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Sister Linda & Nurse Kendra
Sister Linda & Nurse Kendra

On Thursday 22nd May at 1p.m, Mr. Allenby, a new patient, attended the Chapel Clinic. He was seen by Sister Linda and Nurse Kendra.

    After his initial medical assessment, he was taken into the treatment room and told to undress to just his shirt and underpants. Mr. Allenby was very nervous but we did our best to put him at ease. He was also quite embarrassed when  his underpants were lowered, but was assured that he was in safe hands and that we had seen it all many times before!!!

    The problem that he was having was that, whilst he could maintain an erection, he was unable to ejaculate, either by masturbation or sexual intercourse. This had been going on for about 5 to 6 months and his doctor had referred him to our clinic which specialises in dealing with such problems.

    We had to do various tests to try and reach a solution. First of all we had the patient bending over in different positions to enable us to check if the testicles were dropping correctly. One side seemed to be pulled up into the body, but with manipulation we managed to loosen and lower it. Whilst carrying out the in-depth genital examination, we noticed that the penis had a slight bulge at the base! We discussed this with Mr. Allenby and he confirmed that he did have some pain down there. After Nurse Kendra had applied the pin-wheel over his scrotum, a slight numbness was found in certain areas. We finally decided to sterilise the Sounds, and while we were waiting for this, he was stripped completely, swabbed and made ready. The procedure was to ascertain whether there was a blockage in the penis itself which didn’t cause any problem when urinating but could be the cause of the failure to ejaculate.

    I carried out the procedure while Nurse Kendra monitored his heart and blood pressure. Four Sounds in all were inserted and seemed to go easily straight into the bladder with just a little resistance. When this had been carried out, we had to see if it had solved Mr. Allenby’s problem. His penis was massaged gently with baby oil and, Lo and Behold!, he managed to ejaculate quite copiously!

    Nurse Kendra then took a sample which was to be sent away for testing. The patient was cleaned up and then dressed himself, and, I have to say, Mr. Allenby left the clinic a very relaxed and happy man!!

    He would, of course, have to visit us again, just to make sure that there was no re-occurrence of the problem!

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