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The Plumber



One of my minions happened to be a plumber and he assured me that he could get a good deal on three new radiators that I needed for my home, and that they would be at cost price. I agreed to this, and,as the labour was free, I was happy with the deal and very pleased with him!

However,  a friend thought it was still a bit expensive, and, on looking at the catalogue, I realised that I was being charged £200 more that it should have been! So, when he next came to me, I pointed this out, and, much to my surprise, he admitted it straight away.

Needless to say, I dealt with him accordingly in my special room upstairs, and actually worked on him for a full 90 minutes!! I think he has learned a very important lesson. DO NOT TRY TO MAKE A FOOL OUT OF ME!!

Get in touch to experience what happens to my naughty visitors


The wait is nearly over

Hello all, its looking like your wait is nearly over, Lockdown will be ending soon, and I am looking forward to seeing all my visitors again.

I am planning to hold a School Day in May all being well so those that have attended previous ones are very welcome to contact me and confirm their attendance, including Irish James, Mark, Barry, John, Michael & Terry.

We will have a new member of staff attending so that is something for you to look forward to.

Those that have not attended previous events should contact me, to get further details.

And of course those that want to start booking for “normal visits” should start to get into touch.

Waiting for loyal foot and leg worship slaves

I am waiting for my Foot and Leg worship slave to visit me, if you want to experience this pleasure you need to contact me.

And you can see how this loyal slave is enjoying his work, so you all know what is in store for you if you come and visit.

Update from the Chapel Chambers

I am very pleased to say that my Chambers are open again, with extra precautions in place to ensure your and my safety.
We are only seeing a limited number of visitors, so that we have time to clean and sanitise equipment and surfaces between visits.
So please ensure you plan ahead and book your next visit.
We are waiting for all the naughty boys and girls to come along for their long awaited session.
The Chapel School is fully equipped to deal with all levels of behavioural issues from minor to the more severe, and punishments can range from over the knee spankings, to Judicial Canings with the Singapore Cane.
You should apply now for a one to one assessment with Headmistress Linda so that a full assessment of your behaviour can be undertaken, don’t worry you will only be punished at a level that suits you once Headmistress has discussed this with you, but you may elect to have your limits tested, and Headmistress Linda can be joined by Miss Vanessa who is very experienced in dealing with naughty pupils.
Experienced Pupils may be allowed to join the Senior Classes where the lessons and punishments reflect this.
You may once you have attended several classes require a School Medical, and this can be arranged in the fully equipped School Clinic.
For further details you may telephone: 07977 843212 (ask for Lady Linda) between 09:00 till 19:00
You may visit my New Website where you can view the gallery’s, along with a news page, and full details.
My web site details are below.