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A visitor to My New Warehouse Dungeon

Yesterday my Daughter Mistress Vanessa brought one of her slaves to my chambers.

She dealt with him in my Red Room and then we both dealt with him in My New Warehouse Dungeon.

When we finished with him, we cast him down into the HELL PIT!!

Hell hath no fury as 2 Mistresses scorned”.

I have decided to include a few photos taken during this session, so that you could have early preview of My New Dungeon, I do hope you enjoy, and come back again, to see a lot more photos in the gallery pages

Mistress Linda

Going down into The Hell Pit
Going down into The Hell Pit


For the last 4 years Paul has been visiting me regularly, especially on his birthday, which, on this occasion, was last Tuesday. As usual we started off with a prolonged warming-up over my knee and a good hand-spanking followed by paddles, then slippers, and finally several short straps.

    This time he wanted to stay for 2 hours so that I could take him to his limit, and then beyond!! He trusted me, so it was understood that the punishment would not cease until I had achieved this. I had no need to restrain him as he would never think of interrupting his beating, so, laid out on the punishment bed, he awaited his fate.

    I started with medium to hard straps including ferule and American exercise paddle, then progressed to heavy tawses and riding crops.

    When we were well into the punishment, I brought out the “Big Guns”. We had  discussed the session previously and established that he wanted to sample the authentic Glasgow Tawses plus the “Berkeley Strap”, a new addition to my collection which I consider to be more severe than my well-known Railway Strap.

    Things were now getting very serious, and his bottom was swollen and bright red, so, slowly and surely, I moved on to the next phase. First, the Railway Strap, then 20 with 2 canes and, moving from one side of the bed to the other, I strapped and caned his buttocks evenly.

    I then inspected him, and, having made sure that it was safe to continue, I picked up the Glasgow Tawse and gave him 12 strokes from each side. Each stroke made him gasp, but he didn’t move.

    Even though his bottom was badly grazed and bruised, I was determined to go all the way, so I picked up the last of my collection – the dreaded new Berkeley Strap! I decided to take my time in giving him his final 20 strokes, which would be given with all my force!! The first made him gasp and twitch, then the second, and so on until he had taken his first 10 strokes from one side. Then I walked round to the other side and began to give him 10 more, but it was touch and go as to whether he would last until the end, so I gave him time to recover between the strokes, and finally I achieved my goal!!

    One very sore,marked and swollen bottom!    One very proud slave!    Plus one very satisfied and happy Mistress!!

    Happy Birthday, Paul!!


One Last Task

This is a testimonial from one of my loyal slaves that has returned after a period of absence, which I do hope you enjoy.

Mistress Linda


It had been a little while since my last visit to “The Chapel” and there really is, only so long a slave can go without visiting his Mistress and so an appointment was booked and session attended.

So once more there I stood, a naked slave, all alone in the dungeon, awaiting the arrival and full attention of Mistress Linda. I didn’t have to wait long before the un-mistakable sound of high heels heralded the arrival of my Mistress. The door opened and in walked Mistress Linda, looking as striking as ever, with her platinum blonde hair, contrasting perfectly with the shiny black PVC of her newly purchased skirt. Mistress Linda is very approachable and will consider polite and reasonable pre- session requests and it just so happens that a PVC skirt was an advance request I had made which Mistress Linda had rather generously accommodated.

While still mesmerised with the vision which stood before me, I was ordered to my knees and instructed to commence worship of my Mistresses legs and bottom, as a committed slave I complied immediately working my way up and down two rather perfect stocking clad legs, however Mistress Linda misses nothing and was quick to point out that as her slave I was doing this for her pleasure not mine and as such I should be displaying no signs of enjoyment at all, as she looked down from on high, a degree of stiffness from a certain part of my anatomy, indicated my level of enjoyment was much higher than it should have been. I had been rumbled and knew fine well that serious punishment would follow later, something Mistress Linda was all too keen promise.

