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This slave never learns, no matter how many times he has visited me!

He arrived at my chambers a few weeks ago in a state of high sexual arousal – something I will not tolerate whatsoever!!

I made him strip off completely there and then. Standing naked before me, I could see just how excited he was, so I ordered him very quickly onto his hands and knees and proceeded to tie a small leather strap around the base of his balls – very tightly! I tied a rope from this to a hook in the ceiling. Hoisting him up in this way made his cock and balls easily accessible when they were up in the air, and ready to be scratched and whipped!

After lots of noise, begging and pleading, I eventually let him slump to the floor and left the pathetic creature while I decided what to do next in a bid to stop this disgusting habit. After a few minutes I went back in and pretended to amuse myself by tieing him spreadeagled to the punishment bed. He was then gagged, as I knew he would soon make a lot of noise. Poor maggot really didn’t know what to do! Then, with a latex glove and baby oil, I rubbed and stroked his wizened cock, and, as if by magic, it stood to attention! No self-control at all!

I quickly attached my electrics to his cock and balls, put a cum-stopper down the opening in his penis and attached a connecting wire to the electric box. Very slowly I increased the intensity and pulse, making him twitch, writhe and fight against his restraints. On and on I went until he grew weary and had tears in his eyes.

I turned everything off, released him and fastened him to my mini-stocks (see photo). In this position his bottom was very vulnerable. I left the room to go to the kitchen where I peeled a fresh ginger root and moulded it into the shape I needed.

Back in the room again, I spread his bottom cheeks and pushed the peeled, shaped ginger into his anus. I left him like this for a while and waited for it to take effect. Sitting in front of him, I watched his face, and slowly he reddened and grimaced! Yes, it was working! I must admit I found this so funny and laughed out loud at him. The more intense it became, the more hilarious it was!

Finally, I had had enough. I was tired of it all and retrieved the anal bung and released him, telling him to get dressed and leave. What a sight he looked when he was ready to go! He was in a lot of discomfort, face red and sweaty, and unable to walk normally! That will teach him to visit me in such a disgusting state!!

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