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Just for you James

Just for you James

Here are some of the photos taken during your Double, Double, Dom Session.

Those that would like to try a Double, Double Dom Session should get in touch.

from camera 11 02 15 057 (800x600)


The other day my daughter Mistress Vanessa and I dealt with one of my slaves. He was very useful and eager to please which made it all the more enjoyable.

When I first introduced him to Mistress Vanessa, she noticed that his disgusting bits needed shaving before we would even attempt to play our games with him, so we spread-eagled him on the bed and shaved him quickly. However, we noticed that, whilst this was being done, certain things were getting out of control!! We needed to act straight away, so he was ordered onto his hands and knees, and ropes were attached to his ankles and then to the nipple clamps that we had put on him. Also a stretch rope was attached from the ceiling to his balls. Then he was ordered to crawl to each mistress and show his devotion to her by kissing her feet and legs, whist suffering throughout his body!

He was in great distress by the end of his attempts to please us, but there was of course more to come! He was made to lie on his back on the bondage table and was fastened to all four corners, plus his legs were spread wide and held there by ropes. The electrics were attached to his genitalia, the electric butt-plug was inserted, nipple clamps were attached, and he was blindfolded. The electrics were switched on and turned up until he started to twitch. Just a small current was applied and then we left for a few minutes, only to return and turn the current up! He started to wriggle and moan, but his member was still in a highly excited state, so we each took a pin-wheel and ran it all over his body, whilst turning on even more power.

Finally we had the reaction that we wanted. Everything was removed, and, after a double whipping over his entire body, he was allowed to get on his knees and apologise profusely to his two mistresses.

The session finished satisfactorily, we were pleased with the outcome, and the slave was brought to heel!! Another job well done!

280115 051 (800x600)


fromcamera101214424800x600Before the Christmas holidays I had my nephew staying with me while his mother was away. The first week went well and there were no problems. The second, however, was quite a different matter!

One afternoon, I had a most disturbing phone-call from the proprietor of the local shop regarding my nephew Terry. It seemed that he had been taking items from the shop and not paying for them! I waited patiently for him to come home, drinking my coffee and casting my eye on my new pink slippers! Today I would be breaking them in on Terry’s bare bottom, and I could not wait!

Eventually he came through the door, bright and breezy as usual. But when he saw my face, his manner changed. He knew he had been found out! Downcast, he stood in front of me as I ordered him to empty his pockets. He had been a very busy boy in the shop, and there seemed to be no end to his ill-gotten gains.

I had seen enough by now, and demanded that he drop his trousers and get over my knee. I took his underpants down and informed him that he would be punished in my own special way. I spanked his bare bottom hard and fast until it was bright red. Then I took one of my slippers and, putting him in a firm grip, I proceeded to give him a “Damn Good Thrashing”!

The more he protested, the firmer I held him, and I didn’t stop until he was sobbing and begging for forgiveness. Only then did I let him get up and pull his underpants and trousers up. Then he was sent to his bedroom for the rest of the day.

The next day he would be taken by his hand to the shop to return all the things he had purloined and to apologise profusely!





Just a quick mention of 3 of my miscreants that visited me over the last 2 days. There are photos of all 3 sessions to give you an insight into the interesting things that occur in my Chambers!

     The first was Slave “Pete” who I have mentioned before as he visits me regularly. It was the first time he had been Cling-filmed, and I thought why not put electrics on him as well! (See photo) The session was carried out both in my Loft Dungeon and my Red Room.

     The second one was another of my regulars and was carried out in my Headmistress’s Room. I have mentioned Boy “C” before, as he is such a rude and insolent pupil. As always, I put him over my knee and spanked him very hard on his bare bottom and the tops of his thighs. This did not bring about the hoped-for improvement in his attitude, so he had to go back over my knee for the paddle, slipper and plimsoll. I was still not satisfied though, so put him over the desk for a good thrashing with my heavy-weight plimsoll. Then a photo was taken of his hot sore bottom, after which I caned him into total submission!!

     The third and last was yet another of my regulars, who I introduced to my newly acquired “Raccoon Tail”! I had to stretch him first, and then push the stainless steel plug into his rectum!! (What a wonderful photo!)

     I really love the variety of the people that come to see me. It makes the time all the more interesting and pleasurable.

Also you may wish to visit my galleries to see all the new photos I have just added.

The Hell Pit

It’s Wednesday afternoon and I have just finished a session with Mistress Nemesis, when we used the Hell Pit to incarcerate one of our slaves, we shackled and padlocked him to the Pit Floor with heavy metal manacles.

The hatch was lowered and the lights were turned out, and he was left to contemplate his fate for over an hour, whilst we dealt with another slave in the Red Room.

I have included a couple of photos so that you visualise the slaves predicament.

