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Another fantastic Schoolday!! Naughty boys all of them, and made to behave by myself, Headmistress Ward; Music Teacher Miss Melody Bell, aka Mistress Vanessa; School Clinic Nurse Sally; and the Head Girl Lizzie.

When the school bell rang for the commencement of lessons, all the boys settled in appropriate desks, all the members of staff entered, and the boys were told to stand. The reaction that I received from most of them told me that they were problem pupils. But we are more than capable of dealing with them, as they were soon to find out!!

Lizzie, who I thought would be an asset to me, turned out to be a really naughty minx, and played up to the boys who responded by being a rowdy, unruly lot. We had to get on top of this immediately, so Nurse Sally put Lizzie over her knee, pulled her knickers down, and, in full view of the whole class, spanked her soundly until she cried and promised to be a good girl.

Lessons began and seemed to go well with half of the pupils trying to work sensibly, whilst the rest were being silly and not taking things seriously. All kinds of punishment were administered, pupils were put over teachers’ knees or made to bend over the teacher’s desk, bottoms were bared, and hands, slippers and paddles were used to punish deserving bottoms, thereby bringing order to the proceedings.

Eventually it was lunch-time, and the staff could relax and discuss what needed to be done next.

The lesson that followed was the only one that was popular with all the pupils, and that was music! Miss Melody Bell (Mistress Vanessa) put together a very acceptable concert, a variety of musical instruments were used and a very pleasant time was had by staff and pupils.

Last of all,we took them all into the Red Room, where the boys were given their final beatings, using of course the ultimate instruments – the canes!! Those boys who had committed fewer misdemeanour’s were shown a certain amount of compassion, but at least three boys had to take very severe canings, and one was given 100 of the hardest strokes!!

As can be seen from the photos, their bottoms showed how naughty some of the boys had been!!


All photos were taken, and are displayed with the full consent of the participants.

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