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The Maggot has been missing for just over a year, due to personal problems, but now he has crawled back to his Mistress, full of remorse and desire for complete servitude. He actually pleaded to be given the chance to submit his body to me!

How could I resist? He was summoned to my chambers, bringing his posy of nettles! And was immediately hung in my “Lobster Pot” to await his fate.

Armed with whips, cattle prod and my ”posy”, I entered the loft warehouse, where I flogged, prodded and nettled the poor creature all over his worthless body. My, what a noise he made!

After that, he was tied to the bondage bed, lying with nettles under the whole of his body, especially the weak private parts, before being beaten!

I think he has paid for leaving his Mistress! I always enjoy playing with such a pathetic worm!!

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