Once Mistress Linda was satisfied that her shapely bottom had been worshipped to a suitably high standard, I was ordered to my feet and introduced to the humbler. Although I have served Mistress Linda many times, I had always managed to avoid this particular device, however before every session I do rather foolishly boast that I am up for anything and Mistress needs very little persuasion to un-leash her imaginative streak, so it was on with the humbler and to further enhance Mistress Linda’s amusement a nice pair of nipple clamps were attached for good measure. Struggling as I was to stand up straight, I found myself being positioned in such a way as to allow my hands to be hoisted above my head, this as Mistress Linda pointed out would help me to stand up straight. With my hands firmly above my head a further rope was added to the nipple clamps and the humbler, these ropes were also then pulled nice and tight. I was now suffering discomfort on multiple fronts. If I moved forward the tension on my nipples would ease but the pain in my now fully stretched balls would increase, as I moved back the pressure on my balls relaxed but my nipples which were by now, a little tender were subjected to a little more pressure. I quickly reasoned that standing still was the best plan and hopefully I wouldn’t be in this awkward position for too much longer.

I was wrong, it quickly became clear I had been secured in this position for a dam good flogging. Mistress Linda carefully selected a range of floggers which she could use on my back and then proceeded to use each one in batches of 10, ensuring my back received an even coverage. Given the way in which I had been secured there was little point in trying to move out of the way of each expertly placed stroke, this only intensified the pain in my balls and nipples. After each of the selected floggers had been used I was released from my rather un-comfortable position. As I stood there recovering from my intensive flogging, Mistress Linda told me the next part of my punishment would be taking place on the bed, I did think this would be more comfortable than what I had just endured but I was wrong again.

Before being allowed to lay on the bed my arms were secured behind my back in a strong leather straight jacket, I was then allowed to lay on the bed while Mistress Linda secured my ankles and wrists firmly to each corner, there was no escape from this. Then came the fun part, or at least fun for Mistress Linda, it was on with the electrics and it wasn’t long before strong pulses of electricity were charging through my cock and balls. However Mistress Linda didn’t consider this quite enough, so it was out with the cattle prod, I haven’t quite got the hang of this device yet but feel sure with a little more training I soon will. As mistress intensified the electrics and the pain grew I looked for something to take my mind off the pain, I didn’t have to look too far, as not only is Mistress Linda hugely accomplished in her field but she is also very attractive and the perfect distraction for any amount of pain. After my cock and balls had received a thorough frying, I was released but by now, quite exhausted and in need of light refreshment.

Luckily for me light refreshment wasn’t too far away, with my head secured in the toilet box, I was most privileged to receive some of Mistress Linda’s golden champagne straight from the source, now suitably refreshed we moved over to the whipping bench or rather I was ordered over the whipping bench.

Once over the bench I was treated to a very firm paddling from various implements, I would say how many but am afraid to say I lost count, however I can say my bottom was glowing by the time Mistress Linda had finished and maybe the reason I forgot was the fact that just when I thought I had received my punishment, Mistress Linda reminded me that I was now warmed up enough to receive 100 with the cane. I am not sure where the figure of 100 came from but there was little chance of me leaving the Chapel with anything less, after all the punishment had been earned fair and square with an earlier un-authorised erection.

Before being released from the bench I was instructed to spread my legs, which could only mean one thing, it was strap-on time, I was warned I was now to receive a good fucking from my Mistress and as Mistress Linda is a lady of her word, I can only describe what followed as a well executed and thorough deep pounding. It’s fair to say that by the time Mistress Linda withdrew I had been properly “fucked”.

Our time together was now drawing to a close but I still had the much anticipated 100 strokes of the cane to endure, so it was back over to the bed, flat on my stomach, ready to take each one of the 100. This is arguably Mistress Linda’s forte and she is more than happy to deal with the novice or the hardened slave who claims he can withstand a more brutal caning, I rather smugly and foolishly put myself in the latter category and as such would be afforded no leniency, all 100 strokes would be given full force (just the way I like it). As Mistress Linda completed the first batch of 10, she asked if I was feeling them, I had to confess that I was, well that’s ok she said because you only have another 90 to go. Under many circumstances this would seem a tall order but I regard it as such an honour to be in the company of a Mistress who is so skilled with the cane that I was as ever determined to enjoy each one of the remaining 90 strokes and for an added degree of interest, Mistress Linda promised there would be one last task for me, assuming I reached the full 100. Well with such an incentive the next 80 strokes passed in a breeze. As we hit the last 10 Mistress Linda really upped the tempo and I must confess these did sting quite a lot but none the less I had taken the full 100 and if I am honest enjoyed the lot, so as Mistress Linda set down her cane, I couldn’t resist but ask for another 5 of her very best, this she delivered with glee.

