• One Last Task

    This is a testimonial from one of my loyal slaves that has returned after a period of absence, which I do hope you enjoy. Mistress Linda   It had been a little while since my last visit to “The Chapel” and there really is, only so long a slave can go without visiting his Mistress […]


    On Thursday 22nd May at 1p.m, Mr. Allenby, a new patient, attended the Chapel Clinic. He was seen by Sister Linda and Nurse Kendra.     After his initial medical assessment, he was taken into the treatment room and told to undress to just his shirt and underpants. Mr. Allenby was very nervous but we did […]


    Mr. Robertson had been a patient of Nurse Sally for quite some time with problems in his genital area. Having given him exercises to do at home, and clenching exercises whilst Nurse was performing rectal examinations, she found it was not working as she had expected, so she asked myself, Sister Linda, to attend the […]


    This slave never learns, no matter how many times he has visited me! He arrived at my chambers a few weeks ago in a state of high sexual arousal – something I will not tolerate whatsoever!! I made him strip off completely there and then. Standing naked before me, I could see just how excited […]

  • Slave E was in for a surprise!

    Slave E has been visiting me for several years, and he has written the following account of his last visit, and I thought I would share it with you all, I do hope you enjoy.   Well it was my time to return to see Mistress Linda, who I have been visiting for several years, […]

  • A testimonial from one of my long standing slaves.

    This is a testimonial from one of my long standing slaves, which I hope you will enjoy along with a couple of photos taken during an enjoyable session.   I have been Mistress Linda’s slave for more years than either of us probably care to remember. I remember, all those pre-internet years ago, when I […]