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Wednesday was a very busy day. First of all I spent two hours playing with my ‘girl’ Rachel. I thought the look of her outfit was rather spoiled by a protruding object in her panties!! And she had no control of it whatsoever! So it was time to take her in hand, put her over my knee and redden her bottom. No change there for her, but then I attached a training device onto her ‘protuberance’! I had the remote control and zapped her whilst she teetered around in her high heels. Oh, how I laughed every time she groaned and doubled up in pain! Again and again I pressed the button until she was a crumpled heap on the floor. I decided to follow it up with a caning whilst she was standing upright with her arms tied above her, and finished it off by inserting my steel hook in a humiliating place and attaching it to the ceiling too!

My next escapade took place in the School Room. Andrews was in trouble yet again! As Headmistress I proceeded to admonish him and put him over my knee with his knickers down and soundly spanked his bottom. Still not satisfied, I bent him over my desk and, using three of my school canes, I thrashed his bottom until I had taught him the lesson he deserved.

After lunch it was another ‘girl’, Rebecca, who had angered me, for reasons only myself and the bitch knew. She was only to be allowed back on condition that she was beaten, had her nipples clamped and presented herself so that I could penetrate her with my “Space Invader”! Up to now only two others have managed to cope with this, but I was determined to make sure that the count went to three!

Finally I had a double session with Nurse Sally (aka Mistress Nemesis) and her slave ‘from over the pond’. He had a very intense inspection and everything was used to obtain our ‘sample’!!

What a full day! But it was well worth it. There are several photos below of the sessions and the rest will appear in my galleries in due course.

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