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My Viking Slave


I had a visit from my Viking Slave today, and I thought you would like to share his experience, so I have written down what happened, I do hope you enjoy, and of course it could be you next.

My Viking Slave visited me today, he was his usual cowering self, but he can be useful at times!

He is coming back next week as he has time off from his “normal life”, and I have menial tasks for him, mirror cleaning, the Medical Room needs a good cleaning including disinfecting all the walls and floors, and of course the toilet must be spotless by the time he is finished, so he will be on his knees for a lot of the time!!

But today I ordered him to strip naked, put his clothes to one side, I then put his slave collar on and attached leg and handcuffs.

I then ordered him to drop to his hands and knees and crawl out of the main office through the corridor and into my Red Room.

Crawling through the corridor is a very painfully process for all slaves, due to the ridged rubber matting, most slaves try to lift their knees off the ground whilst crawling but I have my ways to ensure that does not happen!

What a pathetic sight he was when he got into my Red Room, just looking at his dower face and hunched shoulders made me angry and I promptly fastened him to my cross.

I then attached a ball strap around his pathetic balls, and proceeded to attach weights one by one,    to the tightly secured balls,  the more he groaned the more I kicked the weights making them thud against the wooden structure of the cross.

Finally I undid him, and released his balls, and made him massage my feet, I had been wearing high heels most of the day and my feet needed pampering.

This was most enjoyable until I glanced down and noticed that the disgusting creature had an ugly erection!!

This was not to be tolerated and I made him put my shoes back on, and then got him laid on his back on the floor, I proceeded to trample on that disgusting spectacle, making sure my heels dug into the most painful parts of his anatomy.

Even this did not have much effect.

I decided to make him stand facing the wall with the tip of his erection touching it, and he was to keep in contact with the wall as he masturbated. This took sometime but eventually the deed was done, whereon I ordered him to lick the slimy wall until it was clean and then clean up the floor with his tongue. When I was satisfied with the job, he was ordered to get dressed and I let him leave, with orders to await my call next week, so he could get himself back down to do some useful work.

Well I do hope you enjoyed my account of the session along with some of the photos that I took, and I am sure when you visit you will see how clean my chambers are!

Mistress Linda.


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