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Testimonial by Slave 00011

Below is a testimonial from one the “Slaves” that attended for a day of confinement in the “Belfry” , I know that I and the other Wardresses enjoyed the day, and I am planning for this to be repeated on a regular basis, so if you are interested you should get in touch.

Testimonial by Slave 00011

My Visit to the Belfry
I would like to thank the “Head Wardress” (Mistress Linda) for the great day I had at the Belfry.
To explain Mistress Linda has created a place where you can spend long periods of time in detention alongside other “detainees” without actually seeing them.
I arrived and was told to strip and given a “strip search”, I was then hooded, cuffed and lead upstairs to the Belfry, where I was placed and locked into a cage, I was told to remain quiet at all times and await to see what happens next.
After about 10 minutes I became aware of movement, another detainee being brought in I suspect, as again the only words said were “to remain quiet at all times”, this happened another 4 or was it 5 times over a period of time, I lost track of the time quite quickly.
What happened next I was pulled from the cage and bent over a “whipping bench”, this was by a different “Wardress” and caned, I should say that I had agreed that I would be punished along with being used and abused, of course the Head Wardress knows my “likes & dislikes” along with my limits, so I knew I would be in safe but “cruel hands” throughout my time in detention.
After a good sound caning I was taken into a different form of confinement, and left secured, as others were dealt with in a similar manner, it was quite erotic hearing others being dealt with.
Next I was taken out and strung up by both arms and then tortured (CBT/ Nipples/Electrics) during which the hood was removed I could see others in different forms of bondage and confinement but they could not see me because they were all blindfolded and it was not possible for me identify them, this was one of the things that was explained to me when I discussed the event with Mistress Linda, and she said that discretion would be maintained at all times, no one would be able to identify anyone else throughout the day.
Various other things happened to me during the time I was there, but I won’t detail them all here, I will leave that for you to find out for yourselves when you attend.
I should say that the Head Wardress was assisted during the day by other Wardress’s which again all added to the excellent experience I and I am sure the others had, I will be returning quite soon for the next “event”.

Detention Slave 00011

My New Detention Centre (The Belfry)

I am pleased to announce that my New Detention Centre is now open and accepting inmates, who will arrive, be stripped, searched and then incarcerated in the various different facilities that I have created within the Centre.
You may share the experience with other detainees; of course discretion will be maintained for those that require it by the use of hoods and blindfolds ensuring that when you are moved between the various forms of incarceration you maintain your anonymity.
During your time in detention you may require to be punished, tortured, and used as we see fit, all your limits will have been agreed prior to you being accepted into the Detention Centre and they will be respected.
I will be holding regular detention day events when multiple inmates will spend extended periods of time within the centre and be “looked after” by various “detention officers”.
I have included some photos for you to enjoy, and those that wish to experience time in “The Belfry” should call me for further information.
Mistress Linda.

“Sounds good to me”

This is a testimonial from one of my very loyal slaves.

There I was, naked, arms stretched above my head and my legs held wide apart unable to do anything beyond stare at my reflection in Mistress Linda’s mirrored ceiling. Perhaps foolishly I had asked Mistress Linda to be gentle with me as I feared the outcome if she unleashed the full creative range of her imaginative ways of making one experience delicious torments.
In return she had promised that I would experience something entirely new, something that would demonstrate totally her absolute control over the centre of my male identity without having to harm me in any way.
“Today we are going to play with sounds, do you trust me?”
“Yes mistress”
“Good, not that it matters with you tied like this”
With a wicked smile she showed me the first sound, over 9 inches of glistening stainless steel, polished smooth and with a gentle curve towards one end, to me it looked to be incredibly thick and I couldn’t imagine it would ever go were she intended to insert it.
“This is the smallest one, I like to start with this and work up to the larger ones once you start to stretch, and wait for the bend, it has an interesting effect”
With this she proceeded to ensure that everything was scrupulously clean and sterile, you must acknowledge her skills, even though she is truly talented at wringing torment from one’s body when she wishes, she is equally skilled at safely managing the experience.
She slowly coated the steel with lube in front of my eyes taking her time as she described what she was going to do.
“This will slide right inside you under its own weight, I don’t have to do anything, your body and gravity will do everything for me and you can’t do ANYTHING to resist, no muscles to clench, no barriers at all until it’s all inside you”
Despite all my fears I was still standing to attention as the tip of the sound slipped inside the eye of my member, she supported the steel instrument with her hand and it slowly began to descend inside my flesh, the sensation as it entered me and began to slowly descend was intense, similar to the physical sensations experienced with ejaculation but unaccompanied by all the other feelings experienced during orgasm leaving me free to experience everything in exquisite detail as it glided deeper and deeper within me, opening me in a way unlike anything I had ever felt before. Just before it had reached its full depth the descent paused for a split second then the whole sound rotated within me, this was completely unexpected and the sensation as it stimulated the entire length of my urethra sent an electric shock up and down my body.
“And there’s the bend, surprising isn’t it” Mistress Linda whispered into my ear.
With this she began to gently stroke me with her fingertips, her gloved hands slick with the lube she has used, the sensations were intense, almost beyond description as not only could I feel her gentle featherlight touch on the exterior of my member, but I could also feel my flesh being squeezed against the length of steel within me.
“Of course, the more erect and stiff you become the tighter you will grip the sound, this will stimulate you even further and so of course you will become even more erect and so you become even more stimulated and so it goes on” she proceeded to demonstrate this by gently beginning to withdraw her tool and again it rotated sending yet another electric shock through my body and drawing an groan of pure pleasure from my lips.
Slowly, oh so slowly she withdrew most of its length before allowing it to again fill me completely.
“Very good, now let’s move up to the next size, shall we?” and with this she proceeded to demonstrate that what I had felt sure was the largest implement a body could contain was merely the beginning of my exquisite torment…..

