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Yesterday, along with my ‘Deputy Head’ (aka Mistress Vanessa), I dealt with a small group of boys from our Boarding School. Throughout the term they had been repeatedly underachieving in all subjects and had to be brought to task!

We set exams for them covering all areas of school-work and, needless to say, every boy failed miserably, so we set about teaching them a lesson that they would never forget (well, that was what what we were hoping) !!

Boys were punished in front of the others, involving over our knees and bent over a desk. We used our hands, slippers and paddles, and eventually felt that the canes had to be used, firstly in the school-room itself, and then they were taken to two more rooms where two pupils were flogged, and finally all were spread out and caned.

As a finale, three boys were introduced to the “Chopsticks Method”, something which has only been used by us for extreme cases. It involves both teachers punishing with thin canes in both hands, standing on either side of the boy, and repeatedly in fast unison caning him for a predetermined length of time!! This requires a very careful use of the canes so that they only punish the buttocks, thereby creating the effect of four canes raining down very fast on his bottom!!

By the end, all agreed that we had done a very good job!!

Head Mistress Lady Linda.


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