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This slave has been loyal to me since I first started down the road as a dominatrix. This was a long and winding but glorious road quite a few years ago.
He has also been a good friend over the years to both myself and my daughter, Mistress Vanessa. Unfortunately he has not been able to see us as often as he would have liked due to work etc. and now ill health, but yesterday he made a really brilliant effort, and I gave him over two hours of pain and degradation and at the end received his “Reward”.
He had brought me a beautiful whip with a crystal handle that caught the light and dazzled! There are photos below of it, together with the after-effects of its use all over his body. The over-the-knee hand spanking and slippering that I gave him, plus the many other wonderful things that I put him through made it a very satisfying session for both of us!

Mistress Linda

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