New Equipment

  • New Rooms Opened

    Firstly the New Rooms are all finished, including “Aunties Boudoir”. I have dealt with my naughty nephews twice in this room in the last week, I have an “Aunties Chair” that is perfect, comfortable for me to sit in while putting “Boys” over my knee, trousers and underpants down!! In this position I can spank, […]

  • My New Detention Centre (The Belfry)

    I am pleased to announce that my New Detention Centre is now open and accepting inmates, who will arrive, be stripped, searched and then incarcerated in the various different facilities that I have created within the Centre. You may share the experience with other detainees; of course discretion will be maintained for those that require […]

  • Who’s been a busy Mistress then!

    Two hectic weeks and what have I had to show for it? A broken crop and my Space Invader demolished!!!! All that pounding and it finally collapsed at my feet! Now I am looking for replacements to buy, but in the meantime I have plenty left to carry on my good work. The long awaited […]

  • News from the Chapel Chambers

    I have been busy making changes around the Chapel Chambers, so I think the time is right to show you some photos of some of the changes I have made, I do hope you like them and that you arrange to visit to see what else has changed. These photos are of the Victorian Corridor […]

  • The latest news from the Chapel Chambers

    It’s been a busy couple of months at the Chapel Chambers, so I have not had time to produce a blog up till now. I am pleased to say that we have made quite a few changes around the Chambers, as you will see in photos below which include Mistress Vanessa who many of you […]

  • Merry Christmas to you all

    This is just a quick message to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The last year has past so quickly, and I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to all my regular visitors and all the many new visitors I have had over the last […]


    I have been very busy both last week and this, with all the usual miscreants plus two new males in need of chastisement. So there was plenty of over-knee and over-bench punishment during the 14 days. I played several different parts during these days – various aunties, headmistress, nurse and even school secretary, but most […]

  • My New Space Invader

    My New Space Invader has made its maiden voyage and ready To plunge into the dark universe! To boldly go where few Mistresses have been. To probe planets (Uranus etc.) black holes, and anything else that means entering the dark unknown! To use force when needed and serve the enterprise to its full extent!!! Mistress […]


    My “Girl” Rachel came to see me this week. She was wearing 5 ½ in heels that she had bought the week before but had been unable to try them out. I made her walk into my chambers and then up and down the corridor and she managed to walk in them perfectly! She has […]

  • The Hell Pit Film!

    I have just placed a new short film on my Gallery, I do hope that you enjoy, and feel the need to visit.   Mistress Linda