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My “Girl” Rachel came to see me this week. She was wearing 5 ½ in heels that she had bought the week before but had been unable to try them out.

I made her walk into my chambers and then up and down the corridor and she managed to walk in them perfectly! She has good legs and can walk in any height heels.

Well, I had something new that I wanted to try out on her in the main dungeon. This was my new leather sling attached to the cross supports by heavy chains, so I laid her on her back securing her wrists and ankles, blindfolded and gagged her, and then I put on my big “strap-on”!!

Holding firmly onto the chains, I proceeded to drive it home! The more she wriggled, the more she swung back and forth, and each time I took her deeper and deeper.

My new apparatus worked very well and is certainly a welcome addition to my equipment! I hope you like the photos showing it in use!


Mistress Linda

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