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Mr. Robertson had been a patient of Nurse Sally for quite some time with problems in his genital area. Having given him exercises to do at home, and clenching exercises whilst Nurse was performing rectal examinations, she found it was not working as she had expected, so she asked myself, Sister Linda, to attend the next 4 appointments. I did so, thinking that my stricter regime might have a more positive result.

    Once in the Medical Room, he was told to undress completely and bend over the examination table, legs spread and bottom exposed. While I thrust first one finger up his rectum, Nurse Sally tried to make him relax and hold on to her as I proceeded with two fingers and so on. She put the thermometer in his rectum but complained that he was still too tight and that she couldn’t insert as she had hoped. He was made to ejaculate and sent home with yet more exercises and the threat of a doctor being present at his next visit.

    Three days ago he made his latest visit and was quite anxious as all three of us entered the Medical Room – Nurse Sally, Sister Linda (myself) and our resident doctor Miss Charlotte Hun. Immediately he was told to undress and climb onto the examination couch. He was breathing quite rapidly at this point, and Nurse Sally tried to calm him down. Meanwhile, we discussed his problems and how best to remedy them.

    The Doctor felt that he was not helping himself by being lax with his home exercises and thought that a more positive attitude was needed. So, with Nurse Sally holding him firmly to stop him squirming, Dr. Hun and I proceeded to stretch his anus gradually by inserting various sizes of thermometer inside him. All three of us then examined his genitalia carefully, he was made to ejaculate, and the sample was to be sent away.

    Mr. Robertson left with a flea in his ear, and was told in no uncertain terms that if he didn’t keep up with his clenching exercises, he would be in for a more rigorous examination next time!

Sister Linda & Dr Charlot Hun
Sister Linda & Dr Charlot Hun

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