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Best Ever Whipping

I thought I would share this testimonial from a loyal slave of mine, I do hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the session.

I have, over the years enjoyed a great many sessions in the company of Mistress Linda and thought I would share just some of the highlights from my latest visit to the Chapel Chambers of Leeds.
Before the fun and games began Mistress Linda and I had a casual catch up chat and a brief exchange of ideas as to how we could occupy our time together. It was during this chat that I happened to mention a recent video clip I had seen in which Mistress Vanessa had performed a most expert whipping of a slave with some of the most vicious whips available, namely the dog and snake whips. With this in mind I asked Mistress Linda if she might be able to do something similar. The very short answer was yes and with that Mistress Linda disappeared, leaving me in her red room to contemplate my fate.
Contemplation over Mistress Linda returned, having now changed into what I shall describe as “full mistress gear”, which could only mean one thing, it was time for the fun to begin.
Wasting no time at all Mistress Linda soon had me nicely secured to her cross ready for a good whipping. To minimise any chance I may have had of movement I was secured by both wrists and nipples. With a couple of nasty nipple clamps applied and secured to the cross I only had two options, pull back and suffer some excruciating nipple torture or lay flat and take the whipping. I went for lay flat and take the whipping. Mistress Linda then casually worked through a variety of whips and floggers, stopping occasionally to increase the tension on the nipple clamps, so I never really had a choice at all on that, as even by staying absolutely still my nipples were not escaping any of the torment and neither was my back, which by now was quite well marked from the firm handed lashing it had already received. Pleased with how things were progressing Mistress Linda briefly disappeared, only to re-appear, delighted that she had found Mistress Vanessa’s snake whip. I couldn’t really change my mind now, not after Mistress Linda had taken the time to go and find the snake whip especially for me, so trying to relax as much as possible and keen to please the Mistress I braced myself for my final six lashes, which Mistress Linda duly delivered with un-wavering force and accuracy.
As I was released from the cross I couldn’t help but admire the red lines which were now neatly layered across my back, it really had been the best whipping I had ever received, not that I had too much time to recover as Mistress Linda was keen to move on to other areas. So it was then over to the bondage bed for some CBT and yet more nipple torture, only this time Mistress Linda was using her extensive collection of pegs, which while quite innocent in appearance, really can achieve even greater results than the nipple clamps.
Then to finish we moved on to one of my favourite activities, a good hard caning. We got to 80 before Mistress Linda paused and said, the last 20 would be really hard. At 95 she paused again and said the last three would just be given one after the other without any gap between strokes. It was at this point I made a slight error and asked if they would also be full force. Mistress Linda was not amused and after confirming they most certainly would be she also said that as a result of the flippant back chat she would be starting the final 10 all over again, so 5 penalty strokes. I didn’t say anything else but in many ways I saw the extra strokes as much more of a bonus than a penalty, as after all I do enjoy a good hard caning from Mistress Linda, so more strokes of the cane is always bonus for me.

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