So the big question is was I entrusted with the one last task which Mistress Linda promised, well that would be telling and I think some things are best left in The Chapel, I suggest the easiest way to find out is to challenge yourself to 100 of Mistress Linda’s hardest strokes. I am now looking forward to my next 100 from this ever so demanding Mistress.


Derek stood with trepidation as he awaited the result of his application for the position of personal secretary to the Head of Department, Ms Wallace. It was between himself and just one other applicant. Derek desperately needed this job as he had quite a lot of debt building up, especially mortgage repayments, and this position offered a good salary, so he felt he had to make a big impression!

    Meanwhile Ms Wallace (myself)was preparing for the final interview. I knew how desperate  Derek was, and would use this to my advantage!! As I walked into the room, he was there, perspiration on his brow, a hopeless weak male just ripe for my amusement!! Then I began my game. “So Derek, what can you offer if you are lucky enough to attain this position?”

    Then he began his speech. “I will give my complete dedication to all your needs, Ms Wallace, and my undivided attention at all times. I will be loyal etc, etc …” He finished by relating all his financial woes should he not get the position!!!

    A smile crossed my lips as I thought to myself that he had played right into my hands. “I am not interested in your financial status” I interrupted, “Only in what you can do for me!!” “Of course, of course”, Derek stuttered. “First of all, I think you should drop to your knees and show me how devoted you will be”, I ordered him.

    Down he went and started to kiss my shoes and feet! Oh yes, this was more fun than I had expected! I then told him to strip naked and lie prostrate beneath my feet. He did so and closed his eyes, awaiting what was to come. I walked around him a few times, telling him everything I expected of him should he be the lucky one. I had actually already made up my mind that he would get the job, but wanted to amuse myself and see how far he could be humiliated.

    I stood astride his face and told him to open his eyes. I teased him and asked him if he had a problem, and Yes!, Derek was noticeably aroused. I admonished him and dug each heel in turn into his nipples. My, how he writhed and groaned! Then I made him get up onto his knees and beg me to choose him. He tried so hard, words and promises tumbling out of his mouth, but I told this poor excuse for a man that if he could take the punishment that I was going to give him for getting aroused, without uttering a sound, then he would be successful. I sat on the chair and motioned him to come over my knee. Once he was in place, I held him down with a firm arm around the waist. I informed him that all members of my office staff were dealt with in the same way and that this would apply to him too, should he make any mistakes or displease me in any way.

    Would Derek be able to keep quiet? I was prepared to find out! I am well-known for having a very hard hand and being able to give a prolonged spanking, and this was exactly what I gave him!

    Did he pass the test, you are asking yourselves? Well, Derek will start work here tomorrow at 9.00 sharp, so I am sure that I’ll amuse myself with him again, and again…! His bottom was certainly red, sore,marked and bruised after his first test! It’s fascinating how a woman’s hand can do so much damage to a bare bottom.

Lady Linda selecting the next applicant!
Lady Linda selecting the next applicant!


Sister Linda & Nurse Kendra
Sister Linda & Nurse Kendra

On Thursday 22nd May at 1p.m, Mr. Allenby, a new patient, attended the Chapel Clinic. He was seen by Sister Linda and Nurse Kendra.

    After his initial medical assessment, he was taken into the treatment room and told to undress to just his shirt and underpants. Mr. Allenby was very nervous but we did our best to put him at ease. He was also quite embarrassed when  his underpants were lowered, but was assured that he was in safe hands and that we had seen it all many times before!!!

    The problem that he was having was that, whilst he could maintain an erection, he was unable to ejaculate, either by masturbation or sexual intercourse. This had been going on for about 5 to 6 months and his doctor had referred him to our clinic which specialises in dealing with such problems.

