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My nephew Paul’s birthday was on 20th June and, together with his Auntie Rita, we decided to give him a small tea-party Auntie Rita had been looking after him for a few days, and, as always, she had spoiled him with home-made buns and all sorts of other goodies, so he was told that he had to eat all his sandwiches before he could go on to his extra-special Birthday Cake.

Auntie Rita took his coat to hang up as he sat down to tea, but as she picked it up, she noticed two stale buns that she had made and put into his packed lunch two days previously, so she was really cross with him, especially after he admitted that he didn’t actually like them very much!

She has always believed in sparing the rod and spoiling the ‘Boy’, so he was ordered to bend over her knee with his trousers down, and was given a good hard spanking.

Just by chance I then noticed two uneaten sandwiches that I had made for him, which he had secretly thrown under the table in the hope that he could eat the cake and fancies instead!! What a sly, naughty boy!! I was not going to stand for that, so he went straight over my knee and got another sound spanking. His bottom was by now quite red and hot.

But we were not going to leave it at that, as Auntie Rita had noticed my new red fur slippers and offered one of them for me to use on Paul, so of course I did, and really gave it my best. My, how he wriggled!! Not to be outdone, I offered the other slipper to her, and over her knee he went, to be slippered again by his other aunt!

Finally one very remorseful birthday boy was sent to bed without any tea. That will teach him not to cross his aunts!!

Auntie Linda.


Why not have a look at the video taken during the party with Pauls permission, link below will take you there.


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