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Extra Detention Day this week !

Well I did not expect to have to do this, but if they don’t behave in normal classes they will have to attend an additional Detention Day, you may start to wonder what I am talking about, I shall explain.

Last week I was informed that a small group of pupils had disgraced themselves whilst away from the Chapel School, whilst in uniform I won’t be printing the full details on here, but it is enough to say they had been seen in the “Girls School” whilst they should have been in their own classes.

So they will be dealt with in the most severe manner, along with undergoing additional lessons which will occupy their naughty minds.

I will be joined by the head of discipline in dealing with these pupils on a day they will not forget.

I may take a few photos to show you what happens to them, so do please return, to see see what happens when I get let down.

Headmistress Lady Linda.


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