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One Slave’s experience of a Double Dom Session

I thought you would like to know what happened to one of my slaves that requested a Double Dom Session, I asked Mistress Kendra to come along to help deal with this slave, who has decided to write about his experience, which I have not edited, but I have added some photos taken during the session, for you to enjoy, other will end up in my gallery section.


Go on girls! GO FOR IT

Over the years I have become a loyal and somewhat devoted slave to Mistress Linda and have spent many an hour enduring varying degrees of pain and pleasure, all in a quest to please my Mistress.

I was just about to ring an arrange another session when I remembered something I had read on the web site, DOUBLE DOMME, I paused for a moment, this could be the ultimate test of endurance I thought, without further consideration I came over all brave and requested a session of DOUBLE DOMME, with Mistress Linda and Mistress Kendra. I had met Mistress Kendra before but only briefly after she had been let down at the last minute by a slave with no manners, I certainly wasn’t going to do that, so had a week to consider my fate.

With the usual feelings of trepidation and excitement I approached the Chapel and rang the door bell, there really was no going back. I was welcomed by Mistress Linda who as always, looked amazing, the shiny black PVC dress (a personal favourite) contrasting perfectly with her striking platinum blonde hair. I handed her the envelope I was carrying and in no time at all, found myself stripped naked, locked in one of the cells, with my balls secured to the bars rather tightly with some well tied rope.

I should say at this point that Mistress Linda thought the envelope contained a polite request as to the type of session I wanted, however I don’t think a loyal slave should try and tell his Mistress what he wants, it is up to the Mistress to tell the slave what he will be getting and besides which I have tried most things at least once. So what I had actually written was “Go on girls! GO FOR IT” which I was beginning to regret. Daring Mistress Linda and Mistress Kendra to “GO FOR IT” will only ever have one result, THEY WILL.

I didn’t have to wait long before the silence was punctured by the sound of the Two Dommes. Here he is said Mistress Linda, oh yes I remember him laughed Mistress Kendra, the slave with a permanent grin; well we’ll soon wipe the smile of his face, won’t we. Mistress Kendra wasted no time, moved forward standing inches from the bars of the cell, for a brief moment it was almost possible to forget why I was there, transfixed as I was by her wide eyes and glaring expression framed perfectly by a mane of fiery red hair. I was however soon brought back to reality as Mistress grabbed my nipples and gave them a good no nonsense tweak, my ordeal had begun.


Once un-tied and released from the cell, the Mistresses delighted in taunting me with all that lay in store, starting with a test of devotion. A test of devotion, a simple enough task, of kissing the feet of your mistress, sounds easy enough but in the Chapel nothing is quite as it seems, and this test is complicated by having a bungee cord tied to your balls and the other end secured to a hook in the ceiling. The test is then made increasingly difficult as the cord is tightened and your Mistress moves her feet. I first showed my devotion to Mistress Kendra, crawling on all fours to kiss her patent black high heeled shoes, while Mistress Linda adjusted the length of the cord to ensure my balls suffered for their amusement.

After three successive and successful attempts to kiss Mistress Kendra’s feet, I thought the test was over, however if you take on The Two Dommes, then they expect you to be equally devoted to both of them, so the Mistress’s changed position and the test continued, with Mistress Kendra taking charge of what was buy now a very short bungee and Mistress Linda expecting nothing less than total devotion. As the cord was shortened for the final time and I made my way to Mistress Linda’s feet, I really began to feel the strain in my balls but Mistress Kendra had the remedy, a few well timed thwacks of the riding crop helped ensure I didn’t lose sight of the job in hand. After Mistress Linda was satisfied that true devotion had been shown and my balls had been made to suffer I was allowed to move back and ease the tension on my very sore balls. It did cross my mind that maybe this would be suffering enough for my rather foolish “Go on girls! GO FOR IT” letter but oh no, there was much more to come.


As I stood, still recovering from the devotion test, Mistress Linda produced my “Go on girls! GO FOR IT” letter and informed me that I would get what I wished for, starting with a good flogging, firmly strapped to the cross, nipple clamps applied for good measure the mistresses took turns in delivering a sound thrashing, my pasty white back was quickly gaining deep red stripes, you won’t dare us to go for it again will you slave jibed Mistress Linda, No Mistress I replied, still with an un-shakeable grin stretching from ear to ear, a grin which only seemed to spur the Mistresses on further but then it is difficult not to smile, most slaves can only dream of being held at the mercy of two of the finest dommes in the land, yet this session was sure to exceed any dream I had ever had and I couldn’t help but think the Mistresses had much more in store.

I was allowed little respite from my ordeal once released from the cross, being treated as I was to 101 strokes of the cane, a score which on Bulls Eye would have been enough for a speed boat, no speed boat on this occasion, only the firm assurance that I wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week without a reminder of my visit to the Chapel. As each stroke was applied with pin point accuracy and enough force to make even the most hardened slave wince I was tempted to make a wise crack about finishing on round number, I didn’t, Mistress Linda has a well deserved reputation when it comes to her skill with the cane and on this occasion 101 hard strokes left me suitably reminded as to why.


As my bottom received its final brutal blows from Mistress Linda’s cane, I caught sight of Mistress Kendra hitching up her skirt, a welcome distraction for slave who had just received 101 strokes of the cane. As I lay over the bench, admiring the view, my bottom burning red hot from its punishment I realised why Mistress Kendra was hitching up her skirt, it was strap-on time. Then I remembered, this is DOUBLE DOMME, as I looked round further I noticed Mistress Linda was also now wearing a huge black strap-on. There was no escape, still tied down and exposed at both ends, I was quickly plugged and ridden hard.


As I was released from the bench, I stood with my legs like jelly, after all I had been beaten and abused by two Mistresses who, by now were in their element and enjoying every minute of my suffering. Then came what seemed a very appealing offer, I was instructed to lay on the bed, the comfort of the bed was heaven compared to what had gone before, I was expecting an easy ride. I had learned nothing, after all this was still the chapel. Mistress Kendra leaned over, are you comfy slave, she asked, yes Mistress I replied, well you won’t be for long she said, I have some toys which I have been bursting to try. The toys in question were electrics. I have been subjected to electrics before but this was a new device, the comfy bed was beginning to lose some of its appeal but Mistress Kendra was un-deterred, she plugged in and switched on. Tell me when you can feel it slave she said, as she got to number two on a scale of ten I began to feel it, then I noticed Mistress Linda with her box of electrics, this was Double Domme, so it was also double electrics and I was about to feel the full force. Mistress Linda ensured my balls got more than a good tingle and for good measure inserted an anal probe, I was now very connected and still to experience Mistress Kendra’s new toy, as I lay on the bed in obvious discomfort Mistress Kendra leaned over again and said come on slave put some effort in and with that the sensation in my cock grew to an agonising throb, this was intense, Mistress Kendra turned her device up to full throttle, now I knew why I was tied down. Just when I thought I could take no more, Mistress Linda produced her cattle prod, delivering a succession of short sharp belts to my balls, this really was suffering for your mistresses.


As the agony and the ecstasy reached a peak the Mistress decided I had just about paid a high enough price for my “Go on girls! GO FOR IT” letter, the session was over. I had survived my Two Dommes experience.

If you think one Domme is an experience, two will blow your mind, only the truly committed should apply, just be careful what you wish for because you may well just get it.




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