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Monday was such a busy day!! Two 2 hour sessions with plenty going on.

      First of all, Mistress Nemesis and I dealt with “Debbie”, who underwent a medical examination so that we could decide if she had been interfered with sexually, but the tests were inconclusive so she was taken into the next room. Her make-up was re-applied and, as you can see from the photo, we were thorough in out examination!

      In the afternoon the Maggot was ordered to attend, and, on his arrival, he was stripped, blindfolded and taken to Mistress Nemesis’s chambers. Here he was hog-tied and tortured by her while I stood back and enjoyed the drama! His genitals were squeezed, pulled and scratched until he pleaded for mercy.

      Then he seemed to be hungry so we fed him a grand three-course meal while he was tied to her special chair. Mixing all the food together in one bowl, including condiments and spices, we proceeded to feed him. The ungrateful Maggot couldn’t finish our special meal, so we had to punish him, firstly with nettles and then by beating him.

      He was then told to dress and go! But not before the rest of the nettles were pushed down his trousers. My, how we laughed as he hobbled and grimaced as he went out of the door!!

From camera 28th July 2015 059 (800x600)


My nephew Paul’s birthday was on 20th June and, together with his Auntie Rita, we decided to give him a small tea-party Auntie Rita had been looking after him for a few days, and, as always, she had spoiled him with home-made buns and all sorts of other goodies, so he was told that he had to eat all his sandwiches before he could go on to his extra-special Birthday Cake.

Auntie Rita took his coat to hang up as he sat down to tea, but as she picked it up, she noticed two stale buns that she had made and put into his packed lunch two days previously, so she was really cross with him, especially after he admitted that he didn’t actually like them very much!

She has always believed in sparing the rod and spoiling the ‘Boy’, so he was ordered to bend over her knee with his trousers down, and was given a good hard spanking.

Just by chance I then noticed two uneaten sandwiches that I had made for him, which he had secretly thrown under the table in the hope that he could eat the cake and fancies instead!! What a sly, naughty boy!! I was not going to stand for that, so he went straight over my knee and got another sound spanking. His bottom was by now quite red and hot.

But we were not going to leave it at that, as Auntie Rita had noticed my new red fur slippers and offered one of them for me to use on Paul, so of course I did, and really gave it my best. My, how he wriggled!! Not to be outdone, I offered the other slipper to her, and over her knee he went, to be slippered again by his other aunt!

Finally one very remorseful birthday boy was sent to bed without any tea. That will teach him not to cross his aunts!!

Auntie Linda.


Why not have a look at the video taken during the party with Pauls permission, link below will take you there.



The Maggot has been missing for just over a year, due to personal problems, but now he has crawled back to his Mistress, full of remorse and desire for complete servitude. He actually pleaded to be given the chance to submit his body to me!

How could I resist? He was summoned to my chambers, bringing his posy of nettles! And was immediately hung in my “Lobster Pot” to await his fate.

Armed with whips, cattle prod and my ”posy”, I entered the loft warehouse, where I flogged, prodded and nettled the poor creature all over his worthless body. My, what a noise he made!

After that, he was tied to the bondage bed, lying with nettles under the whole of his body, especially the weak private parts, before being beaten!

I think he has paid for leaving his Mistress! I always enjoy playing with such a pathetic worm!!


The other day I had another three hours of enjoyment with my “Girl” Rachel. She has such good legs and is able to walk so correctly in the highest of heels that she would make most women envious! She is always eager to please and loves being put in tight restraint. Firstly though she had to please her Mistress with lots of body worship, just to get me in the right frame of mind of course.

Then I put her into the “Lobster Pot” ( I can’t stop using this piece of equipment at the moment) She was tied tightly and suspended with weights on her non-feminine bits and weighted nipple-clamps were added too. Then I left her while I made a few phone calls, one of these being to order a slave to come and perform for me.

After a while I heard a loud thud from the loft dungeon! Not to worry, I knew what it was. I entered and saw one of the weighted nipple-clamps on the floor, and one distressed Rachel! She had failed to keep it attached and knew what the consequences would be. I left and returned with various whips and proceeded to punish her.

