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School Day Once Again

Friday was another successful School Day!

Four members of Staff and a very precocious Head Girl!! Together with a room full of unruly, delinquent boys!! It was mayhem.

But my staff and myself brought them all under control through our use of hand, slipper, paddles and so on. Once this was done, they received instruction in the usual subjects, including Geography, Science and Creative Writing. But of course the day culminated in our having to use the cane on a number of boys who had still managed to be disruptive during these lessons.

I lost count of the strokes each pupil was given, and together with the Head Girl all were given very sore hot bottoms!!

This made it an enjoyable day for all !!!

Well done to everybody involved, and a special message to George, we will see you next time.

Headmistress Lady Linda

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