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Because of the day that it was held on, this school-day had the theme of Halloween. All the lessons had some form of spooks intertwined in them, and we hoped that this would make these “No-hopers” achieve a higher standard of work!

      But this was all to no avail!! My daughter (the art teacher), Miss Baxter, Anita Thrasham and I tried our hardest to maintain some sanity. There was one boy, who was new to the school, and I expected great things from him, but I am sorry to have to report that he became as stupid as the other pupils, which resulted in the whole lot of them having to be punished by all members of staff.

      The only bright light in this travesty was the art work carried out in the big chamber that had been decorated in the Halloween theme. The pupils were encouraged to decorate masks, and, as in the photos shown here, they displayed their works of art.

      The Head Girl was in trouble from the start – promiscuous and naughty, so she was also punished. The only saving grace for her was making a witch out of tin-foil, which all the pupils watched carefully and hen made their own attempts at something similar! Enough said!! It was a disaster. Stupidity was rife, and was met with strict punishment.


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