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Tony was caught by the detention teacher looking at a porn magazine in the detention class. This resulted in his being punished by over-the-knee hand spanking, then the slipper and then 3 strokes with the cane on each hand. Then he got the strap and various paddles whilst bent over the desk!

Still not satisfied that he had learnt his lesson, the teacher brought in the Headmistress, who chastised and punished him even more before sending him to her study to await further punishment!!

All this can be seen on Spanking Tube.

Head Mistress Linda.


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My “Girl” Rachel came to see me this week. She was wearing 5 ½ in heels that she had bought the week before but had been unable to try them out.

I made her walk into my chambers and then up and down the corridor and she managed to walk in them perfectly! She has good legs and can walk in any height heels.

Well, I had something new that I wanted to try out on her in the main dungeon. This was my new leather sling attached to the cross supports by heavy chains, so I laid her on her back securing her wrists and ankles, blindfolded and gagged her, and then I put on my big “strap-on”!!

Holding firmly onto the chains, I proceeded to drive it home! The more she wriggled, the more she swung back and forth, and each time I took her deeper and deeper.

My new apparatus worked very well and is certainly a welcome addition to my equipment! I hope you like the photos showing it in use!


Mistress Linda

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This slave has been loyal to me since I first started down the road as a dominatrix. This was a long and winding but glorious road quite a few years ago.
He has also been a good friend over the years to both myself and my daughter, Mistress Vanessa. Unfortunately he has not been able to see us as often as he would have liked due to work etc. and now ill health, but yesterday he made a really brilliant effort, and I gave him over two hours of pain and degradation and at the end received his “Reward”.
He had brought me a beautiful whip with a crystal handle that caught the light and dazzled! There are photos below of it, together with the after-effects of its use all over his body. The over-the-knee hand spanking and slippering that I gave him, plus the many other wonderful things that I put him through made it a very satisfying session for both of us!

Mistress Linda

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At the beginning of the week one of my miscreants was in dire need of a judicial caning – he had dared to go missing!! I sentenced him to 90 of my hardest strokes with various canes, and even had to add a few with one of my heaviest straps after I caught him swearing under his breath!

This can be viewed on Spanking Tube – see below for address.

      Tuesday was cleaning day at the Chapel. “Rebecca” was required to do dusting and vacuuming, after which she was sent into the Red Room to dress like a slut for me to amuse myself. I used my biggest strap-on! I don’t need to say any more, just that she served me well!!

      Friday saw myself and Mistress “V” deal with one of my slaves. He hadn’t been to see me for nearly a year and had gone soft – apart from one area! Nearly two hours of intense re-training followed, including being hung in the gibbet, being flogged, nipple and cock and ball torture and strap-on from both mistresses. To end the session I fisted him, and then sent him on his way!!He later texted me to say that he was shattered and sore, but WHAT A DAY!!

Mistress Linda

p.s. I hope you enjoy some of the photos below taken during the sessions.

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My slave yesterday hasn’t been to me for about a year, as he felt that he didn’t need my “treatment”. But, Lo and Behold! once he was standing in front of his mistress in expectation of a very intense session, the urge was too strong for him to ignore!! I am sure that quite a few of you will understand this “urge”.

Nipples needed strong handling – with my extra severe nipple clamps, penis and balls needed several procedures, including hard strokes with the riding crop plus other means of torture including weights etc, and also anal stretching with mistress’s fingers, hands and a large butt plug.

Then finally he was tied firmly to the bed with nipples clamped and stretched from the ceiling. Electrics were attached to his balls and penis, and the electric probe was inserted into his anus. He was finished off with my electric tongs which were run up and down his erection until his “urge” was drained out of him!!

Mistress Linda

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Recently I have done two of these Double Domme Sessions, one last week and one this week!

