• Sorry I am not available at this time

    Sorry I am not available to take all your calls just now, so can I ask that you wait till I say I am available again. I will let you all know as soon as possible. Thank you, and I hope to hear from you all very soon. Mistress Linda

  • Update from Mistress Linda

    Just thought I would send a message to all that have past through the hands of my daughter, Mistress Vanessa and myself at the Chapel. I will include photos when I can to keep your spirits up during this trying time, more explicit photos will be on my Fetlife. Hope you are all keeping safe […]

  • Removal of Photos

    Due to the changes in the law that have been introduced I have had to remove a lot of the photos that I have placed on my posts. You will also notice that future posts will may have less photos, again this is due to the restrictions that have been introduced as to what can […]


    I have been very busy both last week and this, with all the usual miscreants plus two new males in need of chastisement. So there was plenty of over-knee and over-bench punishment during the 14 days. I played several different parts during these days – various aunties, headmistress, nurse and even school secretary, but most […]

  • Dungeon Tour

    Below is a link to a tour of my various rooms that make up my Chapel Dungeon. Mistress Linda http://youtu.be/U2aRgGuZuwg  

  • Plagiarism

    I have noticed that a photograph of the result of a caning from one of my sessions has appeared recently on the Twitter page of another Mistress from this area. The conclusion that people seem to be drawing in the comments on it is that she was the one who gave this caning. I am […]

  • Autumn School Day

    This will soon be upon us, which this year will have some surprises for the pupils both old and new. So those regulars that feel the need to get in touch for further information should do so very quickly, in particular I am looking forward to hearing from Keith. There may be one or two spare […]


    R’ as I shall refer to him visited me a few days ago as a one-off from what we usually do. He has not visited me as often as he or I would have liked through circumstances beyond his control, but we always felt that we wanted him to take a beating beyond the normal […]


    For the last 4 years Paul has been visiting me regularly, especially on his birthday, which, on this occasion, was last Tuesday. As usual we started off with a prolonged warming-up over my knee and a good hand-spanking followed by paddles, then slippers, and finally several short straps.     This time he wanted to stay […]


    Derek stood with trepidation as he awaited the result of his application for the position of personal secretary to the Head of Department, Ms Wallace. It was between himself and just one other applicant. Derek desperately needed this job as he had quite a lot of debt building up, especially mortgage repayments, and this position […]

  • Reviews by my Slaves

    Just a quick note to tell you about some nice comments by slaves that have been to see me, you can see the comments on the ITC website, and I have included a link below for you all to have a look. I would like to say thanks to my loyal slaves for their comments, and […]