Pit Photos Dec 2014 008 (800x600) Pit Photos Dec 2014 015 (600x800)

My blog on the three hour session.



     Today my daughter Mistress Vanessa and I have just finished a 3 hour session with one of my long-term slaves, who always visits me for a long session because of the distance he has to travel to and from my chambers.

     It was a most enjoyable 3 hours, and we still didn’t have enough time for everything that we could have done, but even so it really was a fun-packed time. The poor slave who I shall simply refer to as “P” was dealt with in two rooms: – the Red Room and the Loft Dungeon. His nipples and balls were strung up to the ceiling, he was hung by his wrists and flogged front and back by both of us, plus an electric torture that Mistress Vanessa had devised had him jumping around in agony!! It was all very successful!

     He was tied by his toes and balls whilst performing the devotion test, which he passed with flying colours. Then he was laid on his back and cling-filmed with just his cock and nipples free for us to torture. (See photos).

     As if that wasn’t enough, Slave P was also tied with his legs in the air, whilst electrics were applied to his cock and balls, and whilst also receiving the strap-on from myself and Mistress Vanessa. Then, to finish off, we tied him to the whipping-bench and punished him with paddles, straps, riding crops, and finally the cane! A very good time was had by all three of us, the time just flew by as it was such fun, and Slave P seemed very pleased with himself at the end of it all.

     We are all looking forward to the next time, and I’m sure we’ll have plenty of new ideas for things that will fill another three hours!!

I have also included below three more photos taken during this session.

Mistress Linda.

Seeing Double

This is a blog written by one of my loyal slaves, that came for a three hour session with myself & Mistress Vanessa.

And I have also written a “small bog” about the session, which I will post next.

I have also include three photos that were taken during the session for your enjoyment.


I have visited Mistress Linda at the Chapel on more occasions than I can remember and have over the years allowed the Mistress to introduce me to many different areas of “play” and as a result, with a few choice exceptions, Mistress Linda has free reign to do as she wishes, this approach is perfect, as other than a thrilling experience, one never quite knows what to expect.

As our last session drew to a close, Mistress Linda suggested it might give our next encounter an added dimension if we were joined by her daughter Mistress Vanessa. I can’t say this idea had never crossed my mind before but I had never quite been bold enough to ask. However on this occasion I dared to ask and a thrilled Mistress Linda informed me “they” had lots of new ideas to try on me. Nervous or excited it was too late to drop out now, I was set for yet another new experience.

So as I stood securely tied to the cross, with a couple of clamps biting into my nipples and some hefty weights dangling from my balls, the obvious question was asked “do you think we look alike?” to be honest I have used photo copiers which produce less similar copies of the same thing, however given my position I was not able to think of a suitably witty reply so went with a simple yes but it really is like seeing double.

I had asked for a 3 hour session because if you want to try lots of things, you need lots of time but after a mere 15 minutes and much nipple and cock whipping, what had once been a proud member standing to attention, was more than a little deflated and beaten black and blue, yet again I was getting just what I asked for, I could only hope I had the stamina to match, only time would tell. Released from the cross, we moved on to a little devotion testing, frequent visitors to the Chapel will have no doubt experienced the same test, involving a bungee cord, an arduous crawl across the floor and the worship of a pair of stocking clad legs. I wasn’t too concerned until a “new idea” was introduced by Mistress Vanessa. This task was made more of a challenge with the addition of string being tied to each big toe and then my balls. The journey to reach the same stocking clad legs was made somewhat more un-comfortable, however it must be said, very much still worth the effort.

From here we adjourned to the recently re-furbished warehouse dungeon where Mistress Vanessa had thoughtfully erected apparatus specially designed for electric torture with a difference. I have been strictly forbidden from divulging what this equipment is or how it works. All I can say is if you have a good sense of balance, can stand on your tip toes, do a little dance and don’t mind having a burst of electric shot up your cock and balls, then direct a polite enquiry to Mistress Vanessa who will be more than happy to arrange a demonstration.

This little game is worth the tingle in the balls just to see two Mistresses absolutely roar with laughter, all be it at your expense.

As a little rest from the electrics, I was treated to a thorough flogging, front and back, well two Mistresses, two sides, very little gets missed before being subjected to full body shrink wrap bondage. Full body but with the cock, balls and nipples on the outside of the shrink wrap. I will leave to your imagination just what happened to my exposed cock, balls and nipples but will say Mistress Vanessa kept her promise to even up the bruises on my cock, with some of the shrink wrap removed from my lower half; I was then subjected to a good deep fucking from the Mistresses strap-on. Given my position it would have been difficult to decline such a pounding but in all honesty it is difficult to think of a better way to spend an afternoon other than in the hands of two of the finest Mistresses in the land, so restrained or not I wouldn’t have chosen to be anywhere else.

