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The other day my daughter Mistress Vanessa and I dealt with one of my slaves. He was very useful and eager to please which made it all the more enjoyable.

When I first introduced him to Mistress Vanessa, she noticed that his disgusting bits needed shaving before we would even attempt to play our games with him, so we spread-eagled him on the bed and shaved him quickly. However, we noticed that, whilst this was being done, certain things were getting out of control!! We needed to act straight away, so he was ordered onto his hands and knees, and ropes were attached to his ankles and then to the nipple clamps that we had put on him. Also a stretch rope was attached from the ceiling to his balls. Then he was ordered to crawl to each mistress and show his devotion to her by kissing her feet and legs, whist suffering throughout his body!

He was in great distress by the end of his attempts to please us, but there was of course more to come! He was made to lie on his back on the bondage table and was fastened to all four corners, plus his legs were spread wide and held there by ropes. The electrics were attached to his genitalia, the electric butt-plug was inserted, nipple clamps were attached, and he was blindfolded. The electrics were switched on and turned up until he started to twitch. Just a small current was applied and then we left for a few minutes, only to return and turn the current up! He started to wriggle and moan, but his member was still in a highly excited state, so we each took a pin-wheel and ran it all over his body, whilst turning on even more power.

Finally we had the reaction that we wanted. Everything was removed, and, after a double whipping over his entire body, he was allowed to get on his knees and apologise profusely to his two mistresses.

The session finished satisfactorily, we were pleased with the outcome, and the slave was brought to heel!! Another job well done!

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