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The wait is nearly over

Hello all, its looking like your wait is nearly over, Lockdown will be ending soon, and I am looking forward to seeing all my visitors again.

I am planning to hold a School Day in May all being well so those that have attended previous ones are very welcome to contact me and confirm their attendance, including Irish James, Mark, Barry, John, Michael & Terry.

We will have a new member of staff attending so that is something for you to look forward to.

Those that have not attended previous events should contact me, to get further details.

And of course those that want to start booking for “normal visits” should start to get into touch.

Testimonial by Slave 00011

Below is a testimonial from one the “Slaves” that attended for a day of confinement in the “Belfry” , I know that I and the other Wardresses enjoyed the day, and I am planning for this to be repeated on a regular basis, so if you are interested you should get in touch.

Testimonial by Slave 00011

My Visit to the Belfry
I would like to thank the “Head Wardress” (Mistress Linda) for the great day I had at the Belfry.
To explain Mistress Linda has created a place where you can spend long periods of time in detention alongside other “detainees” without actually seeing them.
I arrived and was told to strip and given a “strip search”, I was then hooded, cuffed and lead upstairs to the Belfry, where I was placed and locked into a cage, I was told to remain quiet at all times and await to see what happens next.
After about 10 minutes I became aware of movement, another detainee being brought in I suspect, as again the only words said were “to remain quiet at all times”, this happened another 4 or was it 5 times over a period of time, I lost track of the time quite quickly.
What happened next I was pulled from the cage and bent over a “whipping bench”, this was by a different “Wardress” and caned, I should say that I had agreed that I would be punished along with being used and abused, of course the Head Wardress knows my “likes & dislikes” along with my limits, so I knew I would be in safe but “cruel hands” throughout my time in detention.
After a good sound caning I was taken into a different form of confinement, and left secured, as others were dealt with in a similar manner, it was quite erotic hearing others being dealt with.
Next I was taken out and strung up by both arms and then tortured (CBT/ Nipples/Electrics) during which the hood was removed I could see others in different forms of bondage and confinement but they could not see me because they were all blindfolded and it was not possible for me identify them, this was one of the things that was explained to me when I discussed the event with Mistress Linda, and she said that discretion would be maintained at all times, no one would be able to identify anyone else throughout the day.
Various other things happened to me during the time I was there, but I won’t detail them all here, I will leave that for you to find out for yourselves when you attend.
I should say that the Head Wardress was assisted during the day by other Wardress’s which again all added to the excellent experience I and I am sure the others had, I will be returning quite soon for the next “event”.

Detention Slave 00011

My New Detention Centre (The Belfry)

I am pleased to announce that my New Detention Centre is now open and accepting inmates, who will arrive, be stripped, searched and then incarcerated in the various different facilities that I have created within the Centre.
You may share the experience with other detainees; of course discretion will be maintained for those that require it by the use of hoods and blindfolds ensuring that when you are moved between the various forms of incarceration you maintain your anonymity.
During your time in detention you may require to be punished, tortured, and used as we see fit, all your limits will have been agreed prior to you being accepted into the Detention Centre and they will be respected.
I will be holding regular detention day events when multiple inmates will spend extended periods of time within the centre and be “looked after” by various “detention officers”.
I have included some photos for you to enjoy, and those that wish to experience time in “The Belfry” should call me for further information.
Mistress Linda.


Once again we had a really fantastic School Day, stupid boys and “girl” plus the Headmistress and Miss D Meaner. Of course there were lots of hand spankings, paddlings and strappings, all followed by the traditional caning of all those who deserved it! As you can imagine, this was all of them as it seemed to both of us that the results of the lessons and exams were abysmal! And the day really went with a bang as more and more punishments were meted out!
So there were plenty of sore bottoms on show! Just how we like it!
Some of the punishments can be seen on Spanking Tube.
Spanking Tube Link details: –


Another Friday and another Detention Day! The same faces passed through the school doors once more, plus a new pupil who we hoped we could achieve something with. But by the end of the day all our hopes and aspirations were dashed! Yet another pupil who I am sure we will see again and again, requiring more and more punishment, given of course with a firm hand.
The lessons we had prepared were met with the same stupidity and lack of enthusiasm, even when they were asked to put something together for the Chapel School Anthem. Surprisingly, one of the long-standing boys came up with a really good effort! This is the same boy who always feigns deafness when something is asked of him! This was a surprise to both of us, as it is the usual old behaviour problems of these pathetic creatures that we have to deal with, helped by a firm hand! So we set to work on all of them, starting off with slippers and paddles, then moving on to straps and finally finishing off with some of them taking a flogging with Mistress Vanessa’s new and very effective whip, the results of which can be seen in some of the photographs. Of course, they were all soundly beaten with the cane as well!
And it has come to our notice that the only thing that they are excel in is eating school lunch!! We will however continue to make our mark on them in the future and on any other boy who may be sent to the Chapel Detention School!!








