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The Maggot visits again!

Again I have had to deal with my wretched slave who Mistress Kendra aptly named “Maggot”, a snivelling creature, who I have had the pleasure of dealing with over a number of years.

The Maggot is normally a crawling snivelling submissive, hence his name.

This time round he had a sudden brain storm as soon are he entered my chambers he tried to answer me back, his Supreme Mistress!!!!!!!!!!!.

This caused me much displeasure so I grasped hold of his genitally from behind and dragged him off to the cold and dark cell, locking him in there hands handcuffed behind, cock & balls tied very tightly and fastened to the cell bars, dragging then through the bars, you can see this on one of the photos in the gallery.

He was left to contemplate his fate for quite some time as I had a coffee, but when I returned, I brought with me my cock whip and electric cattle prod.

What a sorry sight Maggot was by the time I returned he was begging and snivelling an apology, which was far too late, it all fell on deaf ears, no slave is going to get away with what he did, so I proceeded to whip and prod those disgusting appendages that were poking through the cell bars, he now had something to snivel and cry about.

Once I had enough of that I dragged him to my cross which I tied him tightly too and flogged and beat his nipples, then fixed some of my strongest nipple clamps to his very tender nipples which I tied a rope to then winched them towards the ceiling, again you can see an excellent photo in my galley of  his discomfit.

On of my favourite pleasures once I have fitted nipple clamps, is taking them off, but I have a special way of doing this, they are pulled off very quickly and then I flog the very tender nipples

right on the end of each nipple, O what great joy for me and of course Maggot was crying and snivelling, which again give me great pleasure and joy!!!!!!!!!

Lastly I had given Maggot orders to bring nettles with him, some nice ripe ones, the ones that he brought he said he had picked in a corner of a copse, so they should be nice and stingy just the way I like them, I laid then out on my inspection bed and commanded Maggot to lay face down on them, and then I knelt on his back, just to press home the point that “slaves must not answer back”.

Finally just to be sure he fully understood, I wrapped his cock and balls in a bunch of nettles, what a pretty posy I had made, have a look on the gallery what do you think?

Well Maggots cock and balls were now no good to him, so I sent him home in much disappointment and great discomfort and told to return when they were back in fully working order, which is normally 3 days after the numbness wears off.

Well it is now more that three days and Maggot has been in touch, his cock and balls are still out of action, so he can’t return, we shall all have to wait for several more days.

Maggot will not forget his manners in a hurry I am very sure of that!!!!!

Don’t forget to have a look at the photos that I took during the session.

I do hope you enjoyed this, please do return, to see what has been happening in my chambers


Mistress Linda

A film for you to watch

I do hope you enjoyed my last post, as a treat I thought I would share a film that I made with Mistress Kendra, you can find it in my Gallery section, I do hope that you enjoy it, and of course I am sure after you view it you will want to meet us.

Next week I intend to deal with one of slaves most severely, he will be receiving a severe strapping, I will be taking some photos to share with you, but if you do want to witness it do get in touch and find out if you can have an invite, there will be a fee for you to attend, but you can get full details by giving me a call.

Enjoy the film!

Mistress Linda

A very Happy New Year to all of you.

I would like to start this New Year as the way I mean go on and tell you how I dealt with my first visitor of 2014.

On Thursday 2nd of January I had the pleasure of doing my first Strap On session of 2014!! and what a great session it was.

‘S’ is one of my long term slaves and I know exactly what is needed to keep him in line!

But because he has a low pain threshold I always need to encourage him by means of twisting and pulling his nipples.

I had ordered him to set out my room the way I wanted it and when that was completed I felt that he should be made to do a humiliating task, which was to lick and clean all my Butt Plugs and Strap-Ons, of which I have many!!!!!!!!!! and just to make sure he was doing to correctly and getting them really clean, I rammed the bigger ones up and down into his mouth until I was satisfied they were clean, but he did make a lot of noise moaning and gagging, the wretch was wriggling and squirming so much that I had to grab him and forced him over my whipping bench where I securely fastened him down!

I then gave him 10 hard strokes of my paddle, now he had something to howl about!

Then it was time for the ultimate pleasure for me, Mistress Kendra had bought me a big strap-on for Christmas, and what a beautiful thing it is, and yes you have guessed correctly, it was lubed up and then it made its maiden voyage up the groaning slaves tight hole, What Joy!!

I glanced at the full length mirror to the side and watched myself working my toy inside the slave listening to his moans, were they pleasure or pain? What do you think?

Well that is a great start to 2014 for me and I am sure for my slave as well, so please do get in touch if you would like to try out my new toys, or some of the others that I have available, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.


School boy Pauls Visit

Friday the 13th was a very unlucky day for schoolboy Paul.

He finally got what he said he always wanted!!!, and that was a very hard and prolonged spanking, slippering and caning, and I was feeling really up for the challenge.

Schoolboy Paul has been coming to see me for several years and is one on my regulars at the School Days but I have to say one of the more naughty pupils, this time I knew he would be leaving with a very sore bottom.

He arrived at 10.30 prompt and had his usual coffee and a seasonal mince pie, while I set out my spanking stool and implements in the Red Room.

I then collected him from my office area and took him through to where he would receive his punishment, on this occasion Paul had done nothing wrong to warrant punishment, but it was what he he had requested and he was looking forward to receiving the punishment, and of course I was also looking forward to carrying it out.

Once in the room I ordered him to strip completely, I always feel I get most enjoyment out of a naked and vulnerable body!!!

I sat down on my spanking stool and ordered him over my knee, I then proceeded to give him a  hand spanking to his bare bottom starting off slowly and not too hard, just to warm his bottom up in preparation for what was to come, slowly I built up the tempo and Hardness.

He started to wriggle more and more but I was holding him down firmly with my left arm, he was going nowhere, his bottom was now bright red and starting to show signs of bruising.

I decided to let him get up and spend some corner time, with his hands on his head facing to wall, so that I could see the good work I had started.


You will need to read my next blog to find out if Paul could take what he wanted, so make sure you come back soon, when I will add some photos as well.