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One Last Task

This is a testimonial from one of my loyal slaves that has returned after a period of absence, which I do hope you enjoy.

Mistress Linda


It had been a little while since my last visit to “The Chapel” and there really is, only so long a slave can go without visiting his Mistress and so an appointment was booked and session attended.

So once more there I stood, a naked slave, all alone in the dungeon, awaiting the arrival and full attention of Mistress Linda. I didn’t have to wait long before the un-mistakable sound of high heels heralded the arrival of my Mistress. The door opened and in walked Mistress Linda, looking as striking as ever, with her platinum blonde hair, contrasting perfectly with the shiny black PVC of her newly purchased skirt. Mistress Linda is very approachable and will consider polite and reasonable pre- session requests and it just so happens that a PVC skirt was an advance request I had made which Mistress Linda had rather generously accommodated.

While still mesmerised with the vision which stood before me, I was ordered to my knees and instructed to commence worship of my Mistresses legs and bottom, as a committed slave I complied immediately working my way up and down two rather perfect stocking clad legs, however Mistress Linda misses nothing and was quick to point out that as her slave I was doing this for her pleasure not mine and as such I should be displaying no signs of enjoyment at all, as she looked down from on high, a degree of stiffness from a certain part of my anatomy, indicated my level of enjoyment was much higher than it should have been. I had been rumbled and knew fine well that serious punishment would follow later, something Mistress Linda was all too keen promise.

Once Mistress Linda was satisfied that her shapely bottom had been worshipped to a suitably high standard, I was ordered to my feet and introduced to the humbler. Although I have served Mistress Linda many times, I had always managed to avoid this particular device, however before every session I do rather foolishly boast that I am up for anything and Mistress needs very little persuasion to un-leash her imaginative streak, so it was on with the humbler and to further enhance Mistress Linda’s amusement a nice pair of nipple clamps were attached for good measure. Struggling as I was to stand up straight, I found myself being positioned in such a way as to allow my hands to be hoisted above my head, this as Mistress Linda pointed out would help me to stand up straight. With my hands firmly above my head a further rope was added to the nipple clamps and the humbler, these ropes were also then pulled nice and tight. I was now suffering discomfort on multiple fronts. If I moved forward the tension on my nipples would ease but the pain in my now fully stretched balls would increase, as I moved back the pressure on my balls relaxed but my nipples which were by now, a little tender were subjected to a little more pressure. I quickly reasoned that standing still was the best plan and hopefully I wouldn’t be in this awkward position for too much longer.

I was wrong, it quickly became clear I had been secured in this position for a dam good flogging. Mistress Linda carefully selected a range of floggers which she could use on my back and then proceeded to use each one in batches of 10, ensuring my back received an even coverage. Given the way in which I had been secured there was little point in trying to move out of the way of each expertly placed stroke, this only intensified the pain in my balls and nipples. After each of the selected floggers had been used I was released from my rather un-comfortable position. As I stood there recovering from my intensive flogging, Mistress Linda told me the next part of my punishment would be taking place on the bed, I did think this would be more comfortable than what I had just endured but I was wrong again.

Before being allowed to lay on the bed my arms were secured behind my back in a strong leather straight jacket, I was then allowed to lay on the bed while Mistress Linda secured my ankles and wrists firmly to each corner, there was no escape from this. Then came the fun part, or at least fun for Mistress Linda, it was on with the electrics and it wasn’t long before strong pulses of electricity were charging through my cock and balls. However Mistress Linda didn’t consider this quite enough, so it was out with the cattle prod, I haven’t quite got the hang of this device yet but feel sure with a little more training I soon will. As mistress intensified the electrics and the pain grew I looked for something to take my mind off the pain, I didn’t have to look too far, as not only is Mistress Linda hugely accomplished in her field but she is also very attractive and the perfect distraction for any amount of pain. After my cock and balls had received a thorough frying, I was released but by now, quite exhausted and in need of light refreshment.

Luckily for me light refreshment wasn’t too far away, with my head secured in the toilet box, I was most privileged to receive some of Mistress Linda’s golden champagne straight from the source, now suitably refreshed we moved over to the whipping bench or rather I was ordered over the whipping bench.

Once over the bench I was treated to a very firm paddling from various implements, I would say how many but am afraid to say I lost count, however I can say my bottom was glowing by the time Mistress Linda had finished and maybe the reason I forgot was the fact that just when I thought I had received my punishment, Mistress Linda reminded me that I was now warmed up enough to receive 100 with the cane. I am not sure where the figure of 100 came from but there was little chance of me leaving the Chapel with anything less, after all the punishment had been earned fair and square with an earlier un-authorised erection.

Before being released from the bench I was instructed to spread my legs, which could only mean one thing, it was strap-on time, I was warned I was now to receive a good fucking from my Mistress and as Mistress Linda is a lady of her word, I can only describe what followed as a well executed and thorough deep pounding. It’s fair to say that by the time Mistress Linda withdrew I had been properly “fucked”.

Our time together was now drawing to a close but I still had the much anticipated 100 strokes of the cane to endure, so it was back over to the bed, flat on my stomach, ready to take each one of the 100. This is arguably Mistress Linda’s forte and she is more than happy to deal with the novice or the hardened slave who claims he can withstand a more brutal caning, I rather smugly and foolishly put myself in the latter category and as such would be afforded no leniency, all 100 strokes would be given full force (just the way I like it). As Mistress Linda completed the first batch of 10, she asked if I was feeling them, I had to confess that I was, well that’s ok she said because you only have another 90 to go. Under many circumstances this would seem a tall order but I regard it as such an honour to be in the company of a Mistress who is so skilled with the cane that I was as ever determined to enjoy each one of the remaining 90 strokes and for an added degree of interest, Mistress Linda promised there would be one last task for me, assuming I reached the full 100. Well with such an incentive the next 80 strokes passed in a breeze. As we hit the last 10 Mistress Linda really upped the tempo and I must confess these did sting quite a lot but none the less I had taken the full 100 and if I am honest enjoyed the lot, so as Mistress Linda set down her cane, I couldn’t resist but ask for another 5 of her very best, this she delivered with glee.

So the big question is was I entrusted with the one last task which Mistress Linda promised, well that would be telling and I think some things are best left in The Chapel, I suggest the easiest way to find out is to challenge yourself to 100 of Mistress Linda’s hardest strokes. I am now looking forward to my next 100 from this ever so demanding Mistress.

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