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At the beginning of the week one of my miscreants was in dire need of a judicial caning – he had dared to go missing!! I sentenced him to 90 of my hardest strokes with various canes, and even had to add a few with one of my heaviest straps after I caught him swearing under his breath!

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      Tuesday was cleaning day at the Chapel. “Rebecca” was required to do dusting and vacuuming, after which she was sent into the Red Room to dress like a slut for me to amuse myself. I used my biggest strap-on! I don’t need to say any more, just that she served me well!!

      Friday saw myself and Mistress “V” deal with one of my slaves. He hadn’t been to see me for nearly a year and had gone soft – apart from one area! Nearly two hours of intense re-training followed, including being hung in the gibbet, being flogged, nipple and cock and ball torture and strap-on from both mistresses. To end the session I fisted him, and then sent him on his way!!He later texted me to say that he was shattered and sore, but WHAT A DAY!!

Mistress Linda

p.s. I hope you enjoy some of the photos below taken during the sessions.

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