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Monday was such a busy day!! Two 2 hour sessions with plenty going on.

      First of all, Mistress Nemesis and I dealt with “Debbie”, who underwent a medical examination so that we could decide if she had been interfered with sexually, but the tests were inconclusive so she was taken into the next room. Her make-up was re-applied and, as you can see from the photo, we were thorough in out examination!

      In the afternoon the Maggot was ordered to attend, and, on his arrival, he was stripped, blindfolded and taken to Mistress Nemesis’s chambers. Here he was hog-tied and tortured by her while I stood back and enjoyed the drama! His genitals were squeezed, pulled and scratched until he pleaded for mercy.

      Then he seemed to be hungry so we fed him a grand three-course meal while he was tied to her special chair. Mixing all the food together in one bowl, including condiments and spices, we proceeded to feed him. The ungrateful Maggot couldn’t finish our special meal, so we had to punish him, firstly with nettles and then by beating him.

      He was then told to dress and go! But not before the rest of the nettles were pushed down his trousers. My, how we laughed as he hobbled and grimaced as he went out of the door!!

From camera 28th July 2015 059 (800x600)

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