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Caught On the Fiddle

I do hope you all enjoy the following which was written by one of our loyal slaves following a very enjoyable “Double Dom Session”, I have included some of the photos taken during the session which he was very happy for us to use.

Caught On the Fiddle
It may well have been bitterly cold outside but luckily for me, things in the Chapel Dungeon were about to get much warmer, for once again I found myself naked, exposed and awaiting the undivided attention of not one but two very imaginative Mistresses.
Yet another Mother and Daughter session had been a wish of mine, ever since I found out that Mistress Vanessa had relocated to the Chapel Dungeon, as it occurred to me that if the Mistress had relocated, she would certainly have brought all her clever little pain inflicting devices with her.
I wasn’t wrong Mistress Vanessa had brought all her devices with her and was very much in the mood to share, it really was spikes, studs and hint of electrics with everything.
I was by now getting excited at what may be in store and was rather obviously standing to attention, a somewhat irresistible target for Mistress Vanessa and her spiked cock sheath, so on it went, spikes on the inside, with both Mistresses taking turns to really give it a good squeeze, pleasure and pain all in one.
After sufficient enjoyment had been had by all we moved on to a wooden device Mistress Vanessa referred to as “the fiddle”. I think “the fiddle” could be described as a game of predicament bondage, best played as a team. Firstly it was over to Mistress Linda for the delicate insertion of an anal hook, then back to Mistress Vanessa for some leather bondage gloves, the type that whilst warm, make self satisfaction a non starter. Then it all fell into place the wooden part or “the fiddle” was locked around my neck with both hands locked in position level with my head. A little awkward perhaps but more was still to come, a rope was then tied between the anal hook and “the fiddle”, then again another piece between “the fiddle” and the nipple clamps. So moving this devious block of wood in either direction up or down would result in me pulling something. The only way to avoid pulling anything was to stay still but the Mistresses where never going to allow that.
So next I was over the whipping bench for a good paddling, with both Mistress taking turns and whilst paddling a slave with an anal hook inserted may sound cruel, in this case it was for my own good as I knew the warm up would serve me well for the double strength caning I would be receiving later.
So far the session had been all one sided, I had received all the attention, so before being released from “the fiddle”, I got down on my hands and knees and gave Mistress Linda’s feet some much needed attention.
Finally released from “the fiddle” I was allowed a little rest, encased in Mistress Vanessa’s bondage body bag, whilst various parts of my anatomy were gently caressed by her electrified leather glove, she has an ever so gentle touch but with a twist.
By now we were moving to yet another big finish and for me, a visit to the Chapel wouldn’t be complete without a brutally good caning and today was sure to be just that bit extra special, as with double domination comes a double caning. So after a not so gentle whipping we got down to the canes of which the Mistresses have a vast array, thin and stingy, or heavy and hard, my preference is for the traditional heavy hard canes, wielded with force and I can honestly say, I always get what I ask for and today was no exception. I lost count of just how many strokes each Mistress dished out but it must be good when you ask for more.
The perfect end to yet another fun afternoon and now that Mistress Vanessa is very much resident at the Chapel, an experience I can only hope to repeat.

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Bitches & Naughty Girls

Last week was eventful dealing with slutty T.V.’s, naughty boys, Sub’s and one very naughty girl!
To explain the naughty girl is my new sub girl, first she was a schoolgirl in trouble together with a naughty school boy, both ended up over my knee and soundly spanked, slippered and then caned which resulted in two very red and sore bottoms
Later the girl was in trouble again, accusing my “Girl” Rebecca of touching her against her will, I brought them both into my room to interrogate them, and as you would expect they both blamed each other so rather than punish the wrong one, I decided it was best to punish them both until I found out the liar.
So over my knee they went, and then onto the punishment bench until they both had very sore bottoms, in the end I had to conclude they were as bad as each other, neither of them will be sitting down for a while!!!
I am sure my Sub Girl will become a regular feature of my blogs in the months to come; I know that many of my regulars are very interested in being dealt with alongside her.
Below are a few photos that will all give you something to think about, I do hope you all behave whilst looking at them!!!!

