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Seeing Double

This is a blog written by one of my loyal slaves, that came for a three hour session with myself & Mistress Vanessa.

And I have also written a “small bog” about the session, which I will post next.

I have also include three photos that were taken during the session for your enjoyment.


I have visited Mistress Linda at the Chapel on more occasions than I can remember and have over the years allowed the Mistress to introduce me to many different areas of “play” and as a result, with a few choice exceptions, Mistress Linda has free reign to do as she wishes, this approach is perfect, as other than a thrilling experience, one never quite knows what to expect.

As our last session drew to a close, Mistress Linda suggested it might give our next encounter an added dimension if we were joined by her daughter Mistress Vanessa. I can’t say this idea had never crossed my mind before but I had never quite been bold enough to ask. However on this occasion I dared to ask and a thrilled Mistress Linda informed me “they” had lots of new ideas to try on me. Nervous or excited it was too late to drop out now, I was set for yet another new experience.

So as I stood securely tied to the cross, with a couple of clamps biting into my nipples and some hefty weights dangling from my balls, the obvious question was asked “do you think we look alike?” to be honest I have used photo copiers which produce less similar copies of the same thing, however given my position I was not able to think of a suitably witty reply so went with a simple yes but it really is like seeing double.

I had asked for a 3 hour session because if you want to try lots of things, you need lots of time but after a mere 15 minutes and much nipple and cock whipping, what had once been a proud member standing to attention, was more than a little deflated and beaten black and blue, yet again I was getting just what I asked for, I could only hope I had the stamina to match, only time would tell. Released from the cross, we moved on to a little devotion testing, frequent visitors to the Chapel will have no doubt experienced the same test, involving a bungee cord, an arduous crawl across the floor and the worship of a pair of stocking clad legs. I wasn’t too concerned until a “new idea” was introduced by Mistress Vanessa. This task was made more of a challenge with the addition of string being tied to each big toe and then my balls. The journey to reach the same stocking clad legs was made somewhat more un-comfortable, however it must be said, very much still worth the effort.

From here we adjourned to the recently re-furbished warehouse dungeon where Mistress Vanessa had thoughtfully erected apparatus specially designed for electric torture with a difference. I have been strictly forbidden from divulging what this equipment is or how it works. All I can say is if you have a good sense of balance, can stand on your tip toes, do a little dance and don’t mind having a burst of electric shot up your cock and balls, then direct a polite enquiry to Mistress Vanessa who will be more than happy to arrange a demonstration.

This little game is worth the tingle in the balls just to see two Mistresses absolutely roar with laughter, all be it at your expense.

As a little rest from the electrics, I was treated to a thorough flogging, front and back, well two Mistresses, two sides, very little gets missed before being subjected to full body shrink wrap bondage. Full body but with the cock, balls and nipples on the outside of the shrink wrap. I will leave to your imagination just what happened to my exposed cock, balls and nipples but will say Mistress Vanessa kept her promise to even up the bruises on my cock, with some of the shrink wrap removed from my lower half; I was then subjected to a good deep fucking from the Mistresses strap-on. Given my position it would have been difficult to decline such a pounding but in all honesty it is difficult to think of a better way to spend an afternoon other than in the hands of two of the finest Mistresses in the land, so restrained or not I wouldn’t have chosen to be anywhere else.

My session of Mother and daughter domination was nearing completion but there was still time for an all round favourite of a good caning, so back to the red room we went and after my posterior had been well warmed with various paddles, it was time for the canes. The delivery of a substantial caning requires a high degree of skill, accuracy and judgement, be assured both Mistresses Linda and Vanessa are true experts, all the slave has to do is keep still and enjoy, which is just what I did, the observant will notice slight differences in technique but the effect is the same from both Mistresses. I believe if you close your eyes and went off impact alone, you wouldn’t spot the difference but you would enjoy it.

So yet again I left the Chapel absolutely exhausted but having been introduced to more than one new activity, anybody else bold enough to chase a new experience?


21st Nov 2014 photos from Camera 350 (800x600)

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