Meanwhile, my other slave had arrived and was ordered to strip while I let the “Girl” down and then hung her upside down from the roof – blindfolded! He was then brought in and placed where Rachel was able to do some Forced Bi!!

After a while I decided to take her into my Red Room to indulge in some more activities with her including strap-on, more electrics etc. All in all it was three hours of pure enjoyment for me, and I am sure for Rachel too! Well, maybe for some of the time!!

From camera 15 06 15 013 (600x800) From camera 15 06 15 015 (600x800)

Flagrante Delicto

The sly slave was summoned to my chambers on Friday, knowing full well that it would be a very painful experience. I made sure that it really was!! I vented all my pent up anger on his bottom, as you can see from the photos. I was very, very angry!! Tawse’s, crops and finally three of my severest canes across his bare bottom left me feeling much better. The retribution was mine, and how sweet it was!!

Mistress Linda


I have just had a phone call from Mistress Nemesis informing me that one of my house-slaves has been misbehaving with her slave-girl!! On Sunday the Mistress had left a slave in bondage, who was looked over by the girl while she went away and came back a few hours later.

Meanwhile my house-slave, who had been given my keys to carry out some work in the pit, decided to make the most of the situation and engaged in inappropriate behaviour with the girl. Consequently he was caught “in flagrante delicto” by Mistress Nemesis and photos were taken of him in compromising positions as proof of what he had been up to!!

I shall view these later today and decide what I am going to do with him! But he will pay!! My God, will he pay!!

Mistress Linda

p.s I have included a couple of the photos below that have just been sent to me by Mistress Nemesis.

from camera 05 06 15 023 (800x600) from camera 05 06 15 024 (800x600)


One of my indulgences is to have a slave who can do foot and leg worship. Preferably prolonged!!

I already have several; this one, however, I needed to try out. So I ordered him to kneel on the floor in front of me, and instructed him as to what was required. He went at it with gusto, so it all looked promising!! He tenderly removed my shoes, sniffing and licking them as he did so, then proceeded to massage and stroke my stockinged feet and legs.

Then, with my permission, he undid the suspenders, while I eased myself off the bed just enough for him to do so, and then slowly and carefully rolled each stocking down and off each foot. Then I was treated to a sumptuous bare-leg kissing and stroking, finishing off at my toes, when he sucked each individual digit!! Heaven!! 45 minutes of sheer indulgence after which I allowed him to pleasure himself over my feet. And of course my feet were washed and dried afterwards.

Another slave added to “My Special Collection”.

From Camera 29 04 15 242 (800x600) From Camera 29 04 15 245 (800x600)

Going Up!

This is a review from one of my Longstanding Slave’s, I do hope you enjoy it!

Towards the end of last year I visited the Chapel and dared to try a double domination session with both Mistress Linda and Mistress Vanessa. I had thought this would be a uniquely one off experience, trouble was it was just such good fun, resisting the temptation to do it all over again was just impossible. So I once again found myself in the hands of two of the finest Mistresses in the land.

I stood all alone in the isolation cell, my naked body secured to the bars, awaiting the attention of the Mistresses. I didn’t have to wait long before the silence was broken by the unmistakeable sound of approaching high heels. I had been assured of an afternoon of torment and can only say I was looking forward to it immensely.

Once released from the cell I was told we or rather I would be starting with the electric chair, this is very much a Mistress Vanessa favourite because it involves a little electricity. I have learned Mistress Vanessa is very much all for anything that gives her salve a “buzz” and this game certainly does. I was securely fastened into the chair with my bottom placed over a sharp grid of metal contacts. Pulses of electric were then passed through the grid and up through my bottom, with the Mistresses taking turns to work out which setting gave the biggest “buzz”. All I can say to this is that a “buzz” to the behind is a small price to pay for the company of two elegant Mistresses.