The first was with my daughter, Mistress Vanessa and involved “Teaching an old dog new tricks” ! He was quite unruly and obviously in need of some discipline, so we put his collar and lead on him and started his obedience lessons. As these didn’t work as well as we wanted, we moved on to a higher level and stretched his balls by making him drag heavy weights behind him when “going walkies” !! He was beaten when he refused to beg, and we even tugged his “fur” and slapped his “muzzle”. By the time we had finished, he was only too pleased to obey us!

The second session involved myself and Mistress Scarlet and consisted of strap-on work and fisting. Mistress Scarlet is a very intimidating and powerful woman, and between us we managed to turn the slave into a quivering wreck!!

Lady Linda

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Well, what a busy two weeks I have had, and I’ve loved all of it – naughty schoolboys, “girlies”, patients for the medical room needing two nurses to attend to them, and a whole host of slaves, for one of whom it was his first time, and he had come all the way from Belfast. I think he would be sitting rather carefully on the flight back home!! But with a smile on his face!!

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my friends, and all my special boys, girls and slaves. I look forward to seeing you all in 2016.

Lady Linda

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The Spirit of Competition

Below is a review from one of my loyal slaves, I do hope you enjoy, along with some photos taken during the session, which have been included with the slaves permission.

As a loyal slave of Mistress Linda I have, over the years enjoyed a great variety of sessions, all of which have been beyond compare. Some time ago however, I dared myself to try a session of double domination with both Mistress Linda and Mistress Vanessa. This unique Mother and Daughter domination experience has been something which I have been very keen to repeat. What follows, is my account of yet another exciting afternoon in the Chapel.

So there I stood naked and alone in the Chapel’s Red Room dungeon. Well I say naked, I had elected to retain a modest under garment with comedy overtones. This was always going to be a risky way to start a 3 hour session but I thought my appearance would either appeal to the Mistress’s good humour and be rewarded with a sound thrashing later or be seen as rather a cavalier on my part and be severely punished with a sound thrashing later. Either way I couldn’t lose, a sound thrashing was assured.

As the dungeon door swung open I stood mesmerised by two glamorous dommes, elegantly attired from head to toe in shiny PVC. The effect was instant; my comedy under garment began to bulge, much to the amusement of the Mistresses, then as if from fresh air Mistress Vanessa produced a spiked sheath and in a flash, had it wrapped around the offending bulge, ensuring a close fit, with a firm squeeze.

After further rubbing and squeezing from both Mistresses, my now deflated member was released but only to allow a weighted spiked parachute to be firmly secured around my balls. Balls attended to, attention turned to my nipples and it was on with the clamps, then events took a whole new direction, as I was hooded and the chain from the nipple clamps attached to a hardback book, balanced on my head. All I had to do, was walk round the dungeon, ensuring the book didn’t drop. Obviously the Mistresses were on hand to offer assistance, one with a riding crop and the other with a cattle prod. As the crop and cattle prod were put to one side, I rather thought I had got away with it, the book was still very much in place. Victory for me I thought but no, as I stood wondering what might happen next, Mistress Vanessa wrapped her arms round my chest, my body quivered, the book fell ripping the clamps from my very tender nipples. Victory to the Mistresses!

Following my failure in the book balancing, I was lead next door, still wearing the weighted parachute and treated to an all over flogging, by both Mistresses, I really enjoy a firm handed flogging and it doesn’t get any better than Mistress’s Linda and Vanessa, going full tilt. No part of my body was left un-flogged.

It was now time for a change of direction, I had foolishly suggested I would like to find out which Mistress was best at her craft and I was prepared to offer myself as judge in any such competition. It’s fair to say the challenge was accepted with relish and after being strapped to the bed, I found myself looking at two Mistresses, each holding a violet wand. Mistress Linda had a shiny new one, while Mistress Vanessa had a fully restored vintage model. My role was to judge which wand was best, the old or the new. After a very thorough test, in which I was subjected to the full range of violet wand torment, I can confirm there was a clear winner but I have been strictly forbidden from declaring the result in this blog. Any slave wishing to know the answer, will need to find out first hand and undergo the same gruelling ordeal.