This was a day when I had to deal with very, very bad pupils!!
As well as usual lessons, they were put over our knees in front of the rest of the class and soundly spanked and slippered. This happened to all of them during the course of the day and culminated in the whole lot of them being taken to the special “Punishment Red Room”.
We (i.e. myself and Mistress Vanessa) took it in turns to strap and cane them, at the same time discussing the punishment that each of them needed and indeed received.
It was surprising how much hard and long punishment certain pupils needed, but we were certainly capable, eager and totally up for it!!
If you want to see what happened you need to visit my Spanking Tube site where you will be able to some of what happened..


Spanking Tube Link details: –

dsc00593 dsc00610 dsc00620


Yesterday, along with my ‘Deputy Head’ (aka Mistress Vanessa), I dealt with a small group of boys from our Boarding School. Throughout the term they had been repeatedly underachieving in all subjects and had to be brought to task!

We set exams for them covering all areas of school-work and, needless to say, every boy failed miserably, so we set about teaching them a lesson that they would never forget (well, that was what what we were hoping) !!

Boys were punished in front of the others, involving over our knees and bent over a desk. We used our hands, slippers and paddles, and eventually felt that the canes had to be used, firstly in the school-room itself, and then they were taken to two more rooms where two pupils were flogged, and finally all were spread out and caned.

As a finale, three boys were introduced to the “Chopsticks Method”, something which has only been used by us for extreme cases. It involves both teachers punishing with thin canes in both hands, standing on either side of the boy, and repeatedly in fast unison caning him for a predetermined length of time!! This requires a very careful use of the canes so that they only punish the buttocks, thereby creating the effect of four canes raining down very fast on his bottom!!

By the end, all agreed that we had done a very good job!!

Head Mistress Lady Linda.


UTube film Link details: –


Spanking Tube Link details : –

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April Fool Slave Day

The long awaited day arrived for both Mistresses and Slaves!!

And what a fantastic day it was!! A big thank you to all the mistresses and the slaves that attended and made it such an enjoyable event for all.

There are some photos here and the rest will be going onto my galleries very soon.

There was everything from games involving electrics, weights on testicles, forced bi’ ,along with punishment for the losers of the different games, and the use of a sub girl for the winners to enjoy, which included eating food off the girl’s body. One of my daughter’s slaves indulged a little too much and received suitable punishment for that!!.

In all it was a very enjoyable day for both Mistresses and Slaves and not forgetting how hilarious the use of “Human Furniture” was. !!!

Mistress Linda.

UTube film Link details: –


Spanking Tube Link details : –


Reminder to my Loyal Slaves

This is just a reminder to those that have been granted permission to attend my next event that they must confirm their attendance, otherwise their place will be given to a slave on the waiting list.

Mistress Linda.



Because of the day that it was held on, this school-day had the theme of Halloween. All the lessons had some form of spooks intertwined in them, and we hoped that this would make these “No-hopers” achieve a higher standard of work!

      But this was all to no avail!! My daughter (the art teacher), Miss Baxter, Anita Thrasham and I tried our hardest to maintain some sanity. There was one boy, who was new to the school, and I expected great things from him, but I am sorry to have to report that he became as stupid as the other pupils, which resulted in the whole lot of them having to be punished by all members of staff.

      The only bright light in this travesty was the art work carried out in the big chamber that had been decorated in the Halloween theme. The pupils were encouraged to decorate masks, and, as in the photos shown here, they displayed their works of art.

      The Head Girl was in trouble from the start – promiscuous and naughty, so she was also punished. The only saving grace for her was making a witch out of tin-foil, which all the pupils watched carefully and hen made their own attempts at something similar! Enough said!! It was a disaster. Stupidity was rife, and was met with strict punishment.


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