    We had to do various tests to try and reach a solution. First of all we had the patient bending over in different positions to enable us to check if the testicles were dropping correctly. One side seemed to be pulled up into the body, but with manipulation we managed to loosen and lower it. Whilst carrying out the in-depth genital examination, we noticed that the penis had a slight bulge at the base! We discussed this with Mr. Allenby and he confirmed that he did have some pain down there. After Nurse Kendra had applied the pin-wheel over his scrotum, a slight numbness was found in certain areas. We finally decided to sterilise the Sounds, and while we were waiting for this, he was stripped completely, swabbed and made ready. The procedure was to ascertain whether there was a blockage in the penis itself which didn’t cause any problem when urinating but could be the cause of the failure to ejaculate.

    I carried out the procedure while Nurse Kendra monitored his heart and blood pressure. Four Sounds in all were inserted and seemed to go easily straight into the bladder with just a little resistance. When this had been carried out, we had to see if it had solved Mr. Allenby’s problem. His penis was massaged gently with baby oil and, Lo and Behold!, he managed to ejaculate quite copiously!

    Nurse Kendra then took a sample which was to be sent away for testing. The patient was cleaned up and then dressed himself, and, I have to say, Mr. Allenby left the clinic a very relaxed and happy man!!

    He would, of course, have to visit us again, just to make sure that there was no re-occurrence of the problem!


Mr. Robertson had been a patient of Nurse Sally for quite some time with problems in his genital area. Having given him exercises to do at home, and clenching exercises whilst Nurse was performing rectal examinations, she found it was not working as she had expected, so she asked myself, Sister Linda, to attend the next 4 appointments. I did so, thinking that my stricter regime might have a more positive result.

    Once in the Medical Room, he was told to undress completely and bend over the examination table, legs spread and bottom exposed. While I thrust first one finger up his rectum, Nurse Sally tried to make him relax and hold on to her as I proceeded with two fingers and so on. She put the thermometer in his rectum but complained that he was still too tight and that she couldn’t insert as she had hoped. He was made to ejaculate and sent home with yet more exercises and the threat of a doctor being present at his next visit.

    Three days ago he made his latest visit and was quite anxious as all three of us entered the Medical Room – Nurse Sally, Sister Linda (myself) and our resident doctor Miss Charlotte Hun. Immediately he was told to undress and climb onto the examination couch. He was breathing quite rapidly at this point, and Nurse Sally tried to calm him down. Meanwhile, we discussed his problems and how best to remedy them.

    The Doctor felt that he was not helping himself by being lax with his home exercises and thought that a more positive attitude was needed. So, with Nurse Sally holding him firmly to stop him squirming, Dr. Hun and I proceeded to stretch his anus gradually by inserting various sizes of thermometer inside him. All three of us then examined his genitalia carefully, he was made to ejaculate, and the sample was to be sent away.

    Mr. Robertson left with a flea in his ear, and was told in no uncertain terms that if he didn’t keep up with his clenching exercises, he would be in for a more rigorous examination next time!

Sister Linda & Dr Charlot Hun
Sister Linda & Dr Charlot Hun

DSCF1039 (600x800)


This slave never learns, no matter how many times he has visited me!

He arrived at my chambers a few weeks ago in a state of high sexual arousal – something I will not tolerate whatsoever!!

I made him strip off completely there and then. Standing naked before me, I could see just how excited he was, so I ordered him very quickly onto his hands and knees and proceeded to tie a small leather strap around the base of his balls – very tightly! I tied a rope from this to a hook in the ceiling. Hoisting him up in this way made his cock and balls easily accessible when they were up in the air, and ready to be scratched and whipped!

After lots of noise, begging and pleading, I eventually let him slump to the floor and left the pathetic creature while I decided what to do next in a bid to stop this disgusting habit. After a few minutes I went back in and pretended to amuse myself by tieing him spreadeagled to the punishment bed. He was then gagged, as I knew he would soon make a lot of noise. Poor maggot really didn’t know what to do! Then, with a latex glove and baby oil, I rubbed and stroked his wizened cock, and, as if by magic, it stood to attention! No self-control at all!