My session of Mother and daughter domination was nearing completion but there was still time for an all round favourite of a good caning, so back to the red room we went and after my posterior had been well warmed with various paddles, it was time for the canes. The delivery of a substantial caning requires a high degree of skill, accuracy and judgement, be assured both Mistresses Linda and Vanessa are true experts, all the slave has to do is keep still and enjoy, which is just what I did, the observant will notice slight differences in technique but the effect is the same from both Mistresses. I believe if you close your eyes and went off impact alone, you wouldn’t spot the difference but you would enjoy it.

So yet again I left the Chapel absolutely exhausted but having been introduced to more than one new activity, anybody else bold enough to chase a new experience?


21st Nov 2014 photos from Camera 350 (800x600)

A Public Judicial Punishment

I thought I would share a couple of “reviews” that I have received following the Judicial Punishment, Session last week when I was assisted by Mistress Vanessa.

The first one is written by the miscreant that was the subject of the Judicial Punishment, there are a few mistakes in it which he will pay for shortly, and the second is by one of the witness’s s, which is I believe more factual.

I have also included some photos, taken before and during the event, more will appear in the gallery’s at a later date, so I do hope you enjoy this, I have to say Mistress Vanessa and myself did enjoy the session.

Mistress Linda

My Judicial Punishment this week.

I think I should explain how this came about, before I tell you about the actual punishment.

Mistress Linda had asked me to carry out some work for her in the New Warehouse Dungeon, which I started and was nearly finished, when Mistress Linda informed me that she wanted it all completed on a certain date, so that she could invite Mistress Vanessa to view the finished Dungeon.

That was fine, well I have to admit I did not quite finish the work on time, but I thought I could get away with it, it was after all only minor details that needed finishing.

Well on the day when Mistress Linda brought Mistress Vanessa to see the finished work, I opened the door for the Mistress’s to inspect the new dungeon, Mistress Linda was so proud, she asked Mistress Vanessa to close her eyes before walking in, because she wanted to show off the new lighting, well when Mistress Linda switched the red lights on nothing happened, she was not happy, I explained that there was a little fault that needed fixing, so Mistress Linda tried all the other lights and they were fine, they were both pleased with the results, apart from the Red Lights.

Mistress Linda then proceeded to show Mistress Vanessa around, and unfortunately the floor paint in one of the corners was not quite dry and when Mistress Vanessa noticed some dust on the floor she happened to touch the wet paint, well that was it, Mistress Linda lost her temper with me, I was slapped, but that was not the end of the matter, she stormed out with Mistress Vanessa so that she could get cleaned up.

I was then summoned into her room and Mistress Linda and Mistress Vanessa were both waiting, Mistress Linda told me in no uncertain terms how ashamed she was with me, and that I would be getting punished very severely for letting her down.

Mistress Linda told me that all had to be fixed that day, and punishment would follow when it suited both herself and Mistress Vanessa, and it would be a Public Judicial Caning, which would be delivered by herself and Mistress Vanessa, it would be a total of 200 strokes, there would be no mercy, no safe word, it would be delivered with full force.

It was explained to Mistress Vanessa that the reason it would be 200 strokes, was due to the fact that I had previously committed a similar offence and I received 150 strokes, from Mistress Linda, this time it would be an even more severe punishment delivered even harder.

The day of punishment came around very quickly, Mistress Linda had arranged for five of her regular slaves to witness the delivery of the punishment.

I was brought into the punishment room, secured to the punishment bench very quickly, with back and thigh protection put in place, then the punishment began.

Mistress Linda and Mistress Vanessa took it in turn to deliver the strokes, there was little gap between strokes and they alternated from side to side throughout the delivery, Mistress Linda was quite correct when she said it would be delivered with full force, and with Mistress Vanessa involved there was no let up in severity, in fact it seemed to get harder and harder as the strokes went on.

I was soon crying out with the pain due to the severity of it, but it made no difference the punishment continued, I could feel the blood flowing down my legs, they seemed to be trying to deliver the strokes harder than each other.

The count of 100 soon came around, my mind was not not thinking about that I was thinking will I get through this, I was really regretting the mistakes I had made, and I was suffering for them, I knew that I deserved it.

I did not think the caning could get any harder, but it did, Mistress Linda & Mistress Vanessa started to use the Singapore Cane, that is very painful. I was being caned from both sides, with the hardest cane possible, the pain was unbearable, I was crying, the tears and the blood were flowing, but the punishment continued, I knew I had to take it all, I had no escape, I knew the number of strokes would be increased if I dared to complain, so in the end once 200 came around, I knew it would be over.

Well the punishment was over but the pain is not!!!

