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This week has seen a variety of beatings given by a variety of personae (usually played by myself, of course!)
Headmistress Miss Ward had to deal with a naughty boy who simply refused to behave and work, thereby earning himself a severe caning which resulted in plasters having to be applied to his bottom!
The School Nurse was carrying out the usual medical examinations when one boy refused to strip off to be checked, so he was put over nurse’s knee, spanked, slippered and hairbrushed, but still refused. So the school cane was applied with 6 of the very best across his bottom! And he certainly did get a full medical!!
Mistress Linda sentenced a slave to 160 strokes of the cane, to be given while another slave was made to watch only to be made to take his turn for a good caning!
All in all a thoroughly enjoyable week. I have punished boys and slaves in all sorts of different scenarios and feel very satisfied!

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