More electric torture was to follow but not before I had been strapped to the whipping bench for some bottom warming punishment, nothing too severe, after all there was still a severe caning to enjoy. Bottom warmed I was then flipped on my back for what can only be described as a damned good fucking. Mistress Vanessa took the lead on this and once the angle of attack was just right, she didn’t hold back, I was totally pounded, all this while Mistress Linda held me in place by the nipples.

Legs, now like jelly it was back to the bed, not for a rest but some more electric torture. Electric torture can vary wildly, it can either be mild and quite ineffective or a bit more intense and send you through the roof. Luckily for me, I got the full spectrum, a real “buzz” through the cock, balls and anus, always with a least one of the Mistress’s hands free to pull the chain on the nipple clamps.

So I had endured a lot and enjoyed it all but we still had one little thing left, a good thrashing with the canes. I love a good Mistress Linda caning but today I had an extra special reason. Keen readers of Mistress Linda’s blog will have noticed she has recently fallen victim to web based plagiarism. There is an image taken from a session in which Mistress Linda dispensed a good beating to a slave, being passed off as the work of another Mistress. Luckily Mistress Linda can recognise her own handiwork and I know what my own bottom looks like, yes I was that slave. So to set the record straight I volunteered myself for another damned good thrashing, the results of which will no doubt appear on the blog along with a picture of the cane which was broken in the process. Mistress Linda canes like no other and will always tailor the punishment to a slave’s individual level of endurance and while a thrashing isn’t compulsory, it’s certainly worth a go.

So which Mistress is the best at her craft, well I now know which Mistress has the best violet wand, which Mistress is best with the flogger, which Mistress can dish out the best and most severe punishment and which Mistress will send you through the roof with the electrics but as always reading a blog will never be enough, book a session and find out first hand.

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This session was going to be challenging to say the least. My daughter, Mistress Vanessa, and I were well-prepared for the arrival of Slave D. Shackles and handcuffs were waiting, and, as soon as he came through the door, he was ordered to strip off completely, and was then rendered totally helpless by the restriction of his hands and feet. The reason we had to do this was that this slave has a bad habit of trying to escape! What a very bad habit! And one that we had to deal with.

For the whole three hours that he was with us he was put through a strict regime. Firstly, we took him to the Medical Room, where he was put in the medical strait jacket, mask and gag and secured to the bed for his “treatment”. Then into the Warehouse Dungeon where he was thrown down the Pit whilst the gibbet was attached to the roof hoist and all the implements needed were brought in.

Before making him climb into the gibbet, he was fitted with a rubber hood so that his breathing could be restricted if he became too noisy. Mistress Vanessa’s new parachute was also attached, and, once inside the cage, the nipple clamps were added. He was then taken up towards the ceiling, but not so high that we could not get to certain parts of his body! With the use of a cattle prod, whips and extra weights, we really enjoyed ourselves! And that’s what it’s all about!!

After that he was made to get on his hands and knees with testicles fastened to the electric hoist and crawl to us to show his true devotion. Then it was into the Red Room for a beating after he had failed the devotion test, and finally he was tied to the electric chair, which certainly made him wriggle and moan!

It was an intense but very rewarding session for both Mistresses as you will be able to see from the photos below. More photos of this session will appear in the galleries.

Mistress Linda

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The return of Nephew George

A face from the past arrived at the Chapel Chambers yesterday! Or should I a say a bottom from the past, that has been missing for quite a while.

Well he had moved from the area about 3 years ago, but he decided to make a surprise visit to see me.

The surprise he had, was just what he deserved, when I put him over my knee and spanked him long and hard, followed by my very favourite slipper, and then finished off with my favourite Ebony Hairbrush he received a good sound “Hairbrushing”.

This had been a long awaited session which I enjoyed every minute of, and George left with a very sore and warm bottom, which I think shows by the photos below.

You can also see a short video of this session if you follow the link below.

Auntie Linda.