Slave D


Friday, 5th September 2014. A solitary chime from the nearby church clock proclaimed the hour of 1p.m, the appointed time for the Judicial Caning that was due to be administered that day. An expectant hush fell immediately on the select group that had been invited to witness the punishment, and they then heard the click of heels on the wooden floor as Lady Linda and Mistress Vanessa brought the prisoner along the corridor. As they came into the room, the expressions on the faces of the witnesses turned to awe and, in some cases, fear at the thought of what was about to happen.

Lady Linda announced that the punishment was to be 200 strokes of the cane, each stroke to be given with the utmost severity and with no mercy at all being shown. The pathetic prisoner began to tremble slightly as he was ordered onto the bench and secured with stout straps round the waist and legs. Padding was placed above and below the bottom in case any strokes happened to be too high or low.

‘Is everybody ready?’ asked Lady Linda. Nobody dared to reply. ‘Then let us begin,’ she continued, taking her stance on the left-hand side. She raised the cane high in the air, an almost imperceptible swish followed and then it landed with a loud crack on the bottom of the rueful recipient. A sharp intake of breath could be heard from him as a clear red weal began to appear almost immediately. Another 9 strokes followed, obviously causing extreme pain to the prisoner. Lady Linda stepped aside and Mistress Vanessa took her place. Another 10 strokes followed, each one just as hard, just as accurate and causing just as much pain. None of the witnesses moved a muscle. They were spell-bound and awe-struck by the whole occasion, probably wondering how the prisoner was going to stand the full 200 strokes, and also glad that they were watching and not in his place!

After another 30 strokes the official recorder announced that 50 strokes had been given, and the Mistresses paused to select another cane each from the array of different canes in front of them. The punishment then continued, but now Lady Linda stood on the right-hand side and caned from there, and Mistress Vanessa stood on the left and gave alternate strokes. To the relief of the miserable miscreant, the recorder was soon able to announce that 100 strokes had been given. Canes were then changed again, and this time Lady Linda said that she was going to use her Singapore Cane. After she had checked that the recipient was in a fit state to continue, she took her stance and gave the first stroke with this cane. The reaction was very noticeable. The prisoner gave a loud moan of distress and jerked against the straps, but no mercy was to be shown and the caning continued until it was Mistress Vanessa’s turn again. She had also chosen a heavier cane and the severe strokes were now really taking their toll.

This continued until the recorder announced the 180th stroke. The last 20 were to be given alternately with each Mistress stepping aside after giving a stroke, in order to make way for the other. Another amazing sight, as they laid on the last strokes as hard as they possibly could!

Finally the last stroke was given, the prisoner gave a loud sigh of relief and the straps were undone. At last it was over and he could get up, but only with some difficulty after such an ordeal. Wounds were wiped and he was led away. A salutary lesson for all concerned! It was also clear for all to see that the padding put in place in case of inaccurate strokes had not been needed, and that every one of the 200 strokes had landed precisely on its target. An amazing exhibition of caning from two real experts!

When all was done, the Mistresses chatted to the witnesses about what had happened and asked for their impressions of what they had seen. They were invited to receive some punishment themselves to feel what such a caning was like, and some accepted the invitation. However, all agreed that they would not want to undergo any sort of judicial caning such as they had just witnessed, especially not from two such devilish disciples of discipline!!

The scene is set
The scene is set
The Mistress's are ready!
The Mistress’s are ready!


Today I was visited by a new person, and all that he needed was to have his hands severely thrashed with very hard tawses! He had visited several mistresses over the years, one of them being the famous Mistress Brenda of Birmingham! And all had given him what he required.

Therefore, not to be outdone, I chose 6 of my tawses and proceeded to give him 6 of the best on his hands, all from different angles, and making sure that they really were six of the very best!

After each implement he was allowed recovery time of one minute. The onslaught continued until I had completed the punishment, which amounted in total to 36 hard strokes on the outstretched hands.

I thoroughly enjoyed giving this punishment, and at the end of the session his hands were bruised and swollen. As he was leaving, he admitted that he had actually taken as many as 42 strokes from one of the other mistresses. This made me determined to beat that should he visit me again!


R’ as I shall refer to him visited me a few days ago as a one-off from what we usually do. He has not visited me as often as he or I would have liked through circumstances beyond his control, but we always felt that we wanted him to take a beating beyond the normal level, this being putting him across my knee and giving him a prolonged spanking in a sensual way with plenty of coaxing to take more. This would go on for some time, stopping for a short time and then starting again to make sure that he was ready for the cane! It always stopped before any lasting marks appeared.

    This time, however, he would have three weeks to recover and so I was to cane him very hard, no matter what marks he would have afterwards.

    With lots of encouragement between strokes I was able to give him more than three times what he had taken previously!

    As you can see from the photos, I managed this and we were both very pleased with this achievement and hope to repeat it again soon!