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For the last 4 years Paul has been visiting me regularly, especially on his birthday, which, on this occasion, was last Tuesday. As usual we started off with a prolonged warming-up over my knee and a good hand-spanking followed by paddles, then slippers, and finally several short straps.

    This time he wanted to stay for 2 hours so that I could take him to his limit, and then beyond!! He trusted me, so it was understood that the punishment would not cease until I had achieved this. I had no need to restrain him as he would never think of interrupting his beating, so, laid out on the punishment bed, he awaited his fate.

    I started with medium to hard straps including ferule and American exercise paddle, then progressed to heavy tawses and riding crops.

    When we were well into the punishment, I brought out the “Big Guns”. We had  discussed the session previously and established that he wanted to sample the authentic Glasgow Tawses plus the “Berkeley Strap”, a new addition to my collection which I consider to be more severe than my well-known Railway Strap.

    Things were now getting very serious, and his bottom was swollen and bright red, so, slowly and surely, I moved on to the next phase. First, the Railway Strap, then 20 with 2 canes and, moving from one side of the bed to the other, I strapped and caned his buttocks evenly.

    I then inspected him, and, having made sure that it was safe to continue, I picked up the Glasgow Tawse and gave him 12 strokes from each side. Each stroke made him gasp, but he didn’t move.

    Even though his bottom was badly grazed and bruised, I was determined to go all the way, so I picked up the last of my collection – the dreaded new Berkeley Strap! I decided to take my time in giving him his final 20 strokes, which would be given with all my force!! The first made him gasp and twitch, then the second, and so on until he had taken his first 10 strokes from one side. Then I walked round to the other side and began to give him 10 more, but it was touch and go as to whether he would last until the end, so I gave him time to recover between the strokes, and finally I achieved my goal!!

    One very sore,marked and swollen bottom!    One very proud slave!    Plus one very satisfied and happy Mistress!!

    Happy Birthday, Paul!!


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