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My slave yesterday hasn’t been to me for about a year, as he felt that he didn’t need my “treatment”. But, Lo and Behold! once he was standing in front of his mistress in expectation of a very intense session, the urge was too strong for him to ignore!! I am sure that quite a few of you will understand this “urge”.

Nipples needed strong handling – with my extra severe nipple clamps, penis and balls needed several procedures, including hard strokes with the riding crop plus other means of torture including weights etc, and also anal stretching with mistress’s fingers, hands and a large butt plug.

Then finally he was tied firmly to the bed with nipples clamped and stretched from the ceiling. Electrics were attached to his balls and penis, and the electric probe was inserted into his anus. He was finished off with my electric tongs which were run up and down his erection until his “urge” was drained out of him!!

Mistress Linda

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