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Recently I have done two of these Double Domme Sessions, one last week and one this week!

The first was with my daughter, Mistress Vanessa and involved “Teaching an old dog new tricks” ! He was quite unruly and obviously in need of some discipline, so we put his collar and lead on him and started his obedience lessons. As these didn’t work as well as we wanted, we moved on to a higher level and stretched his balls by making him drag heavy weights behind him when “going walkies” !! He was beaten when he refused to beg, and we even tugged his “fur” and slapped his “muzzle”. By the time we had finished, he was only too pleased to obey us!

The second session involved myself and Mistress Scarlet and consisted of strap-on work and fisting. Mistress Scarlet is a very intimidating and powerful woman, and between us we managed to turn the slave into a quivering wreck!!

Lady Linda

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