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Today Staff Nurse Sally and myself, Dr. Walker were on duty at the Medical Clinic. Our first patient was Mr. Robertson. He has had erectile problems for some time now, and, despite many appointments, we have been unable to solve his problem!

We found out last time that this was due to his not carrying out the exercises he had been given! Staff Nurse Sally prepared him for his examination, and when I entered he was looking very sorry for himself. After a severe reprimand from both of us, he was still claiming that he was doing the exercises, so I gave him an anal examination while the Staff Nurse made him do his clenching exercises. He failed to clench hard enough to hold the probe in!!

He was chastised verbally and physically and taken to another room, where Staff Nurse tied him down with his legs in the air so that she could enter him forcefully with her strap-on!! Whilst she was doing this, I was taking a sample of semen from him to send away for testing.

After the cleaning up, the appointment was concluded, and Mr. Robertson was sent away with a flea in his ear!!

I have included below two photos, of Staff Nurse Sally and Myself for your enjoyment.

280115 063 (600x800) 280115 066 (800x600)

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