I quickly attached my electrics to his cock and balls, put a cum-stopper down the opening in his penis and attached a connecting wire to the electric box. Very slowly I increased the intensity and pulse, making him twitch, writhe and fight against his restraints. On and on I went until he grew weary and had tears in his eyes.

I turned everything off, released him and fastened him to my mini-stocks (see photo). In this position his bottom was very vulnerable. I left the room to go to the kitchen where I peeled a fresh ginger root and moulded it into the shape I needed.

Back in the room again, I spread his bottom cheeks and pushed the peeled, shaped ginger into his anus. I left him like this for a while and waited for it to take effect. Sitting in front of him, I watched his face, and slowly he reddened and grimaced! Yes, it was working! I must admit I found this so funny and laughed out loud at him. The more intense it became, the more hilarious it was!

Finally, I had had enough. I was tired of it all and retrieved the anal bung and released him, telling him to get dressed and leave. What a sight he looked when he was ready to go! He was in a lot of discomfort, face red and sweaty, and unable to walk normally! That will teach him to visit me in such a disgusting state!!

Auntie Linda’s Retribution

IMG_0880 (600x800) IMG_0881 (600x800)This is a story of a session I had with one of the nephews that visits me on a regular basis, he had put together the scenario and of course I was more than happy to ensure it was carried out fully, and it may give you an idea for your next or first visit to to see Auntie Linda.


This afternoon I was just sitting down to well earned cup of coffee, when the phone rang.

The person who was ringing me was my nephew Robbies Headmistress Miss Ward.

Miss Ward explained the reason she was contacting me was because of Robbies disruptive behaviour in class! This apparently has been going on for several weeks, cumulating in a very bad incident an hour previous to this call.

The headmistress gave me an ultimatum that if I could not deal with him and improve his behaviour she would have no alternative but to expel him from school!

Well you can imagine how angry and embarrassed I felt.

A nephew who I took in out of the goodness of my heart repaid me in such a way!! I assured Miss Ward that I would deal with this problem, and knew just what was going to happen.

As I waited for him to return from school, I went to my bedroom and to my bag of slippers that I kept under my bed, I picked 4 of my favourite ones and laid them out on my bed, these were going over Robbie’s bottom and I would not finish until I was satisfied his behaviour would be improved.

This was going to be a lengthy process of which I knew I was more than capable of achieving.

As I sat on my bed tapping a slipper against the palm of my hand, I became more and more angry, then I heard the door open and Robbie nonchalantly whistling.

“Robbie come upstairs will you?” I tried to sound as normal as possible.

I heard him climb the stairs and I told him I was waiting for him in my bedroom, as he walked through the door his eyes went to the slippers and myself sat on the bed with one in my hand!!

“Oh you know what’s going to happen to my lad? drop your trousers and get over my knee!”

Stuttering and protesting his trousers dropped round his ankles, I quickly pulled his underpants down and with my left arm firmly holding him down I proceeded to thrash his bare bottom with my first slipper.

How dare he embarrass me with the school, how he would pay for it!

I made sure every stroke was full force, I probably gave him about 30 and could see the effect it was having, my how he wriggled and howled.

By the time I had given him a further 70 with rest of my slippers, making a hundred in all! His bottom was bright red and by the reaction I was getting from him it was also on fire!!

Making him stand in front of me, tears streaming down his face I ordered him to undress, put his pyjamas on and go to his room, where he stayed for the rest of the day.

Later that night he was allowed down for a meal and told in no uncertain terms that if he ever humiliates me again he will get more of the same punishment!

Lets hope he has learnt his lesson as I shall be keeping a close eye on him from now on!!


My Viking Slave


I had a visit from my Viking Slave today, and I thought you would like to share his experience, so I have written down what happened, I do hope you enjoy, and of course it could be you next.

My Viking Slave visited me today, he was his usual cowering self, but he can be useful at times!

He is coming back next week as he has time off from his “normal life”, and I have menial tasks for him, mirror cleaning, the Medical Room needs a good cleaning including disinfecting all the walls and floors, and of course the toilet must be spotless by the time he is finished, so he will be on his knees for a lot of the time!!

