved it! As you can imagine, this was all of them as it seemed […]


    Another Friday and another Detention Day! The same faces passed through the school doors once more, plus a new pupil who we hoped we could achieve something with. But by the end of the day all our hopes and aspirations were dashed! Yet another pupil who I am sure we will see again and again, […]


    EXTRA DETENTION DAY This was a day when I had to deal with very, very bad pupils!! As well as usual lessons, they were put over our knees in front of the rest of the class and soundly spanked and slippered. This happened to all of them during the course of the day and culminated […]


    Yesterday, along with my ‘Deputy Head’ (aka Mistress Vanessa), I dealt with a small group of boys from our Boarding School. Throughout the term they had been repeatedly underachieving in all subjects and had to be brought to task! We set exams for them covering all areas of school-work and, needless to say, every boy […]

  • April Fool Slave Day

    The long awaited day arrived for both Mistresses and Slaves!! And what a fantastic day it was!! A big thank you to all the mistresses and the slaves that attended and made it such an enjoyable event for all. There are some photos here and the rest will be going onto my galleries very soon. […]

  • Reminder to my Loyal Slaves

    This is just a reminder to those that have been granted permission to attend my next event that they must confirm their attendance, otherwise their place will be given to a slave on the waiting list. Mistress Linda.  


    Because of the day that it was held on, this school-day had the theme of Halloween. All the lessons had some form of spooks intertwined in them, and we hoped that this would make these “No-hopers” achieve a higher standard of work!       But this was all to no avail!! My daughter (the art teacher), […]

  • School Day Once Again

    Friday was another successful School Day! Four members of Staff and a very precocious Head Girl!! Together with a room full of unruly, delinquent boys!! It was mayhem. But my staff and myself brought them all under control through our use of hand, slipper, paddles and so on. Once this was done, they received instruction […]

  • Another Action Packed School Day

    On Friday there were plenty of naughty boys to deal with, and with help from my members of staff, namely Miss Vanessa and School Nurse Sally we set about our tasks! There was an addition to the day, it came in the form of School Governor Ms Severity Steele!, a big powerful woman who had […]