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R’ as I shall refer to him visited me a few days ago as a one-off from what we usually do. He has not visited me as often as he or I would have liked through circumstances beyond his control, but we always felt that we wanted him to take a beating beyond the normal level, this being putting him across my knee and giving him a prolonged spanking in a sensual way with plenty of coaxing to take more. This would go on for some time, stopping for a short time and then starting again to make sure that he was ready for the cane! It always stopped before any lasting marks appeared.

    This time, however, he would have three weeks to recover and so I was to cane him very hard, no matter what marks he would have afterwards.

    With lots of encouragement between strokes I was able to give him more than three times what he had taken previously!

    As you can see from the photos, I managed this and we were both very pleased with this achievement and hope to repeat it again soon!

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