But today I ordered him to strip naked, put his clothes to one side, I then put his slave collar on and attached leg and handcuffs.

I then ordered him to drop to his hands and knees and crawl out of the main office through the corridor and into my Red Room.

Crawling through the corridor is a very painfully process for all slaves, due to the ridged rubber matting, most slaves try to lift their knees off the ground whilst crawling but I have my ways to ensure that does not happen!

What a pathetic sight he was when he got into my Red Room, just looking at his dower face and hunched shoulders made me angry and I promptly fastened him to my cross.

I then attached a ball strap around his pathetic balls, and proceeded to attach weights one by one,    to the tightly secured balls,  the more he groaned the more I kicked the weights making them thud against the wooden structure of the cross.

Finally I undid him, and released his balls, and made him massage my feet, I had been wearing high heels most of the day and my feet needed pampering.

This was most enjoyable until I glanced down and noticed that the disgusting creature had an ugly erection!!

This was not to be tolerated and I made him put my shoes back on, and then got him laid on his back on the floor, I proceeded to trample on that disgusting spectacle, making sure my heels dug into the most painful parts of his anatomy.

Even this did not have much effect.

I decided to make him stand facing the wall with the tip of his erection touching it, and he was to keep in contact with the wall as he masturbated. This took sometime but eventually the deed was done, whereon I ordered him to lick the slimy wall until it was clean and then clean up the floor with his tongue. When I was satisfied with the job, he was ordered to get dressed and I let him leave, with orders to await my call next week, so he could get himself back down to do some useful work.

Well I do hope you enjoyed my account of the session along with some of the photos that I took, and I am sure when you visit you will see how clean my chambers are!

Mistress Linda.


The Headmistress Rules again!

I had a visit from Jeremy who visits the Headmistress from time to time, Jeremy is a very naughty “schoolboy”, this time he was being a very sullen and objectionable boy and really tried to test my patience to the limit.

He is under the impression that school rules are nothing to do with him and treats them with contempt along with members of my staff  !!, this is something that I will never allow or tolerate.

Needless to say I sometimes have my work cut out dealing with him, and bringing him down to earth with a bang, but don’t worry he will be brought under control today!!

This job I took on with great enthusiasm, and I would be letting him know from the start who was in charge during his visit to the Headmistress’s room.

I read out the letter from his form teacher who complained about his disruptive behaviour in class and a particular nasty incident in which he made an obscene remark to her, in front of the class!!

When I demanded to know more about this incident he accused his teacher of lying!!

His attitude was so obnoxious I made him take his trousers down and put him over my knee soundly slapping the back of his legs, I then pulled his underpants down and spanked his bare bottom, until it was bright red and matched the colour of his thighs.

I told him to stand in front of me and demanded an explanation of the events, his reply again was that his teacher had lied!!!

I was very angry by now, and grabbed him by the ear and he was back over my knee once again, but this time I used three of my slippers what a satisfying sound they made every-time they came in contact with his very sore bottom.

With him still being so insolent and denying the accusations, I had no option but to put him over my desk and administer paddles, the school strap, and a school plimsoll !

Usually by now boys are blubbering and promising never again to misbehave, but not this vile creature.

This one needed to be over my desk again, where I proceeded to use two of my school canes to his already throbbing and sore beaten bottom, each stroke of the cane was given at full force, 12 each, and he was then given another chance to admit his misdemeanour’s, but still be refused, so it had to be the “Long Hard Cane”.

I fastened his hands to the legs of my desk, he was fully bent over, and I delivered 12 strokes Judicial Style!!!

That did it, his legs buckled and he sobbed and cried out and begged for forgiveness, admitting everything.

Needless to say he apologised to myself and of course his form teacher, and promised to behave in the future.

We shall see how he behaves in the future, but once again a job well done and a great feeling of satisfaction.

Once again I proved, no boy gets the better of The Headmistress.

I have posted some photos of Jeremy’s very sore bottom for you all to see what happens when you try to get the better of the Headmistress.

I do hope you enjoyed this, please do return, to see what has been happening in the Chapel School, I will be announcing the date of the next school day on my next post.

Headmistress Linda