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News from the Chapel Chambers

I have been busy making changes around the Chapel Chambers, so I think the time is right to show you some photos of some of the changes I have made, I do hope you like them and that you arrange to visit to see what else has changed.
These photos are of the Victorian Corridor that leads to the various rooms that I have on the ground floor.
More improvements are being made upstairs which will create the “Belfry” this will be an area which will house several different types of detention facilities including, cages, cells, bondage planks/tables and much more, this area will be available for those that wish to experience extended periods of detention when they can be left alone or alongside others as the Mistress deals with other visitors.
It also planned to have Detention Days when there will be several slaves held in detention and moved around whilst blindfolded between the different holding cages and cells, the slaves will know others are there but they will be completely hidden from each others at all times, Slaves may also be subjected to various different types of punishment and torture as agreed previously during their period of confinement by the Detention Officers.

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