Once the Mistresses were suitability satisfied that the maximum discomfort had been extracted from my situation I was released and quickly fitted with a ball crusher, yet another new experience. As the screws were tightened, Mistress Vanessa delighted in telling me that soon it would feel like my balls were in my stomach, I was a little concerned by this but consoled by Mistress Vanessa’s lovely smile and the fact that so far I have never come to any real harm while in the Chapel, so thought it best not to protest. From here it was into some predicament bondage, this has to be the best type. Word of advice to anyone else trying this, keep your legs as still as possible otherwise you may well trip over your own balls on the way out.

Already the session had been action packed and I was still to learn what Mistress Linda meant when she said I would be going up in the world. I needed to wonder no more as I was lead from the Red Room and into the warehouse dungeon or more precisely into the gib cage which was in the warehouse dungeon. Once in the cage, the Mistresses ensured my cock and balls were poking through the bars with my nipples clamped and hands secured to the bars. As the cage was lifted and I indeed “went up in the world” I did wonder what may come next. Again I was soon to find out as a relentless onslaught of cattle prodding and cock whipping followed. The best thing to do here is enjoy because running away is not an option. This is also where the benefit of two Mistresses can be felt because it’s never either or but both the cattle prod and the whip in equal measure.

As the time slipped away there was just a little time left for Mistress Linda to direct her ample strap on up my waiting rear end, before finally finishing with a little more of the electrics up the cock and balls.

Yet again another wonderful afternoon had drawn to a close. A truly unique experience, or at least it would have been were it not for the fact that this was my second experience of Mother and Daughter domination, not entirely convinced it will be my last.




What I enjoy in my career as a Dominatrix is the variety of sessions that I take part in. No day is the same as any other, and the same applies to the people that I see. They each have their lives, dislikes, preferences and pain levels, and that is what make it so enjoyable!

 Here are a few sessions that I have conducted in the last few weeks.

 The first was with Christopher, a very insolent boy, who has visited me over the years, and I, as Headmistress, have my work cut out with him. He has a very high pain threshold, and can therefore take a very intense punishment. As you can see from the photo, all the marks he incurred were made with just my hand, slippers, paddle and a strap. After that, he took numerous strokes with the cane. Needless to say, he will be back, and I will be very happy to deal with him.

 Then I had Slave Paul. Basically, I can do anything with him except put marks on him, and in the 2 hours that he was here, I almost did do everything! Especially the electrics, and to a very high level. When I had finished, he admitted that he was completely shattered but also very “content”!!

 I have also seen my “Naughty Nephew”, another long-standing naughty boy. He likes his Aunty to be sexy and persuasive when she puts him over her knee and uses her slippers for quite a long time!! And I can be very, very persuasive!!

 Finally there was my little girl Andrea, a very gentle naughty “girl”, to whom I do all the things that I do to naughty girls, but gently! Not at all like my Jessica, who is a real slut that I have to be quite ruthless with!!

 Yes, I am a very Happy Mistress! So I have included some photos taken during these sessions, more will be placed in my galleries later for your continued enjoyment.


All photos were taken, and displayed with the full consent of the participants

Waiting for nephew
Waiting for nephew
Self explanatory!
Self explanatory!


Today Staff Nurse Sally and myself, Dr. Walker were on duty at the Medical Clinic. Our first patient was Mr. Robertson. He has had erectile problems for some time now, and, despite many appointments, we have been unable to solve his problem!

We found out last time that this was due to his not carrying out the exercises he had been given! Staff Nurse Sally prepared him for his examination, and when I entered he was looking very sorry for himself. After a severe reprimand from both of us, he was still claiming that he was doing the exercises, so I gave him an anal examination while the Staff Nurse made him do his clenching exercises. He failed to clench hard enough to hold the probe in!!

He was chastised verbally and physically and taken to another room, where Staff Nurse tied him down with his legs in the air so that she could enter him forcefully with her strap-on!! Whilst she was doing this, I was taking a sample of semen from him to send away for testing.

After the cleaning up, the appointment was concluded, and Mr. Robertson was sent away with a flea in his ear!!

I have included below two photos, of Staff Nurse Sally and Myself for your enjoyment.

280115 063 (600x800) 280115 066 (800x600)