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Derek stood with trepidation as he awaited the result of his application for the position of personal secretary to the Head of Department, Ms Wallace. It was between himself and just one other applicant. Derek desperately needed this job as he had quite a lot of debt building up, especially mortgage repayments, and this position offered a good salary, so he felt he had to make a big impression!

    Meanwhile Ms Wallace (myself)was preparing for the final interview. I knew how desperate  Derek was, and would use this to my advantage!! As I walked into the room, he was there, perspiration on his brow, a hopeless weak male just ripe for my amusement!! Then I began my game. “So Derek, what can you offer if you are lucky enough to attain this position?”

    Then he began his speech. “I will give my complete dedication to all your needs, Ms Wallace, and my undivided attention at all times. I will be loyal etc, etc …” He finished by relating all his financial woes should he not get the position!!!

    A smile crossed my lips as I thought to myself that he had played right into my hands. “I am not interested in your financial status” I interrupted, “Only in what you can do for me!!” “Of course, of course”, Derek stuttered. “First of all, I think you should drop to your knees and show me how devoted you will be”, I ordered him.

    Down he went and started to kiss my shoes and feet! Oh yes, this was more fun than I had expected! I then told him to strip naked and lie prostrate beneath my feet. He did so and closed his eyes, awaiting what was to come. I walked around him a few times, telling him everything I expected of him should he be the lucky one. I had actually already made up my mind that he would get the job, but wanted to amuse myself and see how far he could be humiliated.

    I stood astride his face and told him to open his eyes. I teased him and asked him if he had a problem, and Yes!, Derek was noticeably aroused. I admonished him and dug each heel in turn into his nipples. My, how he writhed and groaned! Then I made him get up onto his knees and beg me to choose him. He tried so hard, words and promises tumbling out of his mouth, but I told this poor excuse for a man that if he could take the punishment that I was going to give him for getting aroused, without uttering a sound, then he would be successful. I sat on the chair and motioned him to come over my knee. Once he was in place, I held him down with a firm arm around the waist. I informed him that all members of my office staff were dealt with in the same way and that this would apply to him too, should he make any mistakes or displease me in any way.

    Would Derek be able to keep quiet? I was prepared to find out! I am well-known for having a very hard hand and being able to give a prolonged spanking, and this was exactly what I gave him!

    Did he pass the test, you are asking yourselves? Well, Derek will start work here tomorrow at 9.00 sharp, so I am sure that I’ll amuse myself with him again, and again…! His bottom was certainly red, sore,marked and bruised after his first test! It’s fascinating how a woman’s hand can do so much damage to a bare bottom.

Lady Linda selecting the next applicant!
Lady Linda selecting the next applicant!

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