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The Spirit of Competition

Below is a review from one of my loyal slaves, I do hope you enjoy, along with some photos taken during the session, which have been included with the slaves permission.

As a loyal slave of Mistress Linda I have, over the years enjoyed a great variety of sessions, all of which have been beyond compare. Some time ago however, I dared myself to try a session of double domination with both Mistress Linda and Mistress Vanessa. This unique Mother and Daughter domination experience has been something which I have been very keen to repeat. What follows, is my account of yet another exciting afternoon in the Chapel.

So there I stood naked and alone in the Chapel’s Red Room dungeon. Well I say naked, I had elected to retain a modest under garment with comedy overtones. This was always going to be a risky way to start a 3 hour session but I thought my appearance would either appeal to the Mistress’s good humour and be rewarded with a sound thrashing later or be seen as rather a cavalier on my part and be severely punished with a sound thrashing later. Either way I couldn’t lose, a sound thrashing was assured.

As the dungeon door swung open I stood mesmerised by two glamorous dommes, elegantly attired from head to toe in shiny PVC. The effect was instant; my comedy under garment began to bulge, much to the amusement of the Mistresses, then as if from fresh air Mistress Vanessa produced a spiked sheath and in a flash, had it wrapped around the offending bulge, ensuring a close fit, with a firm squeeze.

After further rubbing and squeezing from both Mistresses, my now deflated member was released but only to allow a weighted spiked parachute to be firmly secured around my balls. Balls attended to, attention turned to my nipples and it was on with the clamps, then events took a whole new direction, as I was hooded and the chain from the nipple clamps attached to a hardback book, balanced on my head. All I had to do, was walk round the dungeon, ensuring the book didn’t drop. Obviously the Mistresses were on hand to offer assistance, one with a riding crop and the other with a cattle prod. As the crop and cattle prod were put to one side, I rather thought I had got away with it, the book was still very much in place. Victory for me I thought but no, as I stood wondering what might happen next, Mistress Vanessa wrapped her arms round my chest, my body quivered, the book fell ripping the clamps from my very tender nipples. Victory to the Mistresses!

Following my failure in the book balancing, I was lead next door, still wearing the weighted parachute and treated to an all over flogging, by both Mistresses, I really enjoy a firm handed flogging and it doesn’t get any better than Mistress’s Linda and Vanessa, going full tilt. No part of my body was left un-flogged.

It was now time for a change of direction, I had foolishly suggested I would like to find out which Mistress was best at her craft and I was prepared to offer myself as judge in any such competition. It’s fair to say the challenge was accepted with relish and after being strapped to the bed, I found myself looking at two Mistresses, each holding a violet wand. Mistress Linda had a shiny new one, while Mistress Vanessa had a fully restored vintage model. My role was to judge which wand was best, the old or the new. After a very thorough test, in which I was subjected to the full range of violet wand torment, I can confirm there was a clear winner but I have been strictly forbidden from declaring the result in this blog. Any slave wishing to know the answer, will need to find out first hand and undergo the same gruelling ordeal.

More electric torture was to follow but not before I had been strapped to the whipping bench for some bottom warming punishment, nothing too severe, after all there was still a severe caning to enjoy. Bottom warmed I was then flipped on my back for what can only be described as a damned good fucking. Mistress Vanessa took the lead on this and once the angle of attack was just right, she didn’t hold back, I was totally pounded, all this while Mistress Linda held me in place by the nipples.

Legs, now like jelly it was back to the bed, not for a rest but some more electric torture. Electric torture can vary wildly, it can either be mild and quite ineffective or a bit more intense and send you through the roof. Luckily for me, I got the full spectrum, a real “buzz” through the cock, balls and anus, always with a least one of the Mistress’s hands free to pull the chain on the nipple clamps.

So I had endured a lot and enjoyed it all but we still had one little thing left, a good thrashing with the canes. I love a good Mistress Linda caning but today I had an extra special reason. Keen readers of Mistress Linda’s blog will have noticed she has recently fallen victim to web based plagiarism. There is an image taken from a session in which Mistress Linda dispensed a good beating to a slave, being passed off as the work of another Mistress. Luckily Mistress Linda can recognise her own handiwork and I know what my own bottom looks like, yes I was that slave. So to set the record straight I volunteered myself for another damned good thrashing, the results of which will no doubt appear on the blog along with a picture of the cane which was broken in the process. Mistress Linda canes like no other and will always tailor the punishment to a slave’s individual level of endurance and while a thrashing isn’t compulsory, it’s certainly worth a go.

So which Mistress is the best at her craft, well I now know which Mistress has the best violet wand, which Mistress is best with the flogger, which Mistress can dish out the best and most severe punishment and which Mistress will send you through the roof with the electrics but as always reading a blog will never be enough, book a session and find out first hand.

From camera 20 11 15 205 (600x800)

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