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Going Up!

This is a review from one of my Longstanding Slave’s, I do hope you enjoy it!

Towards the end of last year I visited the Chapel and dared to try a double domination session with both Mistress Linda and Mistress Vanessa. I had thought this would be a uniquely one off experience, trouble was it was just such good fun, resisting the temptation to do it all over again was just impossible. So I once again found myself in the hands of two of the finest Mistresses in the land.

I stood all alone in the isolation cell, my naked body secured to the bars, awaiting the attention of the Mistresses. I didn’t have to wait long before the silence was broken by the unmistakeable sound of approaching high heels. I had been assured of an afternoon of torment and can only say I was looking forward to it immensely.

Once released from the cell I was told we or rather I would be starting with the electric chair, this is very much a Mistress Vanessa favourite because it involves a little electricity. I have learned Mistress Vanessa is very much all for anything that gives her salve a “buzz” and this game certainly does. I was securely fastened into the chair with my bottom placed over a sharp grid of metal contacts. Pulses of electric were then passed through the grid and up through my bottom, with the Mistresses taking turns to work out which setting gave the biggest “buzz”. All I can say to this is that a “buzz” to the behind is a small price to pay for the company of two elegant Mistresses.

Once the Mistresses were suitability satisfied that the maximum discomfort had been extracted from my situation I was released and quickly fitted with a ball crusher, yet another new experience. As the screws were tightened, Mistress Vanessa delighted in telling me that soon it would feel like my balls were in my stomach, I was a little concerned by this but consoled by Mistress Vanessa’s lovely smile and the fact that so far I have never come to any real harm while in the Chapel, so thought it best not to protest. From here it was into some predicament bondage, this has to be the best type. Word of advice to anyone else trying this, keep your legs as still as possible otherwise you may well trip over your own balls on the way out.

Already the session had been action packed and I was still to learn what Mistress Linda meant when she said I would be going up in the world. I needed to wonder no more as I was lead from the Red Room and into the warehouse dungeon or more precisely into the gib cage which was in the warehouse dungeon. Once in the cage, the Mistresses ensured my cock and balls were poking through the bars with my nipples clamped and hands secured to the bars. As the cage was lifted and I indeed “went up in the world” I did wonder what may come next. Again I was soon to find out as a relentless onslaught of cattle prodding and cock whipping followed. The best thing to do here is enjoy because running away is not an option. This is also where the benefit of two Mistresses can be felt because it’s never either or but both the cattle prod and the whip in equal measure.

As the time slipped away there was just a little time left for Mistress Linda to direct her ample strap on up my waiting rear end, before finally finishing with a little more of the electrics up the cock and balls.

Yet again another wonderful afternoon had drawn to a close. A truly unique experience, or at least it would have been were it not for the fact that this was my second experience of Mother and Daughter domination, not entirely convinced it will be my last.



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