Mistress Linda

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Beware The Borrowed Dog Whip

This is a testimonial from one of my loyal slaves, I do hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the session.

It had been a while but I thought it was about time I paid a visit to Mistress Linda at the Chapel Dungeon, after all, the marks from my last visit had long since faded.

So I made the appointment and then with eager anticipation counted the days until finally there I was knocking on the door of the Chapel Dungeon. Having visited Mistress Linda many times I was fairly confident that I knew what to expect, after all just how many different ways are there to tease, torment and generally surprise a slave.

Well it turns out that not all surprises in the dungeon are painful as on this occasion I was more than pleasantly surprised to bump into Mistress Vanessa, a Mistress who in the past has also had me dancing to her tune. However, today Mistress Vanessa was awaiting the arrival of her own slave, so for today at least I would be spared her painfully creative talents but not one of her painfully creative new whips.

Leaving Mistress Vanessa to attend to her own slave, Mistress Linda was certainly well on top of things in the Red Room and within no time at all she had me making all the right noises. Nipples clamped, balls stretched, cock whipped and high heels dug into all the places that matter, we really were getting through all “the old favourites” and we or rather I still had the very best to come.

The very best, is of course some full force corporal punishment, Mistress Linda really does excel in this area and it is certainly a particular favourite of mine. So we started, or rather Mistress Linda started with a selection of floggers, giving my back a good all over thrash. Then we moved onto the borrowed dog whip, apparently Mistress Vanessa acquired this hand crafted devilish whip form the Other World Kingdom and I have the marks to prove it really isn’t just for show. I think we got to 10 lashes of the dog, not sure when the marks will fade but it certainly does have a very distinctive feel, basically it stings like nothing else.

Then to finish we moved on to what Mistress Linda is famous for, a good hard caning. We got to 30 before Mistress Linda paused and said, “How many do I usually give you?” oh about 100 I replied, that was it, Mistress was now on a mission to deliver at least another 70, full whack no nonsense. At 100 she stopped, I was bruised but not quite beaten so asked for another 10 of her very best and that is certainly what she gave me, in total 110 very hard very precise strokes of just some of her finest canes.


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The latest news from the Chapel Chambers

It’s been a busy couple of months at the Chapel Chambers, so I have not had time to produce a blog up till now.
I am pleased to say that we have made quite a few changes around the Chambers, as you will see in photos below which include Mistress Vanessa who many of you already know, and we also appear together in a magazine article which tells the story of how my Daughter became involved in the Domination scene, the article is over 4 pages with excellent photos, and the name of the magazine is Dominance.
We have been asked several times before to appear in articles and even in TV shows but this is the first time we have agreed to this, and we do not feel we don’t need to do anything like this again so you should search out the Magazine for a once only opportunity to read about our journey to become a Mother and Daughter partnership.
So more news which I am sure some of my regulars will like, I now have “sub girl” that can be involved in sessions alongside you, I have included a couple of photos below of her, and I am sure as the weeks pass I will be adding more, she will be available only by prior appointment to join in either as a schoolgirl or a sub in the dungeon if you wish any more information you will have to ask.
I will also be producing some films involving the sub girl which will be put onto my Spanking Tube site, so do watch out for them.

That’s all for now I do hope to see you all soon.

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Since my last piece of news I seem to be having an abundance of Sluts, naughty “girls” and “girls” in need of training.
It started with Andrea, a naughty little girl who had been unable to visit me for some time – and ended with the biggest slut I have ever had to deal with! What can I say! She visited me three times in two weeks, and one of the sessions included Mistress Vanessa (my daughter) and two submissive slaves!
On another day I worked with Mistress Nemesis and her girl Debbie, and in the midst of all these there was my girl “Sandra” who was made to wear a tight PVC dress and had to be punished and dominated. And finally there was Amanda, who is a very gentle “girl” and needs handling in a more encouraging way.
All were dealt with in a way that was suitable for their individual type of “girl” and a very satisfying time was had by all!!

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I have been very busy both last week and this, with all the usual miscreants plus two new males in need of chastisement. So there was plenty of over-knee and over-bench punishment during the 14 days.
I played several different parts during these days – various aunties, headmistress, nurse and even school secretary, but most of all a Dominant Mistress! Some of them I had to coax into submission, some needed me to bully them, or to be a Complete Bitch, but, no matter how I treated them, they were all completely dominated and controlled by me!!
This makes a Dominatrix very proud of her craft, and always makes me feel completely satisfied.

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As usual, bottoms had to be punished! Slaves had to be put in their place, which is of course on their knees! Two needed to be chastised and shown what happens when they overstep the mark, and there was Baby Boo!!
Humiliation of this slave was very important and my daughter and I went to the extreme! Even though I don’t indulge in Babyism, we dressed him in adult baby clothes and made him look and act ridiculous before putting him over our knees (this can be seen on Spanking Tube) and then caning him.
What a wonderful life we Mistresses have!!!

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