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This session was going to be challenging to say the least. My daughter, Mistress Vanessa, and I were well-prepared for the arrival of Slave D. Shackles and handcuffs were waiting, and, as soon as he came through the door, he was ordered to strip off completely, and was then rendered totally helpless by the restriction of his hands and feet. The reason we had to do this was that this slave has a bad habit of trying to escape! What a very bad habit! And one that we had to deal with.

For the whole three hours that he was with us he was put through a strict regime. Firstly, we took him to the Medical Room, where he was put in the medical strait jacket, mask and gag and secured to the bed for his “treatment”. Then into the Warehouse Dungeon where he was thrown down the Pit whilst the gibbet was attached to the roof hoist and all the implements needed were brought in.

Before making him climb into the gibbet, he was fitted with a rubber hood so that his breathing could be restricted if he became too noisy. Mistress Vanessa’s new parachute was also attached, and, once inside the cage, the nipple clamps were added. He was then taken up towards the ceiling, but not so high that we could not get to certain parts of his body! With the use of a cattle prod, whips and extra weights, we really enjoyed ourselves! And that’s what it’s all about!!

After that he was made to get on his hands and knees with testicles fastened to the electric hoist and crawl to us to show his true devotion. Then it was into the Red Room for a beating after he had failed the devotion test, and finally he was tied to the electric chair, which certainly made him wriggle and moan!

It was an intense but very rewarding session for both Mistresses as you will be able to see from the photos below. More photos of this session will appear in the galleries.

Mistress Linda

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