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One of my indulgences is to have a slave who can do foot and leg worship. Preferably prolonged!!

I already have several; this one, however, I needed to try out. So I ordered him to kneel on the floor in front of me, and instructed him as to what was required. He went at it with gusto, so it all looked promising!! He tenderly removed my shoes, sniffing and licking them as he did so, then proceeded to massage and stroke my stockinged feet and legs.

Then, with my permission, he undid the suspenders, while I eased myself off the bed just enough for him to do so, and then slowly and carefully rolled each stocking down and off each foot. Then I was treated to a sumptuous bare-leg kissing and stroking, finishing off at my toes, when he sucked each individual digit!! Heaven!! 45 minutes of sheer indulgence after which I allowed him to pleasure himself over my feet. And of course my feet were washed and dried afterwards.

Another slave added to “My Special Collection”.

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