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Another Action Packed School Day

On Friday there were plenty of naughty boys to deal with, and with help from my members of staff, namely Miss Vanessa and School Nurse Sally we set about our tasks!

There was an addition to the day, it came in the form of School Governor Ms Severity Steele!, a big powerful woman who had taken it upon herself to find out the reasons for poor results at the school.

The Boys and Girls where momentarily stunned into silence when she first knocked on the door.

Ms Steele sat in on the lessons, and myself and Miss Vanessa, as we did not want to be seen as too lenient, made sure we kept the class in order.

Those that broke the rules were dealt with, and those visiting Nurse Sally where inspected and punished accordingly.

Some boys were being very silly and were taken by Ms Steele into another room and punished over the knee and bench, with her hand and paddles, and returned to the class very subdued.

All together it was a very busy but enjoyable day, hopefully for both teachers and pupils.

Another date has already been made for the summer term class.

Headmistress Lady Linda

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